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  1. I have done 10-12 tours in the discovery mode so far. They pack some pretty good information in, I just wish it could have been incorporated into the regular game somehow. I liked in games past, when you encountered something significant, you could just hit the options menu to get the building's info. But I'm glad the included the mode for something different. Quick question- would it be beneficial to knock out some dlc play before progressing too far with the main game? I remember in a past AC game (might have been Unity), where you unlocked a sweet weapon at the end of a dlc. But of course, I had already platted the main game so there was really no use for it. Any goodies in Origins dlc to nab?
  2. KYCX Game No. 6 AC Origins Playing Time: 15 hours? Trophies Earned: 13/68 (E ranking 14%) Well, it only took two additional weeks, but I finally have time to review my final game. I naively thought I'd have some downtime on vacation to write a review, but turns out there's too much to do in Bavaria and Austria for some relaxation! And sampling too much local beer meant I was in no state of mind to compose coherent sentences. Disclaimer - I'm an AC junkie. It's likely that I've poured hundreds of hours into the franchise. So this review will be more compare/contrast with earlier AC games. Final Thoughts: I applauded Ubisoft when it was first announced that they were taking the AC franchise to ancient Egypt. What a cool concept to take some of the world's most iconic sites and reinterpret them as new, just like what the original builders saw. Then I found out the time setting was in Cleopatra's age, which was the end of the Egyptian Empire (let's be honest, it was on life support for the last 1000 years or so). I was a bit bummed that Ubi had 3,000 years of Empire to choose from, and they chose the last second of it. But I realize it's heard to fathom THREE THOUSAND years of Empire for most people, including me. To put it in perspective, the Giza pyramids were older to Cleopatra, than she is to us. I digress, on to the gameplay... The game starts off with your character in an old tomb. It looks beautiful and the interpretation is just stunning. Of course, it feels very wrong to loot all the treasure out of the tomb. What about all those future archaeologists who would preserve these one-of-a-kind art treasures?!? Like most AC games, you get kind of a warm-up period before the majesty of the environment unveils itself. You start by running around Siwa, a dusty backwater village to explore and learn the mechanics of the game. The tutorial portion of the game is almost none, quite a contrast from the hours and hours of training wheel gameplay in AC III. I kinda wish the combat was explained a little bit better. My old strategy of button-mashing the attack button doesn't seem to work so well. Eventually, the game opens up and you enter Alexandria, the city that featured two of the greatest wonders of all-time; the Lighthouse and the Great Library. I get to climb up the Lighthouse? Yes, please! The map seems big, I'm 15 hours in and I haven't even seen a pyramid yet. Story-wise, I haven't got very far. I assume the Romans will show up at some point (with the most famous love triangle of all-time), but I haven't come across them yet. Like so many AC titles, I get too busy exploring and bettering my equipment, than focusing on the story at the start. There is crafting in this game, so be prepared for lots of hunting. I've played enough Ubisoft titles to see how their games kind of morph into each other. Origins includes an eagle you control, to do aerial reconnaissance of a target prior to going in. That's exactly like Far Cry Primal or Watch Dogs 2. The game definitely feels different than the previous PS4 titles of Unity and Syndicate. The franchise needed a reboot and I'm glad Ubisoft delayed this game by a few years to improve the features of this title. It was definitely needed after Syndicate gameplay got a bit stale. The environment is incredible. Ubisoft really nailed the period and has tons of background stuff you might barely notice, but suddenly you realize that you're in the middle of a tannery, or standing on a trireme. There's so many cool things the devs put in that just fly right on by. The biggest change in the game is the RPG and leveling up element. New weapons are constantly being introduced, and you level up by completing tasks, missions, etc. Enemies reveal their Level with a number over their head, so there are bases and forts that are off-limit until you attain that level. If you try, you will get your ass kicked (mea culpa). I didn't think the franchise really needed an RPG element and thankfully, it's not that involved. If you fall in love with a weapon, you can just upgrade it at a Blacksmith stand. I will continue to play this through the months of August and September, and will update if I come across something new or cool (which is likely). Grade:
  3. - Given the wide array of English warrior kings you could name a trophy after, Edward the Confessor is a bit perplexing. - And what are the trophy requirements for Harold Godwinson? Take an arrow in the eye?
  4. You would think the guy who nearly got decapitated in a playoff game vs. the Bengals a few years ago, would be the chief advocate for safer helmets.
  5. The event is over for me! I will write a final review for AC Origins and a KYC wrap-up in a few days. Busy traveling right now but when I find some down time on vacation, I will knock them out.
