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  1. You can do solo but problem is need late bloomer i strugle couple week on it but wil beat for sure is verry complicated to make best weapons There guides explain it pretty good but like say is complicate it after you reach code 8 you wil need create new weapon of rarity 8
  2. Wel seems game is down sadly
  3. Can some one tel me cord for right one
  4. I have same problem is balloon
  5. fix wel is best joke i hear they go shut so why wil fix if we even ask al years to fix wel if cant 100% it can burn
  6. I wonder if can do local one online
  7. Wel if look some one to play with he look people to farm crowns ad groovy_banana
  8. good news evolution back was broken. I think not shut but can do it again good news evolution is back online never shut think was broken
  9. 4 and 5 back evolution not sure if ask on twitter delete or ignore msg be shame if they leave it down
  10. wel i can tel you al nascars down so no idea what going on its posible fix already but see picture of friends on twitter to so need wait see what go happen hoply bring 3 back but we go need be patient
  11. Its dnt work on ps4 sadly its maby isue my friend tested go test while sadly hope is isue be big loss if loose it and verry lame move from dev
  12. Wel i have same isue if download on ps3 it freese so only option i see is beat game before store be removed dnt trust it scares give trouble later
  13. Not sure this good way but my room mate look players can play this with him id groovy_banana Mhw iceborne to ad him if interested
  14. Yea most servers dnt work have problems
  15. many bugged even lores have friends even bones not there it happen after new expansion I probably go for dredgen seal