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  1. Love the game so far. Playing on hardest which is very doable. I try to find all secrets but always missing 2-4 no matter how hard I try lol.
  2. Hi, How did you guys manage the hard competition for bow? I have tried using compound and the aim is awful so I barely making any full score shots. And then I tried the crossbow which seems to be too slow to be able to get enough points in time. Thanks
  3. It just popped when I restarted the game.
  4. Thank you for this. Very helpful. I reached 100 wins with the 1v1 vs a bot. Trophy didn't pop. Does this have to be against players since?
  5. Thank you for posting this! It was easy to follow.
  6. I have the same problem. EDIT: coolkyle9000 solved it by replaying the last three torments in the last hell. I solved it by replaying the torments in the first two hells. I'm not 100% sure why this happens but I think you need to clear all torments on the same difficulty. I did the first two on normal and the rest on easy. When clearing the first two on easy the trophy unlocked. Hope it helps.
  7. Thanks for the answer.
  8. How many people do you need to start a multiplayer game?
  9. I got the trophy! No custom islands, stayed on the starting island ALL the time, did not save, did not sleep.
  10. Thanks guys for your advice. I will not use custom islands and not save in between next time I try it.
  11. I tried that method with no luck. I'm taking a break from this now.. maybe I'll try some method in the future.
  12. Thank you for the respond. I'm doing what you suggested right now. Hope it works! Did not work. I sailed towards another island and as soon as I got the lag I slept on the raft. Do you know if it voids the trophy by saving on land?
  13. Thank you for the respond. I'm doing what you suggested right now. Hope it works!
  14. Hi, So I tried to trophy three times now. Two times sleeping on the raft staying way off the shore. That didn't work so I built a base on my starting island (custom) and did not sleep for 10 days while doing stuff. Still no trophy. Last time I did it from a fresh save. Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. No worries, I got the trophy. Getting owned on the chaos levels now though.