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  1. Such a shame Job Helper is still bugged :/
  2. There's no matchmaking. People are furious on Reddit, cause it was officially stated that matchmaking would be available for EVERY activity in the game. So far no response from Massive.
  3. Just a clear summary of this excellent method by @Pound_of_Life89 - all credit goes to him. 1) Have a friend join your PS4 voice chat party, BUT NOT the in-game party – you need to be able to speak and give your friend a well-timed command. 2) Both people fast travel to the White House to minimize loading times. 3) Either wait for a call for help or open the world map section, where calls for help are displayed, hover over one of the exclamation marks. 4) The most important part: tell your friend to be ready to join you – have him select you in the social tab of the menu & just wait for your signal to press X to join you. 5) Accept the call for help and as soon as you do, IMMEDIATELY tell the friend to join your group. 6) If done right, your friend should join you, and you both won’t join the agent calling for help (you’ll now be in a party - only you and your friend), but the game will be stuck on responding to a call for help – this is the trophy trigger. You can check if the game is stuck on responding to a help request in the matchmaking section of the world map. 7) Exit the White House area and have your friend kill himself with his own grenades. 8) Revive your friend. The trophy should unlock after about 20-30 sec max.
  4. To all of you guys still having problems with this trophy, check the other topic on this forum - the one stating it's a 100% working method. I unlocked the trophy after my first attempt after 5+ hours of failed attempts with the reviving hive.
  5. Thank you, dude! After 5 hours of trying the hive method, this worked at the first attempt!
  6. You don't even have to launch the Hive. When you kill yourself and the hive is off cooldown, it triggers and revives you automatically, and when you leave the group, the cooldown is reset. So basically: respond a call for help, throw a grenade under your legs, die, get revived by the hive, leave group, repeat until you get the trophy.
  7. Can you clarify this? The friend is supposed to join you the second you get a call for help? And when he joins you, then you immediately accept the help request, which makes you + friend join the guy calling for help? And then you revive your friend?
  8. I'm at about 3-4 hours of trying the hive method. Today I even responded to a guy who was alone in a story mission, unconscious and waiting for a revive - he clearly used the call for help option after dying during the mission. I managed to revive him and... he went AFK for about 15 minutes, standing out of cover, which gave me time to revive him around 20 times, both from crawling and unconscious. Guess what? Still no trophy. This is absurd.
  9. Tried this today, a few times, still nothing :/
  10. Clan war is relatively easy, you just need 1 person from your clan, and at least one person from the opposing team must be a member of a clan (which is highly probable). Don't know about the disavowed agent yet, but I do know that "A Friend in Need" is a real pain atm (bugged & not registering for many players). I'd say if you manage to get "a friend in need", you'll be well on your way towards the platinum.
  11. Yeah, I made sure to try both ways. I even asked one guy specifically to help me with this trophy, and he was willing to help. Got killed 4 times in 15 minutes. I revived this specific agent twice while he was crawling and twice while he was dead. Nothing :/
  12. I've tried this about 20 times so far - waited for the poor guy to get killed & resurrected him. No trophy.
  13. If I may give you some tips, plan ahead, USE COVER, take your time and don't hesitate to fall back. Division 2 is much more tactical than Div 1, which I personally love about the game. Plan your cover, potential escape route and possible flanking from the enemy. With that in mind, you should be good even with bugged skills (I'm leveling solo too).
  14. It's a pretty common bug, it's on the "known issues" list, but hasn't been addressed yet. Some deployed skills just randomly despawn.
  15. Not really possible to do with a friend unless you both get incredibly lucky and be assigned to the same server. Even then there might be measures prioritizing calls for help from agents other than your friend (I assume these measures might be a way for Ubi to influence who you meet in the open world - the more new people you meet, the larger the chance you meet new friends through Division 2, and the larger the chance you'll play the game longer). I tried coordinating this with a buddy. First joined him & played with him a bit - we wanted to force the game to put us on the same server (we're both from the same city IRL). After I left the group, I killed myself and tried calling for backup, but he didn't see my call on the map. It was the same the other way around - i didn't see his calls for help. Also, seems that the clan members don't see your calls for help either. Like I said, I think the "call for help" system prioritizes players you've never played with before, so there's no way to coordinate the trophy. I tried literally asking a few guys I joined to let the npc kill them and let me revive them to try to get the trophy. Just doesn't work for me.