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  1. Platinum 111 & 112 Nickelodeon All Star Brawl PS4 + PS5 Versions (No Autopop) Fun game, I have never played smash before so I enjoyed this for what it was. Wasn't very hard, and a nice return to trophy hunting. Platinum 113 & 115 Among Us (Task and Kill totals Autopopped, but I didn't plan on that happening) Sadly the kills and task trophies auto popped on Stack 2, but overall this was a pretty easy platinum both times. I boosted this with my own accounts for some of the harder stuff and it was much easier that way. Platinum 114 Cricket 22 Had to wait a few months to platinum this one as a few of the trophies needed a second controller to be made easier. Overall this was a fun cricket game, but I was ready for it to be over once I got the platinum. Platinum 116 Maneater Honestly a great trophy list. The gameplay was simple and repetitive, but it had charm in its own way and I really enjoyed this game throughout. This game reminded me a lot about what trophy hunting and game should be, fun. As can be seen, this month has been one of my biggest months in some time for finishing games. I have now moved into my new home and so will always have a console to come home to, whereas before being between my parents house and partners house, half the time I couldn't game. I'm excited to see what the future holds for my trophy hunting journey.
  2. Hello Fellow Trophy Hunters and welcome to my journey to finish "All" of the games I own. (Personal Background) I have been playing games for as long as I can remember and as my PSN suggests I was born in 1995. My earliest gaming memories are playing Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye with my father, then transitioning into Banjo Kazooie (which sparked my love of platformers) Fast forward a few years and Pokémon quickly became my favourite gaming franchise, with 1000's of hours played across the games I still find myself playing these from time to time at age 25 going on 26. I cannot remember how old I was when I was given my first PlayStation, but I remember sinking hours into games such as Crash / Spyro / Destruction Derby / Coolboarders / Harry Potter / Hot Shots Golf and pretty much any game I could get my hands on. Some time later I was given a PS2 for Christmas and whilst I certainly played this console, less specific games stick in my memory. I remember NBA Street and Need For Speed Most Wanted being the most iconic games from this generation for me, at least those are what spring to mind now whilst writing this. I did not get a PS3 until much later in the life cycle of the console, I remember them being quite expensive. Eventually when my parents purchased a new house, the previous owners left behind their PS3 as part of the sale. This became my "COD" machine mainly as I gamed with then High School Friends, however I did start to venture out into single player experiences such as Godfather 2, Farcry 3 and Bioshock Infinite. When the PS4 launched I was now an adult and working part time whilst studying at Uni. I decided to make a new PSN Profile, buy a PS4 as well as bunch of games I did not get to play previously due to not having money for them and start "Trophy Hunting." I specifically remember buying a bunch of games at our local EB Games (Australia's version of GameStop) and taking a picture of the games I could now buy myself, feeling a sense of pride that I could now afford something I could not afford as well as the fun my hard work was going to provide me... Many of those games in that picture remain unplayed. This trend continued on for a while, whenever I had some spare money and games where cheap I would buy some games to add to my "Backlog" This was the case for both PS3 and PS4 Games and I was buying them much faster than I could play them. Fast Forward 9 Years and Here We Are... In the present day (September 2021) I currently have a game backlog easily exceeding 100 games. I have recently been tackling this fairly well, but my games Wishlist is also growing and my desire to purchase new games is only being tempered by my Mortgage (being an adult is boring sometimes) I am currently Engaged to my lovely partner (who plays games as well but has 0 interest in trophies) and I work full time so my ability to sit down and game for 12 hours a night is no longer possible either, nonetheless I am determined to play all the games I own and experience the fun I intended to have when I purchased them. A Few Notes Before we Get to the Backlog: Each Game in my backlog has a brief description for myself to refer to. This will help decide which game is next. I am open to suggestions about which games to tackle next. If you have suggestions, words of warning or tips based on what is on my list please comment below I do not buy DLC. I Consider a game finished when I complete the Platinum or when I have gotten all trophies that I feel I can achieve. I do not buy games solely for Platinum's / Cheap trophies. (If that is your thing, then no judgement from me, I just personally prefer not to buy those games) I also prefer to own games physically so most of the games on my backlog will be physical. My Current Wishlist will be posted at the end of this post and will be updated as more games I want are announced / made known to me I will post Reviews of Each Game I complete to this thread in the comments. Thank you all for reading, I look forward to tackling my backlog and hope this post becomes an organised way of sifting through it all. Backlog Breakdown: PS3: PS4: PS5 Completed Games: Wishlist / Games I Plan to Buy:
  3. Platinum 110 - Dodgeball Academia I am back after a bit of a trophy hunting hiatus. I have finally moved into my house that has been being built for the past 18 months. Picked this up as it looked fun and the gameplay was definitely quite fun. Regardless I am happy to be back and hopeful to bang out some platinum's over the next few weeks. Not too sure what is next, but we shall see!