  6. @RuneEyesDragon - Just to piggyback off what Voodoo said, I learned the HARD way after one of my first KYCs to mix and match big titles with little, quick games. AAA title after AAA title really exhausted me, although it's a hell of a way to kill a completion! Nowadays, I throw little things in like Flower or Knee Deep to break up the slog fest from mammoth games. I hope you join future KYCs, your reviews are great!!
  7. You platted Golf Club 2019! Not terribly difficult, but it shows tenacity. Keep up the good work and you can get that completion percentage up into a the 60s and earn a Failing grade.
  8. Thanks for the review! I've had this one on my radar for awhile. I'll grab it next time it's on sale. I saw a Lancaster last year at the RAF Museum. What a beauty! I still find it crazy though, that it only had one pilot. But as my aviation buddy told me, England's a small island, and if there were two pilots, that's double the training on resources that are already stretched to the max. Are there any American bombers in the game? B-17s, B-24s, or B-29s?
  9. How did I guess that you'd be the guy to plat it? Congrats on forcing through a plat run. Must've been rough.
  10. KYCX Game No. 5 Alekhine's Gun Playing Time: 1 hour Trophies Earned: Zero Final Thoughts: 🗑️Utter garbage. I've probably played 60-70 game titles in my KYC career, and have never come across a game that I just completely abandoned and want nothing to do with ever again...until Alekhine's Gun. What a disaster. It's stealth game and I'm guessing it's a rip-off of the Hitman series. The story has something to do with the CIA, possibly JFK's assassination, but you begin in WWII. The game premise is to take out your targets and you get graded on how stealthy you were in each level. This game's biggest problem is it feels so antiquated, as if it's a remaster from a PS1 game. Unfortunately, it's not. It's just pure shoddiness by the developers. I don't mind playing reboots or retro games. I just played God of War a couple KYC's ago and really enjoyed it. But this is just clunky, with poor character movement, dumb AI, and terrible interaction between the two. It feels like a poor version of Syphon Filter, and that game was the epitome of clunky character movement. It gets forgiven because it came out 20 years ago for the PS1 and at the time, it sure felt cool. But it's unplayable now because gaming has advanced. So how Alekhine's Gun got released in today's market is an enigma. Things went awry pretty quickly when I tried to take out a guard silently and it looked like a Three Stooges skit. The two characters were walking into each other and grabbing for air. If anything goes amiss with taking out an enemy, DEFCON 1 begins and you got shot from a battalion of baddies. Or at least that's how it felt. My controller was rumbling away in my hands as my character turned into a bullet sponge and ended up just running around until he had been filled with a crate of ammo. There's no auto save so you are responsible for remembering to save every few minutes, otherwise it's back to the start. I only got one night of playing time into this, because frankly, I didn't want to play it. I can't think of another game that I dreaded playing so much. Maybe Day of the Tentacle? Unless someone else has played this, and can say "Oh Perry, that was the first level. It gets SO much better after that," this game is getting deleted from my profile and will never be addressed again. Grade: 💩 Next Up: AC Origins
  11. KYCX Game No. 4 Trophies Earned: 2/45 (2% E ranking) Playing Time: 3 hours Final Thoughts: Well, I was about 25 minutes away from going trophy-less in a KYC game, which would've been a first. Instead, I somehow got two goal scoring trophies in my last game and suddenly, there goes the completion rate...oof! This is a popular annual sports title, but I haven't played a soccer game since (gasp!) 1998! That's 20 years ago!! I'm not sure if this makes sense, but "two decades ago" sounds a lot longer of a time span, than how I have the memories filed in my brain. Anyway, I subbed this game in as PES didn't happen for PS+. As I am a complete noob in soccer/futbol games, I spent a good hour in the skills area, honing passes, aiming shots, figuring out loft crosses, etc. It seems like most sports titles by EA; they over-complicate game controls because they feel the need to add more features to every annual installment. Most aren't really needed, and it just tends confuse the fingers as you are playing. There is a helpful icon that pops up during gameplay to give you a hint on what buttons would be helpful; it didn't distract me, but I'm sure lots of FIFA veterans turn that feature off. I went with FIFA over PES because I'm most interested in the World Cup dlc. Last night, I began the quest for Croatia to avenge their bitter defeat in the Final last year - it's Cup or Bust for me! I turned the AI all the way down to beginner and beat Nigeria 4-0 so the game is very forgiving for newcomers. The World Cup play is fine so far, but not spectacular. It's just the teams that made the World Cup in 2018, so there's no qualifying rounds. I found those games in the past to be good games to hone your skills in, as you waxed the Faroe Islands 13-0. As I could probably name only 20 players in the entire world, I can't comment on accurate rosters, but I'm sure EA does a decent job in that matter as they do in their other games. So no surprise Modric and Mandzukic would be included on Croatia's roster. It seems Ultimate Team is the Mode which most gamers prefer, as there's a good chunk of trophies associated with that. I've always been a realist in sports games, so I never stack my teams into an All-Star squad; nor do I make a Superstar Perry with 99 attributes in everything. It seems that Ultimate Team is similar to trading cards of my childhood, where you get random players from different teams in a pack, and use them to assemble your own roster. The more games you play, the better your roster gets. This is EA of course, so the aroma of micro transactions is stinking up the room. 🤑 I played one game in Ultimate Team World Cup, and miraculously ended up with Messi on my squad. I walloped Panama 6-0 and thought it would be fun to get the trophies in that mode, but alas, it doesn't look like they are unlockable in WC play. Grade: My kids were entertained by it, so I'll give it a . Hopefully, my son gets good and unlocks a ton of trophies for me! Next Up: Alekhine's Gun
  12. Any chance the Burnout games play similar to the old Driver games on PS1 and PS2? I highly enjoyed those games back in the day.
