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  1. I think it's glitched. When you click on the trophy and pull up the worldwide PSN statistics, it reads "0.0%." All the other trophies for this dlc have at least "0.1%." Hopefully they fix it on the next dlc release.
  2. That's a bummer. Thanks for the heads-up before I throw $80 (!) at all the dlc content. What are Comandante Generals? Similar to Great General? Sounds like they are releasing a new dlc every other month so maybe in July a patch will come with the new one.
  3. Anyone remember the Offspring's "Pretty Fly for a White Guy," video? These two mooks are pretty much that, just two decades later.
  4. I can't wait for another 10 games to release their trophy lists, so these two fools can stop staring at me on the PSNP home scrren.
  5. By accepting this "game," Sony has officially jumped the shark.
  6. Seems like you and others in this thread are interested in playing a detective game so I would recommend The Invisible Hours. Gameplay is completely story-driven, but it has fun features like switching characters and the option to rewind and fast-forward time. Essentially what you do is follow characters along and piece together clues by listening to their conversations or watch their actions. The devs got creative by allowing you to rewind time, so you can see what's going on in different parts of the mansion at the same time. One conversation might lead you to think one way, but after listening to a different conversation, the mystery will flip. And most characters are of historical note. It is passive gaming - you are just following people around and listening (or reading subtitles), but it's one of the best whodunit mysteries I've played in a game. Basically, Clue in a video game. Don't fret about trophies, none are missable. And, it's often included in sales so you can get it for a good price.
  7. - Click on the NA version of this game and there's a number of threads here at PSNP to help with certain trophies. - Not sure if I'm allowed to link competitor websites so I won't, but check out the Steam community forums as well as True Achievements. - Another big help in getting the harder trophies is to play Hot Seat. You can lessen the RNG for some of the trophy requirements. Good luck!
  8. Thanks for offering a Dark Mode option!
  9. Looks like we've got similar tastes in golf games, so how is the gameplay in this? I'm interested if it's like normal golf, where you line up the shot and putt. But from online clips, it looks like there's a bunch of tricks and boosts you can do with the ball after you hit it (similar to Rory's challenge modes). Are these necessary to shoot under par? Also, I realize what the name of the game is, but can I just get the majority of these trophies playing solo? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  10. PSA - This trophy is still glitched. I complèted all 5 Serqet locations, the fifth being h e Spring of Serqt location. I killed the captain, looted the treasure to complete the base and no trophy. But there's good news for an easy fix! If you clear the last base and no trophy pops, simply do a Fast Travel to Alexandria. Once in the loading screen, the trophy popped for me. Hope this helps somebody in the future!
  11. It's likely the fan to prevent overheating. Is your PS4 in an enclosed area, like an entertainment center?
  12. Just a warning for those picking up this game: LEGO Ninjago does NOT follow the typical LEGO game formula of Story Mode followed by Free Play. Yes, there is a story mode and of couse, you will have to do a shit ton of collectible clean-up, but the game setting is more like an open world, rather than a chapter select. I've played a handful of LEGO games with my son, and neither of us liked this game; simply put, it just isn't fun. And like all, LEGO games, do your research in advance so hopefully, you can avoid the glitches. Free is a great price for this game, just be ready that it if you are a LEGO veteran, this one has a different style to it. - Forgot to add, there is a race that will be a platinum blocker for a number of people. Half the battle is getting the camera to cooperate with your movements. The City Docks race is the toughest task I have found in a LEGO game.
  13. Maybe replay a single player mission that you did in co-op? I'm just troubleshooting here bc you really deserve the platinum with all the helpful information you have provided the last few weeks.
  14. Ditto! Look great! We're about due for another Pic-A-Pix game, right? 🙏
  15. Thanks for answer. I ended up building Spaceport bc I couldn't build a district until my city grew. That's the frustrating part of this trophy. You build a district, then wait 25+ turns for you city to grow big enough to add another. I ended up putting three neighborhoods in, otherwise this would've taken me an extra 50-60 turns. - FYI for future trophy aspirants, you can earn this trophy AFTER your game outcome. I won a Religious Victory, then kept playing and I can confirm your trophy will pop, even though your game is over.