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  1. thanks, i was looking for something like this hehe
  2. nice, good i find this, thanks
  3. so, the normal team. thats good to know
  4. seems logical to me i´ll try it as soon as it downloads man, i love the orochi saga
  5. Alex♪ i thought it was just the file name lol i´m considering doing it all over again, just got first trophy
  6. well, after reading this topic, i´m so getting this, i love turn based games hehe backlog is getting bigger tho :/
  7. this worked for me, combined with the xx tt rr ll thanks
  8. hi guys, what are the squads for? aside from trading cards i mean
  9. im literally sad... i was enjoying this... now i don´t even feel like playing anything back to yakuza 0/kiwami i guess
  10. ad hoc party app? is still there?