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  1. God Of War (PS4) The Journey Begins Finally starting this highly regarded game. The opening Sequence was amazing. If that is the standard then this game is going to blow me away.
  2. :57 Jak 2 (PS4) Done Done Done Another Jak and Daxter Platinum' wrapped up. Once again opted to go through this avoiding the Debug mode and actually playthrough the game. It is quite amazing just how different in tone and gameplay this game is compared to the first game in the trilogy. Nevertheless I still found it very enjoyable the second time around. It is a relatively simple platinum using the Precursor Egg glitch, which at this point is commonplace. Overall though it has been fun to be back in the Jak and Daxter Universe. My only real issue with this game was some really bad framerate drops here and there, but overall a fairly smoothe experience. Starting God of War (PS4) tonight, very excited!
  3. #56 Assassins Creed Origins (PS4) Earn Them All Fun 7/10 Difficulty 2/10 Jumping into this game I had only played AC2 and AC4 prior. This game was so much fun that it inspired me to go back and Platinum' AC4 Black flag, something I never thought I would do. This game is very well polished and I enjoyed the shift away from linear sequences. Overall it was a very simple and enjoyable Platinum and I am now hooked back into the AC Universe. The only tedious part of this platinum was the repetitive grind to complete all locations, completed that whilst rewatching Game of Thrones which made it much less tedious. This is a very good game that is graphically stunning. Next up on my backlog is God of War (PS4). Very Keen
  4. Looks like you beat my forum post by a Minute 😋 Neverthless it looks like a fairly standard fighting game list. Hopefully the S rank on the highest difficulty isnt too difficult. The HD Resolution trophy images look awesome though. Keen to grab this eventually
  5. :55 Tekken 6 (PS3) Fun: 6/10 Difficulty 4.5/10 After looking at my pile of PS3 games that have been sitting there waiting to be played for years, I decided to start to atleast try to dent that backlog. I chose this because I wanted to try and get the online trophies done, as the longer I left it the harder they would be. 30 Online Matches was an absolute chore. Disconnecting every other game and the latency made it an average at best experience. Once these where done the rest of the game was relatively straightforward. Even the Nightmare Train Level which is notoriously difficult didn't provide too much of a struggle, not as much as I was expecting atleast. Overall it was fun playing this game and getting the Platinum' but it definitely would've been more enjoyable playing this early into its life cycle, sheerly due to the online connectivity / trophies. If you like Tekken / Fighting games then it is worth playing.
  6. : 54 Assassins Creed Black Flag (PS4) Gap: 5 Years 1 Week Fun 7/10 Difficulty 4.5/10 What a grind. Returning to this game after literal years, was surprisingly very enjoyable. Having been playing Origins and thoroughly enjoying it, I got an itch to tackle this game... Many hours later, here we are. Arguably the most "difficult" part of this platinum was getting a group of 4 together for the Lab Technician MP trophy, as well as achieving 100% of mission constraints, which wasnt "too" bad. This Platinum does however require A LOT of mindless grinding in solo "Multiplayer" BUT I tackled that whilst rewatching Game of Thrones which made this far less painful. Easily my Rarest Platinum and I am very proud to have this 😀
  7. 5 Years and 1 Week Later, I have finished Assassins Creed Black Flag. Below are the two trophies that I netted last night to achieve my rarest Platinum thus far. Super proud of myself because this is simply a Platinum I never thought I would earn. Assassins Creed Black Flag (PS4) Committed To The Cause Reach level 55 in Multiplayer. Assassins Creed Black Flag (PS4) By The Book Complete 100% of all main mission constraints.
  8. Set this prior to the start of 2019, but decided to post it as a status' to be able to have it on record, just incase I change my Signature.


