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  1. How do i activate the last boss on heroic mode? Edit: Nevermind. Got it.
  2. L1+X, then L1+O works too. Do not try to hit a satyr with L1+X every moment, just focus on getting the fucking dogs out of arena. If satyrs grab you and thrown out of arena, just restart. There is nothing you can do against that. I hate this challenge. It is a nightmare on vita.
  3. Thank you man!
  4. Man, maybe you can help me. How do i do on distances challenges, when i get to the points where there is "bump, plataform>jump, bump, plataform>jump"? I do always get stuck there. Sometimes, the char slides flawless but i miss the jump, because more often the char grips on the ledge of the second plataform, and if i do press jump right after it, the screen get myself on the fire. I most of the time waits to char to grip the ledge, but when i do that, the char fuck me flawless slinding the plataform without grip. It is always a gamble to me to try to make it right. And it seems this is the only thing on my way to do 15~20km runs.