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  1. For me, Mudrunner was a good back burner game. When I wanted to unwind after a long day, I’d play a mission. No rush to get the platinum. It’s not a good game to play for a solid week on a platinum run. You’ll get burned out fast.
  2. 50 people have been able to achieve the rarest MP base game trophy in the past month, so I’d say it’s doable. Ditto for DLC trophies.
  3. I’m currently prepping for a colonoscopy tomorrow. The term “ass gravy” perfectly describes my current condition. The even more hilarious part of the OP is that he’s the only one that hasn’t 100% the game! Almost everyone beats it in under a half hour, yet he’s raging about a game only he has trouble with!
  4. ESPN just puts out a poor product these days. The obnoxious idea of 24/7 talking head entertainment is now spoiling actual games. It is especially prevalent in baseball, college basketball and NHL games these days, where the announcers talk about everything, except the game in front of them. Dick Vitale is a legend, but he talks ad nauseam about all things hoops related, while completely ignoring what’s happening in front of his face. You can play a game with his broadcasts and see how long it takes for him to mention Duke, even though they are not playing. The over/under is usually by the first TV timeout. Bill Walton, thankfully, has mostly been shelved these days, but when he is on, I tell my kids “This is what happens to your brain when you do a lifetime of drugs.” Sunday night baseball used to be great with Joe Morgan and Peter Gammons, but now it’s unwatchable with A Fraud. ESPN has basically turned into People magazine. The daily headline on their app is “Screamin’ A. Smith said this about this!” That is not news. And you call yourself journalists.
  5. Can you boost to make this game easier? Or is it only couch co-op for your team?
  6. Weird indeed. I understand paying a price to move up in the draft to get a specific guy, but we are weeks away from draft day and at this point, the Saints have no idea if that guy(s) will be available. Drafts can be strange where a couple players slip, the Raiders overreach on a pick, and so with two picks in the middle of the draft, it’s too early to know who will be there. I understand the trade on draft day, but this is too early for a trade like this. And, you are hedging future drafts for an unknown. Seems to be a steep price to pay.
  7. @Stevieboy - Thanks for taking the time to fully explain the rigors of what needs to happen for a platinum run. I like golf games, but I might just skip this bc it sounds like more work than fun. Thanks again!
  8. So, let’s say I start playing this right now and try to play 2-3 hours each day - how long would it take me to get the Walking Encyclopedia trophy? Can I fire up the game and start going for it right away? Or do I need to unlock a couple things (I.e. characters, courses) before I can start trying for that trophy? I’m assuming this will be like Mad Max where you need to scramble for the couple online trophies, then ease back on the throttle for the platinum run. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  9. Amen. Had high hopes for him this season.
  10. The bigger question is - how does Hill do without Mahomes? Although Tua ranked in the Top 10 for completion percentage last year, his yards per completion was 30th. That indicates Tua favors dumping the ball off, rather than attempt the long ball, which is Hill’s biggest threat. Also, there were multiple weapons that defenses needed to check on in the KC offense. Not so much in Miami. Personally, I think it’s too steep a price to pay for acquiring Hill, and it’s way too ridiculous a price to pay in salary for a player who’s more of a track star than a complete NFL wideout. I’m choosing at least 7 other WR’s in the league before I pick Hill as my No. 1 wideout in the NFL. I think Mahomes and the Chiefs will be just fine without him bc everybody is returning (so far) and they added JuJu from PIT.
  11. This. Pin Collector in Tiger Woods PGA 14. It has a 5.17% rarity on PSNP and I hear you say “wtf, that’s not even Ultra rare,” but that’s not even the whole story. In order to achieve this trophy, you have to earn 18 pins for one course in the game. There are 20+ courses In the game! At one time, you could microtransaction this trophy and buy EA credits until you got it, but no such luck when I played. In order to earn enough credits to buy a pin pack, you needed to play five rounds of golf. So five rounds would equal an hour plus change, and you could earn a couple pins per pack. It’s completely RNG on your pins but the kicker is, you could get doubles! I must’ve wasted dozens of hours waiting for one F’ing pin on a random course, only to get doubles on something I already had. The masochist in me made me finish it for the plat, but it was hell. To put it in proper perspective, 747 achievers have this on PSNP, but only 40 have attained it in the last 7 years since the micro transaction easy cheese method closed down.
  12. I’d try Trubisky for super cheap and see if he can become a starter again. Kind of like Tannehill 2.0. He took the blame for the Bears not making the playoffs, yet two QBs later and Nagy’s offense was still stagnant and vanilla. He unfairly got blamed by fans for the GM taking him over Mahomes.
  13. Ho hum, another day and another person desperately seeking attention on the internet. Best to ignore.
  14. I would send Aaron Rodgers to the XFL. Off the field, he is absolutely insufferable, and he has already started his self-promoted All About Aaron campaign for 2022 (and it’s only February). But to answer honestly, I would banish Akiem Hicks to the AFC. He just destroys the Vikings interior line every time we play them and even double teams don’t stop him. Kenny Clark on the Packers has a similar M.O. But maybe send Hicks to Saints to team up with Cam Jordan and those two would have multiple sack lunches on Cam Newton twice a year, Of course, Newton might be off to the XFL at this point.
  15. Patrick’s brother is in the running for America’s Biggest Douche. And I don’t (and won’t) do TikTok.