  4. Hey Guys When starting this I figured this would be a pretty cruisy platinum as far as fighters go. I have all of the Tekken Series done as well as a couple Naruto games, but boy am I Struggling. All I have left to do is a few of the higher level dragon arena matches to get the invasions I need as well as the world tournament on DBZ3 but I am getting crushed. It takes forever to level up characters for Dragon Arena so that feels like an insane grind + I cannot find Vaccine or Viral Heart Disease. The thing I seem to be struggling most with is block / countering, I can time blocks decently but it gets to a point the AI just constantly teleport behind me countering me and chaining me and I get smoked. Thinking I genuinely might not be skilled enough to platinum this one.... Any Tips or things that might help, For now I am taking a break from this one, but plan to come back hopefully to get what I am missing another time.
  5. Can Anyone Confirm AC3 Servers are Still Online for the Ps3? - I was playing the Multiplayer yesterday about to finish my last online trophy, log in today and services are unavailable.....
  6. I Can Confirm That the newest Patch has fixed this issue. Took about 4 Months to get the game playable, but at least its working now
  7. Hey Guys Haven't seen this reported here yet, but this game is completely unplayable for a large number of people in Australia and New Zealand. Since downloading the game I have yet to be able to connect to any server or start my own game, this is the case across the PC / Phone and Console Version. (I Have tried all 3 servers at different stages of the day multiple times since launch) Apparently this is a known issue, however this was first reported months before the console version went live. I have pretty decent internet given Australia's standards and even using 5G on my phone and still cannot connect to any server. Just a word of warning for those looking to add this game in those regions. Looks like we may have to wait a long while before we can start this one.
  8. Hey mate can you clarify the Stocking the Shelves Trophy for me? Do you get some animation or anything when you win an award / Trophy? Earlier in my career I made a team but wasnt part of the team of 11/12 so had to simulate, this warned me about locking me out of trophies but I had no other option to advance. I am into my second season now but dont want to keep playing if its pointless on this career save? Also I have been selected by Australia but what year into the career do the ashes happen (I only made Aus side toward the end of Year 1) Also Does simulating bowling etc lock you out of trophies? Please let me know if you can.
  9. Hey Guys The Head in the Cloud trophy has already been discussed at length about being Glitchy, but because 1 glitch has plagued most people, the glitch I am having I cant find any info on. Every Single Time I walk over a Pivot, it Dissapears but does not give me the pivot, if I fast Travel etc, it respawns back where it was. I really do not want this to be a platinum blocker for me as I am so close to finishing this buggy mess. Literally any ideas?
  10. After 3 Hours I was able to Brute Force this by Doing the Following 1: Do Not fast travel near the initial Pivot 2: Do Not Open the animus map at all, manually run to the pivot 3: Quit Game Near Pivot so you spawn near it 4: Reload until the game registers the Pivot. All up I tried to get this done for about 4 hours and was convinced I was not going to be able to Platinum it. Terrible bug, but atleast in my unique case it was able to get done.... This thread can hopefully help anyone else who randomly ends up with the same glitch I had.
  11. So Here is my full Error and Things I have Tried (Completed the game 100% before doing anything related to Uplay as well as Pivots) Downloaded the Uplay Passport and culled friends list - Pivots Finally Spawned. Pivots cannot be picked up from my animus map, the few you are meant to start with do not let me pick them up, it gives me the option, I try to pick them up from the menu, they stay fixed and the option to pick any up is gone. I have manually found other pivots, run over them, they despawn and are not collected. I used an old backup save but they are in the same spot so I cannot even resort to using that. Pretty Shattered to be so close to the Plat and might be stuck
  12. Originally I posted this as a comment in a different Thread but a Mod moved it here FYI as its own thread.
  13. Went and had a look through my list and here are some of the Candidates: Fall Guys: Infallible - I was actually really good at this game at launch, had multiple 3-4 win streaks, but could never get 5. Havn't played since Season1 and the game is much different now, don't imagine I will put in enough time to get good again. UFC 4 - Played this because of PS+ and enjoyed my time with it, but doubt I will ever be good enough to do the online trophies. Wont say it is impossible and I plan to give it a go from time to time, but I just cant see it happening. Crash Team Racing - Nowhere near skilled enough at Kart Racers. Could not get close to the times needed. Then there are 2 other games I really hope to Platinum, but time will tell if I am skilled enough Everybody's Golf Crash 4 It is certainly frustrating playing a game and realising you will never Platinum it, but I think that being able to make peace with that, rather than not allowing yourself to play something you might still enjoy is definitely worth it! (Although I do struggle with this from time to time) Good luck on the grind everyone!
