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  1. I got the platinum a few weeks back and still haven't gotten the email. Does anyone know, now that dlc trophies are out, if ill still get the email or do I have to get the dlc trophies as well? I didn't get the horizon zero dawn platinum theme for this same reason but I didn't have the rewards thing enabled when I got that platinum.
  2. Finally found out the problem. Apparently my PSN account ran into a bug where because it was activated as my primary console account, none of my downloaded content I had bought recently was registering as owned by me (thanks free PS plus Judgement theme for bringing this to my attention). After deactivating and reactivating my account as the primary PS4 account, it seems to have sorted all my issues and I can now play as Kiryu. Thank god because I was afraid that my game file was messed up
  3. I have redeemed all the talisman DLC but he doesn't have anything else for me and its not in my hideout so i'm beginning to worry that my save file is messed up. I definitely bought the skin and it says installed on my PS4 however it isn't mentioned anywhere in the download history on the main menu
  4. Hi guys I recently bought this game and after my first session I decided to buy the kiryu skin because I love me some Yakuza however no matter where I look (I've tried looking in the settings and in the hideout) I cant find the skin to put on. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the game but still nothing. The only options I get is wasteland and manager style. Is it because I am too early into the game (Just got back to Eden from my first fight with Toki)? Any help or suggestions? Thanks
  5. If you haven't claimed all the regions left and you still have front lines, you can stand at areas where your allies are fighting and your chaos will go up very slowly. I left my console on for 8 hours and I went from chaos 10 to 11 and a half. Its very slow but if you are playing through and dont mind leaving your console on for a night then it can help a bit. I have also found that areas with a long line of fire (for example when you liberate the first area at the start of the game) yield more chaos points.
  6. Kushala Daora for me. God I hate his stun locking ass. I chopped off his tail and he put down a tornado on it before he left so I was waiting for ages for it to disappear just to carve it.
  7. I know how you feel bro, I'm still waiting on them to patch the hardcore gamer trophy. It sucks because I really don't want to play through the whole game again for the fourth time. Why can't these companies just playtest these trophies and make sure they work as intended.
  8. I have quite a lot of trouble joining lobbies in this game but I figured out if you create an in-game squad (even if its just yourself playing) and switch the option for joining a game in progress to not started then that typically helps me find a lobby. Also switching the server location helps sometimes (I typically find games on US east with decent ping even though I live in the UK)
  9. I would like to see the ability to change your PSN ID
  10. I would like to see the ability to change your PSN ID