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  1. i got these in franchise mode. not season mode. but i would think it should pop on season
  2. thanks for the reply. since you seem very knowledable about the game, I have one question you may know. This one part of the game for me is infuriating and I don't know how to fix it really. Before I say this, I actually love the game and its the most fun I've had with a baseball game in forever. So, how in the hell do you stop runners from never understanding the basics of tagging up. The AI will almost always run all the way to the next base and then have to retreat. I understand I can manually select them and run them back and then run them forward. But is there any other way to fix this in the settings or manually changing their tactics? I guess I could press R2 to send them back and then L2 to advance, but its annoying to have to do this on like every single pop up deep.
  3. yea idk. i use the dpad to try to pick people off and they are always safe. might just have to get lucky with a guy who has the "bad jumps" or "stealer" designations. Not sure though. The other guy on the forum who has 70% of trophies is probably more knowledgable.
  4. for me, i was playing a franchise on the day it released. and i finished the first regular season of it yesterday and it popped.
  5. I just got it in Franchise mode.
  6. Man, I started it up last night and it played so smooth, I didn't know there was an update and thought I just was getting lucky
  7. So how do I get the Dominus or Takumi now? The cars aren't in my garage as possible body styles?
  8. Yea i mean the game is basically unplayable at the moment. So not sure what to do when it comes to getting the platinum lol. Maybe start a new city i guess
  9. Do any of you guys know how to get the 34th song for the 5* all songs on beginner? Do you get it playing like the standard campaign?
  10. So, I love this game alot. But i feel like I'm battling it all the time. It will freeze at least once per play sessions. Even more than that most times. Espcially since my city is over 100k people. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this? I already took off Autosaving since thats usually when it messes up
  11. i think i'm going to enjoy this more than beat saber. Beat saber is amazing but I sweat so much that I can only play beat saber for like 30 mins. This one I played last night for over 2 hours without stopping