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  1. Wes Welker walked...Danny Amendola walked...someone else always steps up. Probably not another lacrosse player though.
  2. It is a damn shame. Sounds like the majority owner went on a bit of a tantrum and pulled the plug early. What he should have done is play out the season because there's only two more regular season weekends left, and then three playoff games. Whatever issue he had, could then be fixed in the offseason, or he could've found another shareholder. But to abruptly stop it midseason pretty much dooms any chance the league could have on a second chance.
  3. KYC 9 Wrap-Up Well, another one in the books! I'm pretty sure I've swapped out at least one game in every KYC event, but a snowy, rainy, ice dam-filled March forced me to improvise my list, and I ended with four substitute titles. Sadly, no new AAA games for me for the foreseeable future. Thanks again to @voodoo_eyes for running the event, as well as to all the veteran participants and newcomers. Always fun to see the diverse set of games people play. Here's a quick review: Level - Batman (Telltales). Just one episode in, but a strong start for the Caped Crusader. - Word Search by POWGI. Not everyone's cup of tea, but POWGI produced a well-functioning game at a very affordable price point. You might not do any word searches for awhile after platting this. 300 puzzles! Level - Maize. I will likely get back to this quick soon to finish the story. The second chapter is much more engaging than the first. - Persian Nights: Sands of Wonder. I generally like Artifex Mundi games, but this is one of their lesser titles. And a shame too, because I think it's their newest game. - MXGP3. Motorcycle racing game that doesn't offer much in driving diversity. It's pretty much the same track race after race. - Bridge Constructor. Physics game that's faulty because it's not realistic. YouTubers are beating this game by building what looks the the Temple of Doom swinging bridge to complete levels. Had a fun start though. Level - The Golf Club 2019. Highly advertised as having the PGA license, yet having almost no content to show for it. Mechanics are shaky in putting and pales in comparison to golf games on the PS3 from five years ago. Incomplete - Dishonored. I just didn't get far enough into this game to give it a fair grade. I didn't care much for the stealth aspect of it at first, but as I unlocked more goodies, it got much more enticing. Unfortunately because it's on my PS3, I won't get back to it for months to come. And my awards for this KYC go to: Perry's Platinum Award - 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. Yeah, I'm a sucker for historical games. But this story-driven game does it really well and is able to convey the historical era the game is taking place in. The developers also do an incredible job of telling an objective story and not taking sides in what is today, one of the most contentious places in world relations. There better be a sequel! 💩 Turd Award 💩 - Burly Men at Sea. Unless there is a grandiose ending I just haven't got to yet, this is just Trophy Whore bait. A little bit more content could've made this into a better game because the foundation is actually there for something decent. Final Stats: Pre-KYC 9 statistics in ( ) Games Played/ Completed: 131/90 (121/90) Trophies Earned: 4270 (4141) Unearned Trophies: 719 (484) Completion %: 84.75% (89.62) Percentage Drop: -4.87% In 8 KYC events, I have topped the 100 trophies earned mark six times. That said, I'm pretty sure this has to be the highest my unearned trophy number has ever been. A nearly five percent drop in the completion hurts my quest for the vaunted 90% mark. See y'all in July - hopefully I will have a ceiling by then! 🙏
  4. KYC 9 Game No. 10 Playing Time: 3 hours Trophies Earned: 14/30 (26% E ranking) Final Thoughts: Artifex Mundi games always have storylines that teeter between mystical and corny. But this game's story is bat-shit crazy. A hit of LSD might be the only way it'll make complete sense. I tend to play these games for laid back gaming sessions, a wind down before bedtime. True, they are puzzle games, but it doesn't take much brain power to figure it out. If you can't solve the puzzle within a couple minutes, you probably misread the instructions. Anyways, for the story. You obtain a talisman, which puts a tattoo on your arm that occasionally interacts with your environment. You meet a companion named Darius, who seems to have anger management issues. The antagonist is a Grand Vizier who shockingly, wants to obtain absolute power (pretty sure every Artifex Mundi game has a character like that). My journey so far has included coming across a land with mystical birds named Simurghs who are in a everlasting slumber. In this game, puzzles include making potions, which you do to wake