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  1. Funny thing is since the update of yesterday, I see major framerate drops in Zombies. I also always (and still) get an error (the whole game crashes and I can send a report to Sony) when I'm restarting the game after putting the PS5 in sleep mode for a while.
  2. Man, I was so sad and I assumed that I was out of luck for being too late. I'm glad I kept trying and finally got it!
  3. I was finally able to obtain the trophy today at 16h40 (EST). I have an old save from when the game came out and I finished the game + one DLC and I NEVER had any Vendetta mission naturally. So, remembering that today was the annonced server shutdown, I tried my luck to get it. I tried for two hours to fast travel, advance time an run around the map and nothing came up. I tried to create an alt account and got to the point where I could die by random orcs and let them become captains. I did this 5 times. Returning to my old account and fast traveling/advancing time and still nothing for another 2 hours. Finally, with my right profile, I started a new game. I rushed through until Ratbag is a captain and then walking to the next mission I got a Vendetta mission from a random. Ping! That's it. Now I have the trophy!
  4. I'm trying to get a Vendetta mission to pop bot nothing on my end....
  5. Hey, I played the game before the first DLC dropped and I want to get back into it. It's pretty hard right now not having good gear nor knowing where to start. I'd like to play casually with some people. The goal is to have fun, enjoy the game and get better loot. We can do DZ or any of the DLC. There's no precise time set for this. Send me an invite!