  14. Can Anyone confirm if the story trophies / any trophies (assuming they don't glitch) will ping for both the host of the game and the coop partner? Planning to play with my mate, but wondering if I should host, or him, or if it doesn't matter as we will both get the pings. Let me know!
  15. MrWright95 - Platinum Challenge #2 The Ultimate PS3 Clean-Up Goal: 15 PS3 Platinum's in 2022 Update #1 Platinum #103 & 104 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 -------------------------------------------------- Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time -------------------------------------------------- 2 PS3 Platinum's' in the books so far for 2022. It has been quite satisfying tackling these older games in the backlog... yet this has had an inverse effect of what I planned. I have now started the dangerous journey of buying the PS3 games I do not own that I wanted to own, so at this stage the PS3 Backlog is growing faster than I am playing it. Tekken was a bit of a grind, but a fun Platinum which I enjoyed. I have bought Tekken Hybrid to get the last Tekken Platinum I do not currently have so that will be a fun milestone! Ratchet and Clank was a great experience, as are almost all Ratchet Games. I started this a while ago but am so glad I came back to it and its reignited my itch to play the rest of these games in the series!
  16. MrWright95 - Platinum Challenge #2 The Ultimate PS3 Clean-Up Goal: 15 PS3 Platinum's in 2022 Update #1 Platinum #103 & 104 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 -------------------------------------------------- Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time -------------------------------------------------- 2 PS3 Platinum's' in the books so far for 2022. It has been quite satisfying tackling these older games in the backlog... yet this has had an inverse effect of what I planned. I have now started the dangerous journey of buying the PS3 games I do not own that I wanted to own, so at this stage the PS3 Backlog is growing faster than I am playing it. Tekken was a bit of a grind, but a fun Platinum which I enjoyed. I have bought Tekken Hybrid to get the last Tekken Platinum I do not currently have so that will be a fun milestone! Ratchet and Clank was a great experience, as are almost all Ratchet Games. I started this a while ago but am so glad I came back to it and its reignited my itch to play the rest of these games in the series!
  17. I am very happy to see Hades do so well! I am also very grateful to have won 1 of the 3 $25 Prizes for Voting If Anyone can tell me how to go about claiming that one that would be handy!! Congrats to All Nominees and Winners!!!!
  18. 1 Month later checking the game daily and I cannot get put into a game on any server. My Internet is pretty decent so I do not understand what's causing this issue. This is commonly being reported over on the reddit / to the Devs but so many Aus and NZ players cannot get into a single game. Pretty brutal as was looking forward to doing these 2x Platinum's on 4/5
  19. MrWright95 - Platinum Challenge #2 The Ultimate PS3 Clean-Up Goal: 15 PS3 Platinum's in 2022 After achieving the goal I set last year for hitting 100 platinum's it is time for a new goal to work toward. This year is a tough one to plan as my house is currently closing in on completion and I am unsure how much time I will have at certain parts of the year once this finishes. Regardless I have decided to finally tackle my PS3 backlog and put a serious dent into it. I still plan to play some PS4 and PS5 games this year, but this is just to make a conscious effort at tackling my older games. PS3 Game Options: Ranked in Order of Most to Least Likely to Play
