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  1. First time playing Devil may cry and the new entry looks amazing but before I get it are the previous games relevant to play for the story in Devil may cry 5?
  2. I've never watched One Piece but this game is looking real good plus the trophy list looks pretty easy
  3. I'm so overwhelmed it's finally coming to ps4
  4. It's available now in EU, currently downloading
  5. Do u think Nintendo will ever do an achievement or trophy system for the switch like sone and Xbox ?? I kinda hope they do
  6. It looked amazing and that Ariel summon like is that seriously gameplay, incredible, Papa Nomura certainly bought the bacon to d23 this year A dream I'm hoping to happen
  7. Looks easy but I’d say it be time consuming love the trophy pics
  8. NI no kuni 2 doesn't need mp, plus I'm hoping they remaster the first one from PS3 to PS4
  9. Madness, might as well give up, no point depending on them to fix it anytime soon
  10. It's driving me crazy, it doesn't work in players from china/japan servers unfortunately, but lets hope someone from a different country can help out, its ridicules how they haven't fixed this one year later from release
  11. These look better and so much easier then the first battlefront, a few grinding like level 50 but much easier
  12. Thanks for this it'll come in hand when I attempt it
  13. Man the trophies look so much better then the first game, I'm really liking it
  14. The Historian trophy glitched on me, I have all the data logs so :/
  15. I'm really surprised like come only 14 trophies, that's crazy
  16. Really liking the trophie images, shouldn't be that difficult to get platinum in
  17. Not so bad so we actually have a few dragon quest games coming out next year
  18. Congrats, Arkham games are pretty straight forward to achieve platinum in
  19. I really want them to make a separate trophie list, please make this be Bethesda
  20. This would b so cool if it came out other then in Japan
  21. Thanks for clearing this up, I'll give it a try
  22. Question is the glitch doable on the GOTY edition or not, and if it is how would i do it?
  23. If you let the timer pass 50hrs it will restart back to 0 so u could actually beat it on proud mode with this, i read it on a guide that it works if you beat the game after the 50hrs
  24. When i purchased KH 2.8 yesterday there was a pullout sheet with games and upcoming games and one was Final Fantasy The Zodiac Age and it said it releases in April but i forget the release date.
  25. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 tomorrow :D