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  1. Congrats!!
  2. Hey mate, bad luck with the Diamond Drops. Stick with it! Also yes diamonds are linked to the difficulty save you have so since you have 4, id stick with the difficulty you're on and grind those last 6 out. Goodluck!
  3. Bumping a super old thread for anyone who might be considering trying / continuing this game in 2020 (like I did). The servers are still working but are a complete ghost town. I was lucky to find a boosting partner external to this site, but if anyone has this game in their backlog / has started this but never achieved the online player trophy, id suggest doing it ASAP as I'm surprised they've kept the servers up for so long. It can be a bit of a drag as it takes about 2 Hours (stoppage time inclusive) to get this done, but you can idle once the game starts which means you really only need to check in towards the end of the games to re-lobby. Although given how dead this game is I imagine I will likely be one of the last achievers of the online trophy and hopefully the Plat. Regardless, yes the servers are still live in 2020. For now!
  4. #66 Ultimate Knack: 5.41% Rarity Difficulty 4/10 Enjoyment 7.5/10 Currently my rarest platinum. This game was not overly hard and I did thoroughly enjoy it. However 5+ playthroughs to complete the platinum did reduce the overall enjoyment. This game cops a lot of flack on forums and the RNG nature of one of the trophies is certainly frustrating, but the sense of achievement for having completed this is greater for that exact reason. I am a huge fan of games in this genre and whilst this may not be as good as some of its counterparts. It is still a solid contribution to the genre. If you are worried about giving this a go because of the Platinum Rarity I would suggest still giving it a try!
  5. I actually Played Knack 2 First! That's what inspired me to go back and play this game. It is definitely a vast improvement over this one and definitely less of a grind
  6. Having Just Platinumed this game, I wanted to share my ironic journey to the Platinum as well as a big tip I wish I'd read before playing to help make the Platinum the "most" achievable for others. I imagine this is a game that a large number of players on here (myself originally being one) avoided because of the Platinum rarity and the flack this game cops in general. I want to preface my review and comments by saying that I absolutely love this Genre of games and whilst parts of this game can be annoying. Overall I felt this was a solid game and pretty enjoyable if you like games of this genre. Anyways lets get down to why I might just be the Unluckiest Lucky Knack Player ever. I have read reviews of people taking upwards of 4-5 Playthroughs to get the 10 Diamonds needed for Diamond Knack. I was Lucky to get my 10 Diamonds by Chapter 11-1 on my Third Playthrough on Easy (1 on my First Run, 4 on my Second Run, 5 on my Third Run) I also got 3 diamonds on my Third Run within 20 Minutes of each other. I know, RNG shined on me and so far in my journey to the Platinum I'd been extremely Lucky! I had read that the best way to grind the diamonds was to open a chest and restart the application if you don't get a diamond as this is significantly more efficient than playing through the game and opening chests as you go, however after doing this for about 2 hours and getting no diamonds, I just decided to play through the game here and there and chip away at the diamonds... and as you've read, I certainly lucked out. Now a BIG TIP I wish I knew before playing this game is to always take a gadget part over a Gem (Unless you get a diamond of course) These carry over during playthroughs, but unlike gems once you have a part unlocked you cant get a duplicate. The sooner you get all of the gadgets unlocked, the sooner you reduce the pool of items that you can get from a chest and in turn, the more likely you are to get a Diamond from a Chest. It seems super obvious but I didn't find this tip anywhere on this site so hopefully it helps someone. Now for why I might just be the Unluckiest Lucky Knack Player Ever With Diamond Knack unlocked, I blitzed through my hard Playthrough and started to work through Very Hard. On my hard playthrough, with Diamond Knack now unlocked and no gadgets unlocked I got 7 Diamonds. 7 Diamonds on my first playthrough after Diamond Knack was already unlocked. I was genuinely annoyed. Then came the Very Hard Playthrough, By Chapter 13 I did not have the double sunstone gadget despite opening every single chest to that point in the game. This gadget would've made this playthrough significantly easier, instead the game decided to give me 8 Diamonds... 8 Diamonds on another first playthrough, when I didn't need Diamond Knack. The Irony of all of this was hilariously frustrating and I think I might be the only person on the internet who is annoyed they got too many Diamonds on this game. 25 Diamonds all up across my playthroughs and 15 I wish I could give to those who needed them more. Anyways that is the story of my journey to the Ultimate Knack Trophy. I hope you enjoyed reading my story and if you are on the fence of picking up this game. It is certainly more doable than the platinum rarity suggests and for what this game is, it doesn't deserve the criticism it gets from most (at least in my opinion)
  7. Looks like an awesome list that I am keen to grab when I finally get my hands on a PS5 Hopefully it is as fun as the first game, can't wait to swing through the city on next gen graphics!
