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  1. Wel look europe website dnt work either
  2. Need 4 people for dlc exept milion points ? Or can do most with 2 ?
  3. They shit company shut without warning
  4. I am stuck on frost lv from.dlc on 43 \46 cant find last 3 so must good guide be welcome
  5. The worst battle born dnt save sometimes progres my friend try 2 weeks get this throphy he think is his net
  6. K loook verry pain now i am glad did early but wil tel him thank for reply
  7. This methode work if have alts friend dnt play it ? Or bad net
  8. Its verry sad they never fix it so something smal should be easy to fix but just to lazy to do it now have 1 version not complete what real sad
  9. Verry weird my house mate cant stil get it poped .
  10. Yea my house mate same problem dnt think.can fix it we try already everything al.they sayvwas go fix but stil.waiting onbit
  11. Weird, It should at end wonth record stats if do be great
  12. Sadly it broke again its second time in short time
  13. I did 5 x acounts arena only problem.I have that servers not always work use reboot game help some times to
  14. Than you can fix if want can take while but should need replay until not get bugged that should work others no one wil.posible to get I know be big wasted
  15. Any one get bugged with al mine with disc ?