    2019 Goals:

    70 Platinum (Starting at 51)

    4000 Trophies (Starting at 2589)

  9. : 53 Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy (PS4) Difficulty 1.5/10 Fun 7/10 Ah I've found myself back in the Jak and Daxter Universe. This was a game I played through back on the PS3 as I never owned it on PS2 and absolutely loved it. It felt like classic Naughty Dog and when I first picked this up on PS3 I couldn't put it down. The PS3 Version was actually my fastest platinum until quite recently. Weirdly enough on the PS4 version I experienced some minor issues with frame rate, but as a whole it was still enjoyable. Whilst The Debug mode for this game means that 3 Platinum' can be attained very quickly, I personally wanted to relive the Jak and Daxter story and playthrough it the same way I did a few years ago. From memory I remember thinking that the story in Jak 1-3 was amazing, but I've since forgotten a large part of it, so looking forward to re-experiencing it. Overall as far as Platinum' go, it is a very simple game, BUT it is one I would recommend to anybody who likes classic Platformers.
  10. Assassins Creed Black Flag (PS4) Ghost In The Machine Hack 15 computers in Abstergo Entertainment Returning to this game after such a long break (5 years) to achieve my rarest platinum. I never ever thought I would Plat this game' but only 3 trophies to go and it will be all mine. Definitely been a grind to cleanup the trophies I was missing, especially with the Online being Dead.
  11. Assassins Creed: Black Flag (PS4) All Rounder (6.14%)Play on every game mode, and use every ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer. With this out of the way and level 55 in the multiplayer on the Horizon, all that will be left is single player cleanup. This will be my rarest Platinum once achieved and I just want to thank anyone who helped me boost this trophy since the servers are completely dead.
  12. Tekken 6 (PS3) Fighting Master Play 30 matches in Online Mode All I can say is i'm glad I didn't leave this game for too much longer. The 30 Online matches trophy took so much longer than it shouldve with about 80% of games dropping out before the match was finished. The upside is all I have left to do can be done in the Scenario (campaign) Mode. Looking forward to playing through this mode, hopefully it is as enjoyable as Tekken 7's Campaign.
  13. Tekken 6 (PS3) Machine Crusher Defeat NANCY-MI847J. Statistically this looks like the toughest trophy in the game so very happy to have it finished. I refused to try and cheese it with any of the usual suspects and went about beating this character with my "main." Eventually I managed to get past this after working out how to avoid the lasers, as to this point I had forgotten you can move laterally in Tekken. Overall this was pretty annoying, mainly because I had completely forgotten about lateral movement, but it was very satisfying upon completion. Quick Shoutout to my partner who sat there with a second controller ready to register the "new challenger" incase I was about to lose. I'll call it even for letting her have my PS4 to playthrough Spyro
  14. Assassins Creed Black Flag (PS4) Lab Technician Play and complete a game session of Game Lab in the Multiplayer Public playlist. Well I'm glad this is done. This might be the "hardest" easy trophy I have EVER earnt. With a completely dead online Multiplayer combined with my Australian Internet (average at best) it made finding almost any game impossible, let alone a game mode literally nobody is playing. With a number of different partners over about a week I had 3 out of the 4 people to start a game at any given time and this trophy was alluding me. Thankfully last night I managed to get a team of 4 together and this trophy was done. With all game modes also played on Black Flag (for the All Rounder Trophy) it is basically solo Wolfpack grind from here on out. Should I manage to wrap that up and finish up the Singleplayer this will be a Platinum' I never thought I would earn.
  15. Tekken 6 (PS3) Survival of the Fittest Earn 10 consecutive wins in Survival in Offline Mode. Decided to do this with the Character I Normally "Main" rather than cheesing it with the usual characters. Getting this proved to be more annoying than I thought it would as I lost on 9 rounds TWICE, before I Finally clutched up and got over 10 Wins. Was a good trophy to go for early though, as it helped me Re-Learn my Combos. Assassins Creed Origins (PS4) The Arrow Whisperer Kill an enemy with the predator bow from more than 60 meters while controlling the arrow. Another Simple enough trophy. Just reading the description made me feel it would be similar to trophies I'd seen in the Farcry Series' (Kill an enemy with a Sniper / Bow from X distance) But the ability to control the Arrow was a cool twist on this. It actually made this style of trophy much easier being able to control the arrow. Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy (PS4) Speedy Fast Beat the Record Time on the Gorge Playing 4 different games at once really fleshes out these post, regardless I am continuing my pace of around 1-2 "worlds" on this game a night. I am experiencing quite a bit of Frame Rate in this compared to the PS3 version which I find surprising. Either way still fun to be back in the Jak and Daxter Universe.