  20. Servers are still alive, just completely dead. You will definitely need a boosting partner for this one.
  21. I have been browsing guides on this website for years, but this years standard of writing and quality has been a joy to see. Congratulations to all nominees! My Nominations are as follows: Guide of the Year: Hades Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 (This in my opinion is the best trophy guide I have ever personally seen on this site and I think the author deserves all the credit in the world for their level of detail) Trophy Guide Hades Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 Biomutant Trophy Guide by Ac3dUd3- Gameplay Guide Control - 100% Trophy Walkthrough by Optinooby Resident Evil 4 - Ultimate Guide by suicideyan DLC Guide Portal Knights - Elves, Rogues, and Rifts DLC Trophy Guide by AquaNSky Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered - Remastered DLC Trophy Guide by Trozenator Retro Enthusiast Dante's Inferno - EA Community Trials Guide by Mertkaykay and coregamer1998 Dirt 2 Trophy Guide by Berendsapje New-Age Enthusiast Operation: Tango Trophy Guide by ItsEnderX and Put_GOD1st Dirt 5 Trophy Guide by OverlordofRacing Original Content Returnal - Collectible Guide by Optinooby Sonic Colors: Ultimate Trophy Guide by The_Kopite Formatting Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 Nexomon Trophy Guide by ObsiEez
  22. Having Just Platinumed this game, I wanted to share my ironic journey to the Platinum as well as a big tip I wish I'd read before playing to help make the Platinum the "most" achievable for others. I imagine this is a game that a large number of players on here (myself originally being one) avoided because of the Platinum rarity and the flack this game cops in general. I want to preface my review and comments by saying that I absolutely love this Genre of games and whilst parts of this game can be annoying. Overall I felt this was a solid game and pretty enjoyable if you like games of this genre. Anyways lets get down to why I might just be the Unluckiest Lucky Knack Player ever. I have read reviews of people taking upwards of 4-5 Playthroughs to get the 10 Diamonds needed for Diamond Knack. I was Lucky to get my 10 Diamonds by Chapter 11-1 on my Third Playthrough on Easy (1 on my First Run, 4 on my Second Run, 5 on my Third Run) I also got 3 diamonds on my Third Run within 20 Minutes of each other. I know, RNG shined on me and so far in my journey to the Platinum I'd been extremely Lucky! I had read that the best way to grind the diamonds was to open a chest and restart the application if you don't get a diamond as this is significantly more efficient than playing through the game and opening chests as you go, however after doing this for about 2 hours and getting no diamonds, I just decided to play through the game here and there and chip away at the diamonds... and as you've read, I certainly lucked out. Now a BIG TIP I wish I knew before playing this game is to always take a gadget part over a Gem (Unless you get a diamond of course) These carry over during playthroughs, but unlike gems once you have a part unlocked you cant get a duplicate. The sooner you get all of the gadgets unlocked, the sooner you reduce the pool of items that you can get from a chest and in turn, the more likely you are to get a Diamond from a Chest. It seems super obvious but I didn't find this tip anywhere on this site so hopefully it helps someone. Now for why I might just be the Unluckiest Lucky Knack Player Ever With Diamond Knack unlocked, I blitzed through my hard Playthrough and started to work through Very Hard. On my hard playthrough, with Diamond Knack now unlocked and no gadgets unlocked I got 7 Diamonds. 7 Diamonds on my first playthrough after Diamond Knack was already unlocked. I was genuinely annoyed. Then came the Very Hard Playthrough, By Chapter 13 I did not have the double sunstone gadget despite opening every single chest to that point in the game. This gadget would've made this playthrough significantly easier, instead the game decided to give me 8 Diamonds... 8 Diamonds on another first playthrough, when I didn't need Diamond Knack. The Irony of all of this was hilariously frustrating and I think I might be the only person on the internet who is annoyed they got too many Diamonds on this game. 25 Diamonds all up across my playthroughs and 15 I wish I could give to those who needed them more. Anyways that is the story of my journey to the Ultimate Knack Trophy. I hope you enjoyed reading my story and if you are on the fence of picking up this game. It is certainly more doable than the platinum rarity suggests and for what this game is, it doesn't deserve the criticism it gets from most (at least in my opinion)
  23. Trying to get a sense on if this is a hard platinum or just a long grind. I enjoyed these games on the PS2 and wouldn't mind giving it a go, but just curious what everyone feels this is /10 Anyone with a ballpark on difficulty and time to Platinum would be great. Thanks!
  24. Planning to add this to the backlog tonight as it looks like a fun platinum' However there is currently 350+ owners with 0 Trophies earned? Are trophies bugged or just not synching yet?
  25. Platinum 99 The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk Difficulty 3/10* Fun 3/10 This game nearly derailed my goal of 100 Platinum' before Christmas. With so many trophies being missable following a guide was needed to platinum this game in one playthrough, yet I still missed a trophy. The trophy I missed meant a full second playthrough was needed, so out of sheer stubbornness I did the whole playthrough in one sitting last night so I could still achieve my goal. The game as a whole is more of the same of the first game, it still has its charm, but ultimately it was pretty boring to get through. Regardless I enjoyed the story of Robert the Wind Monk. If another game comes out for this series, I will probably give it a go, but hopefully not for a little while.