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  1. missed the 5m at least i got the 3.5 hehe ill try to try tomorrow witch 100k thanks for all info guys
  2. wow, thanks a lot man, i stoped playing this a while ago, now i can try again
  3. ive started over lol i wasn't having any fun now i do, or at least i can enjoy story mode hehe
  4. damn i wish ive read this a couple of days ago im in the middle of chap 6 on hard mode
  5. so, youre telling me mahong is the worst part? i kinda enjoy it in kiwami im having problems with hard mode in general lol
  6. thanks man i just confirmed that with spider kills
  7. cool, i missed that part in the guide hehe
  8. good to know, thanks man
  9. if a have two characters, both of their kills stacks for trophies? like doing 500 dragons each?
  10. thanks man, i stopped playing because of the font i´ll give it a shot
  11. oh i needed new glasses... i dont receive them yet lol nice to know theres a patch coming (my tv is a crappy 4k 40 inch, im like 2.5 meter away)
  12. i might need new glasses, but that font is so small and there´s a lot of reading lol love the game so far, i´m just not a fan of tiny print haha
  13. didnt work for me
  14. nice, this works im not sure how to use it yet lol