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  1. Goff’s INT was a 50-yard prayer at the very end of the game, so the loss does not fall on him. Some of Campbell’s fourth down gambles and non-gambles played more into that loss than Goff. And the other starting CB opposite Okudah with his 6 (!) penalties. Dude, you can not tackle people without the ball down the field. How did you get to the pro level and not realize that??? Don’t worry, you’ll get the W when the Vikes head to DET.
  2. Plenty of clips on YouTube to help you get this. Best of luck.
  3. Lions deserved to win that game. But it evens out for the win they stole on a last-second TD play in Detroit last year. They were the better team on the field yesterday. No sensible Viking fan should feel good about that game. The defense continues to struggle. What’s most frustrating is that they spent millions and millions on Hunter and Z. Smith for the pass rush, and so far it’s not paying off. Goff looked great all game bc he had tons of time to find his receivers. And remember, Jameson Williams will be arriving soon in this offense. Yikes! And Detroit just mirrored Philly’s D plan. Take Justin Jefferson out of the game with a double-team, and blitz like crazy. It is looking like the new GM’s draft day trades have hurt. We could’ve taken a WR for two serious deep threats (Thielen is great, but he is over 30 and has lost a step), but instead, we trade down for a safety than only plays on Special Teams. Only three weeks in, but this if feeling like 8-8 at best.
  4. The secret is out: blitz the Vikings and Cousins combusts. While the O-line has played better this year, they are still not very good. And Kirk wilts under pressure. I think coaching had something to do with the offensive implosion last night. Typically, Kirk gets pressured and will check down for the dump off pass that might get 5 yards if lucky. And he did that in the first half EVERY DAMN TIME. So my hypothesis is, the new coaching staff implored him to head downfield on the blitz. So Kirk said, “You want me to chuck it? Fine.” And then three INT’s followed. I don’t recall Kirk having that many picks in a half while wearing purple. It was atrocious. Instead of standing in and firing a pass, he just lobbed lollipops up like he was playing a game of 500! And memo to Packers - see what happens when you deploy a premier cornerback on Jefferson the majority of the time? Jaire Alexander must have been fuming while sitting on his couch last night. Equally as embarrassing was the defensive secondary. Why did our safeties play 30 yards back on Jalen Hurts? Don’t you want him to chuck it up bc his deep ball accuracy is suspect? Instead, he just carved the middle up and I think he has only two incompletions in the half. Seat belt fastened for what is looking like a roller coaster ride of Kevin O’Connell’s rookie coaching season.
  5. Except they had plenty to work with. Denver had all their timeouts and had 50-some seconds left on the clock. But Hackett chose to drain the clock and try his luck on one of the longest field goals in history. Your other option is to go for it and 4th-and-5, get the first down, and then get three more downs to advance the ball. Again, with plenty of time and TO’s in your pocket. I saw some stat that last year, the 4th-and-5 completion ration was almost half. And your odds have to significantly go up with scrambling Russell Wilson as your QB. Regardless, Bronco fans have zero faith in their rookie coach just two games into his career. Yesterday, they were counting the play clock down so they wouldn’t get any delay of game penalties. @Matto_lsi - Not entirely fair to judge Trey Lance in a game that was played in a monsoon. But agree that having Jimmy on the bench was a wise move by Front Office.
  6. Agree. I would think your odds of getting a 4th-and-5, are greater than attempting a near NFL record FG. What was even more putrid was when Seattle got the ball back with seconds to go, then the rookie head coach decides to call his timeouts. Buts hats off to the Seahawks, they played better than everyone thought. Revenge can be so sweet.
  7. That was the worst performance by a Dallas O-line that I have seen in decades. And Tony Pollard should never be in on a passing down. A cardboard cut-out can pick up the blitz better than him.
  8. Worse than Lego City Undercover?
  9. No city can fill a stadium with bandwagon jumpers quite like Los Angeles.
  10. I’m the audience this is for. I have heard plenty about the original and it sounds like the story is why people liked it so much. But, the online trophies sound troublesome with lots of management. And the online community has a reputation for being toxic. I just don’t have the time and energy to suffer through a couple MP trophies like I did in the past (AC Brotherhood a good example). I will gladly play through the story to discover why this game is still talked about years after its release.
  11. I remember him on HBO’s NFL show in the 80s with Nick Buoniconti. Can’t recall the name, but it was one of the first exclusive shows on pro football during the week. And their show was magnificent compared to all the 24/7 talking airheads on 15 sports channels that you can watch these days.
  12. Hope it gets fixed for you. It’s a great game!
  13. Sad tale of how life doesn’t always pan out. He gets picked in the first round of the 2020 Draft by the Vikings. Life couldn’t get any better, right? Gets playing time that season, probably because of lack of talent on the roster, but things go South when he gets cut by the team due to a domestic assault charge. Wastes a year of his life waiting for that to play out in court (charges dropped in the end), finally gets a new chance to resume his career with AZ, and then it’s all over in a blink of an eye. Tragic.
  14. For me, Mudrunner was a good back burner game. When I wanted to unwind after a long day, I’d play a mission. No rush to get the platinum. It’s not a good game to play for a solid week on a platinum run. You’ll get burned out fast.
  15. 50 people have been able to achieve the rarest MP base game trophy in the past month, so I’d say it’s doable. Ditto for DLC trophies.