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  1. I am the victim aswell.... Damn this bugged trophy. Forgot one and replay any chapter will not pop the trophy. I guess, delete the whole save game from the syste and start over. You already did it with delete? Or report to Square Enix and wait for the update version to 1.02...
  2. Too bad, you didnt answer to my question how to contact the EA... How you can be sure? For my eyes say still no. They should fix the issue within 3 days and up to max 5 days. What do you mean with lazyness? It's unable to connect Autolog at all, not only for Hot Pursuit, it's also same for Most Wanted, which I tested today. Not sure for Rivals, because I dont have this game yet. If they still not fixed on Monday evening, I have to do something against EA. I am pretty sure it's only the server, where you and me live, it's the data center server for Europe region excepted the region of the UK. Edit: There also still no online trophies obtained by gamers from Europe here at PSNP site for NFS:HP / NFS:MW since 17th Feb...
  3. Yes, same here. Since 17th Feb. 2015. We need to send message to EA support? I can't find EA forum or Needforspeed community website to post the problem... I think, maybe the EA didn't notice, that the server is something wrong, looks like it got ongoing DDoS attack...? I had experience with EA Sports server for FIFA games, sometimes down aswell, but much shorter than NFS. The connection is pretty much instabile, only keep me in connect between 1 to 10 seconds.