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  1. if it worth i wil do loot boxes but for sure look epic game
  2. lp2 is unobtainable a guy with fake acound hack al lp2 leaderboard stages
  3. i have 1 question how do 8 k per round on capture flag i earn 288 per round
  4. honestly no one crash them ea servers just verry unstable they need fixt them that al
  5. that sucks verry much
  6. is there no gold edition to fixt it if there is i stil finish it ??
  7. yea probably its sad story we find petition to re open it but doubt if anything wil help they better give throphy free its big bulshit so great game than this happen verry sad but wil see if they ever fixt it i hope they do
  8. this bulshit that they for god sake fixt that error
  9. i hope come back mis 1 throphy to get 100%
  10. dont think wil shut like many do give warning but dnt shut so was i you wil do it soon is great game
  11. have same problem
  12. not for me if 1 can give me anser why just my acount give error and my alts not than tell me how to fixt ,??? if want conect mp error on main
  13. servers are up and try soon wil try get champagne throphy
  14. i wish i could but lose some mp but stil verry proud with what i reach and wil reach
  15. i hope it i hope is not joke or lie but wil love it if they fixt