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  1. if you go for it, take the megapack with 5!games in it! make sure to take your time with the setup process, watch some yt videos to guide you through the initial stuff. it's absolutlely amazing when everything is working just as it should. my first VR experience was battlefront xwing mission, which is a free addon, and it's AWESOME!
  2. get it, the new 1 will come in 2-3 years, when ps5pro releases...
  3. https://www.wipeoutrankings.com/ this is your answer! lots of videos and helpful strategies to discover. it features all of the wipeout games to date and even some extra stuff
  4. I started this game yesterday in VR, and it plays fantastic, even without a wheel! I've set everything to simulation settings except 'handbrake at start of race'. AND i disabled the visibility of the wheel, that killed that last bit of motion dazzle I have the G29 logitech wheel as well, so i am looking forward to get the full experience soon...
  5. If you cannot do something by yourself, and using glitches instead, where is the accomplishment? There's no reason to be proud of something you haven't done by yourself, right? Using glitches and exploits after completing everything legit is another story though, it could be seen as some kind of bonus outro (you've seen everything, here's something 'new' you can do)...
  6. why don't you buy the 'extra spin' packages, you obviously have enough money at hand...i mean you have a bazillion games, money cannot be an obstacle for you
  7. is there a 'complete' list of all games, that have this weird version of cross-buy?
  8. hey there, if you read this now, go and get that 'free' game, cause it'll be not available anymore, when the PS+ games change in a few days, i suppose
  9. I'll edit the thread title
  10. This month has 'Amplitude' as a PS+ freebie for PS3, but you can get this for PS4 as well! No matter if you have a PS3 or not, simply get the game via a web browser of your choice. Afterwards go into the PS store on your PS4 and search for 'Amplitude', it'll show you the PS4 version of the game. Just download it, there you go. Best thing about it, the game won't have an expiration date like other PS+ games
  11. nobody's perfect, he really is because some maniac has gotten all the trophies! this is insane, it really is!
  12. 1 - GT Sport / TT mode 2 - wipEout Omega / Zone mode 3 - Battlefront / X-Wing VR mission 4 - Headmaster 5 - Hustle Kings 6 - Polybius 7 - Battlezone 8 - Until Dawn RoB 9 - Cool Paintr 10 - Thumper
  13. I already got the SNES classic mini, it's a fantastic little device. The NES classic mini will follow soon, just for completing my collection. Big N will release a N64 classic mini as well, which i need to buy, cause F-Zero X will be on it This PlayStation mini is nice as well for the 2 controllers alone, which should work with PS3 and PS4!
  14. well, i guess you don't know that you must not lift the headset at all...you can simply open the guide on the PS4 browser and with a quick double tap of the PS button you can swap between the game and the browser ...
  15. 4k isn't that impressive when compared to 1080p, but HDR on the other hand is really a BIG difference when compared to non HDR!