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  1. How'd you know what I was thinking Mayus? Except I always need to go a little more animated...
  2. This is a really cool idea Mayus. I would have never thought of a challenge like this, but it seems like a fun way to collect some new platinums. I was surprised I had 14 letters already, and almost 15 actually. I'll be back when I have 50 posts (so like a year or so from now ) Oh, and since LR:FFXIII is different on PSN than it is here, does that count for L or for F? I know you said you were going by the PSN name, so I'd be right in assuming it can be used for an L since it's only an F on this site? If you're still looking for something, I'd be happy to help
  3. Congrats Ramonachan, well deserved win. I would like to see some sort of gothic theme for October and Halloween.
  4. Trine 1 can be really frustrating if you patch it. The "better than the developers" is a lot harder than it originally was. I was gonna say Trine 2 for the PS3 though. You don't even have to beat the game to get the plat.
  5. Not a big fan of the text, but the rest of the sig is really well done, so #3 gmv
  6. Who's this DaRe you speak of? Chambers
  7. wrooong. I'm gonna go with dare k9_rage
  8. Looks like you guys are doing well over here too
  9. lol, well luckily for anyone who like Gambit, I was planning on using something different
  10. This, other than the piano app. Oh, and Bejeweled Blitz, I love killing my friends scores every week.
  11. Thanks Chambers. Yeah, I like the 3 rarest trophies thing it has, that's my favorite. ... now I just have to figure out how to change my avatar without getting an error.
  12. Me too, I wasn't planning on it but for $15 I couldn't say no. I also picked up Dragon Age UE and POP trilogy this week.
  13. I'll be using this section a bit, more so checking other people's stuff though. I haven't been using GIMP very long and I'm still not great, but it's fun so I keep doing it. I still have a LOT to learn though.
  14. I'm a big Stephen King fan, with The Dark Tower series being my favorite by him.
  15. Hey, I'm Beam. Like a lot of people on here I came over from .com since Sly makes great stuff. I really like the way the trophy profiles are set up, so I decided to make an account .