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  1. Than you can fix if want can take while but should need replay until not get bugged that should work others no one wil.posible to get I know be big wasted
  2. Any one get bugged with al mine with disc ?
  3. Thank for reply how long take grind any idea?
  4. was go start it but forget it have dlc so there way to get dlc stil because think delisted ?
  5. nice but i not that good to do in 20 min kitana hard
  6. need do 1000 hits in 1 evasion or it stacks ,?
  7. Yea was think that but nothing
  8. K thanks keep eye for it
  9. What normal chedule ? I try find when next invasion must some one know please can tell thanks
  10. i not give this up either i check al days hopely fix it soon
  11. need buy on german or german amazone dutch
  12. have same problem foxhound pacifist i kil 3 guards so far so hopely get now is my 3 run
  13. yea they work
  14. there a lot risk on it i stil think about it to wil love can do that mp but stil think about it its not without risk
  15. even if buy royal edition ,?