  8. Crash Team Racing I plan to go back and clean up all of the other trophies I can, but I just do not have the skill to chain the drift boosting. I spent hours practicing and just can't get the hang of it. I actually think I'll have a much better chance with Crash 4 than CTR, but I've made my peace with not having that CTR Platinum.
  9. Hey All Just booted this game up upon hearing Repaid in Blood will soon become unobtainable. I followed the advice here, activated all of the forge towers and completed 2 story missions, at which point Vendetta Missions began spawning on my map. I didn't get a prompt for them, but I brought up my Map and used R1 to bring up the legend and sure enough I had one. Glad to have this done, but for anyone worried about missing it, it truly should only take about 90 minutes max. Goodluck and grab it while you can
  10. "Hello Darkness My Old Friend" In all seriousness I imagine this is going to be an absolute platinum blocker. I hope I will be able to stick it out and practice until I am good enough. However some games just break me, I'm looking at you Crash Team Racing! Goodluck Everyone!
  11. God Of War (PS4) The Journey Begins Finally starting this highly regarded game. The opening Sequence was amazing. If that is the standard then this game is going to blow me away.
  12. :57 Jak 2 (PS4) Done Done Done Another Jak and Daxter Platinum' wrapped up. Once again opted to go through this avoiding the Debug mode and actually playthrough the game. It is quite amazing just how different in tone and gameplay this game is compared to the first game in the trilogy. Nevertheless I still found it very enjoyable the second time around. It is a relatively simple platinum using the Precursor Egg glitch, which at this point is commonplace. Overall though it has been fun to be back in the Jak and Daxter Universe. My only real issue with this game was some really bad framerate drops here and there, but overall a fairly smoothe experience. Starting God of War (PS4) tonight, very excited!
  13. #56 Assassins Creed Origins (PS4) Earn Them All Fun 7/10 Difficulty 2/10 Jumping into this game I had only played AC2 and AC4 prior. This game was so much fun that it inspired me to go back and Platinum' AC4 Black flag, something I never thought I would do. This game is very well polished and I enjoyed the shift away from linear sequences. Overall it was a very simple and enjoyable Platinum and I am now hooked back into the AC Universe. The only tedious part of this platinum was the repetitive grind to complete all locations, completed that whilst rewatching Game of Thrones which made it much less tedious. This is a very good game that is graphically stunning. Next up on my backlog is God of War (PS4). Very Keen
  14. Looks like you beat my forum post by a Minute 😋 Neverthless it looks like a fairly standard fighting game list. Hopefully the S rank on the highest difficulty isnt too difficult. The HD Resolution trophy images look awesome though. Keen to grab this eventually
  15. :55 Tekken 6 (PS3) Fun: 6/10 Difficulty 4.5/10 After looking at my pile of PS3 games that have been sitting there waiting to be played for years, I decided to start to atleast try to dent that backlog. I chose this because I wanted to try and get the online trophies done, as the longer I left it the harder they would be. 30 Online Matches was an absolute chore. Disconnecting every other game and the latency made it an average at best experience. Once these where done the rest of the game was relatively straightforward. Even the Nightmare Train Level which is notoriously difficult didn't provide too much of a struggle, not as much as I was expecting atleast. Overall it was fun playing this game and getting the Platinum' but it definitely would've been more enjoyable playing this early into its life cycle, sheerly due to the online connectivity / trophies. If you like Tekken / Fighting games then it is worth playing.