  13. Hope you are right about PES. I was thinking they might have some future licensing issues with the various Euro leagues that are in the game. - I think you'll really like The Invisible Hours. Your review of Sexy Brutale from a few KYC's ago, got a bunch of us to play it and I think the consensus was that everyone enjoyed it. I forgot to mention in my review, to not look at any trophy lists as there are a few spoilers in the trophy descriptions. No walkthrough is needed either, as nothing is missable. There's one trophy that will require a second playthrough, but that won't require much effort because you can sort of auto-play it.
  14. KYCX Game No. 3 Playing Time: 2-3 hours Trophies Earned: 20/37 (33% D ranking) Final Thoughts: Summer busyness has kept me away for a few days and sadly, kept me away from this game as well. Simply put, what a unique idea for a game and it's very entertaining. The gameplay will sound strange but it somehow works. The camera is in the first-person and you are an observer to a story. You're pretty much a ghost, or fly on the wall. Take our pick. The setting takes place in a lonely mansion and you encounter guests, some of whom are historical characters, who have all been specifically invited to this house by the famous owner. Just minutes into the game, a crime takes place and the story becomes a "Whodunnit." As the ghost, you are able to freeze, forward or rewind time. With that ability, you piece together the story by listening to various conversations amongst the guests, as well as follow characters and see what nefarious activities they are up to. This is similar to the time suspension in Sexy Brutale and that's not a coincidence; both games are Tequilla Works titles. In fact, there are Easter egg trophies tied to a couple of Tequilla Works games. This originally came out for VR, but an update now lets any PS4 run the game. I was a bit worried as my previous encounters with VR have ended up with a quick case of nausea, but this one caused no issues. I was able to get to the end of the game, but with the time dimensions to the game, I didn't really discover "an ending." That's not a disappointment at all, I just didn't have enough time to find it. You can replay any of the four chapters in the game and that's how you can piece together the whole puzzle. Follow Character A around for a chapter, than Character B, etc. etc. I'm guessing I witnessed about 50% of the story and I am very eagervto get back to this one to complete it. I really hope Tequilla Works continues to put out games like this because it's really entertaining and a unique concept from the other game genres. Grade: Next Up: FIFA 18. - Sony really messed up with their July PS+ lineup and inexplicably dropped PES from the lineup. Are we really at this point in society where a couple people cry on Twitter and the first reaction is to cave to the internet Jacobins? Anyways, I decided to stick with the soccer/futbol theme and went with FIFA 18. I like national team play more then league play and this game from last year included the World Cup. Unfortunately, it's Day 3 for this game and I haven't touched my PS4 all weekend. It's doubtful I will hit thre three-hour mark on this one but that's how the summer goes around here.
  15. 35 hours seem way too high. I know I haven't put that much time into it. In RTTS, you can play the game, or just fast forward to your at bats. You can even sim games as well. I read it's easiest to attain my needed trophies with a closer, so I will try that next, but again, I will just fast forward until my created player comes out of the bullpen. Also, the game automatically updates rosters periodically. When I played last fall, Dustin Pedroia was off the active roster for the BoSox, and the mid-season trades were included. Probably doubtful that this year's crop of rookies are in the game, though. Fun game though, good luck!