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  1. After looking at a gameplay video...ill go no higher then $ looks like a ps2 game that runs on the Sega genesis
  2. Your advice help me alot more than the nonon method, took me 4 tries with Dual Wield Satsuki to get the last trophy only because survival mode RNG was not on my side but thank you for the post.
  3. i have the same problem as well with that trophy and killing a werewolf. I won 5 times and killed 3 were wolfs and got none of the trophies
  4. Compared to other 2D fighting game trophies, it doesn't look TOO bad. I may bite within the first month.
  5. Resistence 2: almost got the last trophy but hit a online glitch that reset my stats, then 2 months later the server died....
  6. hmm if the game is dead then it would be possible for the plat to be alot easier, just find 5 other people who are willing to boost with you since i think the game is 3 vs 3. overall tho i really enjoyed the multiplayer to this game...just wish it came to PS plus free so everyone can see its not a shitty game.
  7. did you escape go in the hatch first or last? because I had a friend who encountered the same problem. I think since this glitch started, whoever goes in last gets the trophy.
  8. I try to aim for at least 20 a day. which would be a minimum of 5 games and as bad as it is to say I tend to keep my killer rank from 15-20. i don't mind going down lower but there are "alot" of toxic bully survivors and also those who disconnect. (which im STILL not sure if disconnecting on the hook counts towards the progress or not)
  9. If i remember reading a trophy guide about the game, a sacrifice also counts if the survivor reached stage 2 while on the hook, regardless if they escape or disconnected. If that is true then that makes things alot easier.
  10. Shadow_reno_rose Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I can hide it later tonight, i forgot i was around when Mw2 was getting hacked badly and the trophies i did not have "the stars" were unlocked during a match but i didnt catch it until now.
  11. looks like a pretty fun game to try out. kinda been wanting to dive into a retro style looking game for a while
  12. If thats the case then thank you for correcting me. It makes it alot easier for me to get this out the way now.
  13. To be honest...i kinda had that theory as well. took me a month to get Hags trapper trophy when i know damn well my trap was triggered over 200 times. as for medic...i been counting my healing to different people...and i think its glitch as well...
  14. Could be healing 100 different players meaning healing the same people in one match over and over again wont count, Gotta be a different match.
  15. for Deep Cleansing i think you need to get rid of 10 totems in one match. meaning only you have to do it. if anyone else gets rid of a totem then you cant do it. highest i gotten was 7 until someone got rid of one beside me. So best to do it with 4 friends who will listen and add Small game perk to help you find them. (tho trapper and hag will mess up your small game perk)