them up. Then a teenage, high school dropout genie meets up with us and opens a portal into a world in the clouds. I'm still up in Cloud City now, no Lando to help me out though. I'm not really sure where the story is leading, but I assume I will have a grand battle with the Vizier at some point. Puzzle-wise, I've played enough Artifex Mundi games to see how they have evolved over their earlier games. A bit more complex and varied, but again, nothing remotely difficult. The hidden object puzzles that were so heavy in the early games, seem to have taken a backseat. What might be the most difficult part of the game is finding the 30 collectibles. They are small pictures of a palace and are really well-blended into the surroundings. Of course, you can just Zamboni over your TV screen with your prompt and it will state "Pick" if you run across a collectible, which makes it easier. But I suspect, I've missed a few which will require a half playthrough (Collectibles are cumulative in Mundi games!). The game is pretty much what I expected. There's more engaging Artifex Mundi games out there though. Also, don't ever buy them at full price. Every couple of months, they are included in PSN store sales. I'll give it a . - Somehow, I fit in 10 games this go-around, despite the sky falling (or in my house's case, the ceiling). Sad I had to improvise with half the games, but my miniature TV wouldn't do graphical justice to a big AAA game like Uncharted 4. I will write a wrap-up tomorrow.
  5. KYC 9 Game No. 9 Bridge Constructor Time Played: 4 hours Trophies Earned: 18/42 (31% D ranking) Final Thoughts: At one time in my adolescence, I pondered the pursuit of a career in engineering. A few hours into this game and I realized, mankind is much safer today that I never ended up in that field. I have managed to collapse so many bridges in this game, it's like watching an endless loop of "Bridge Over the River Kwai." The concept of this game is great. You have an abyss you need to cross and are required to build a bridge that can support the weight of two cars when they cross over. Bonus points if your bridge can stay erect when two truck pass. On each level, you are on a budget, so you can't afford to build the Forth Bridge everytime. There are four different building materials you can construct with: wood, steel, concrete and cables. On some levels, you may only get one of those materials; on other levels, you may have the option to use all four. The frustration comes into play early on, because there are no tutorials to speak of. You are on your own, through endless trial-and-error constructions, of figuring out what will work. That makes sense for wood construction, but for something like a concrete/ cable bridge concept, it wouldn't have been that tough for the developers to put in a few tutorial sections on suspension, cantilever, etc. I would love to know what the platinum percentage of this game would be pre-YouTube. Right now, it's at 44% on PSNP, but without any online pictoral guides, it would have to be an ultra rare plat. I am 40% of the way through the game, and have tried my best to avoid using hints. On some levels, that has required 20-30 minutes of relentless reconstructs. And I know more difficult ones are coming, so I'm not sure how far my patience will stretch before I say F it, and YouTube away. What's frustrating is on some levels, the budget is too small to construct a reality-based bridge. The second moment of , is when you can build away and construct what looks as eye-appealing a bridge as the Eads Bridge, only to have it falter with the trucks. Then, you look on YouTube for the solution, and someone has built an absurd, trapeze-like bridge that never in a million years would ever be built in the real world, and yet it works in the game. So is this game built on physics, or not? So yes, I like the concept of the game, but the execution is a bit perplexing. I will give it a .
  6. KYC 9 Game No. 8 Time Played: 1 hour Trophies Earned: 12/25 (41% D ranking) Final Thoughts: Unlike Telltales, Burly Men at Sea definitely qualifies as a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. Your choices directly correlate to what happens in your game. But is it fun? Well... Story in a nutshell, you are three stout men who find a map and go on an adventure. And that's pretty much it. Along the way, you come across completely nonsensical things. A complete story run takes all of 20 minutes. You can see how the story branches out. You have two options at the start, those will lead to two more choices, etc., etc. The problem is there really is no ending. Or at least I didn't uncover one in the three playthroughs I did. There might be an ending online, but I couldn't get the website to work. The game gives you a code to enter online, but no such luck for me. This game has a very similar structure to Wheels of Aurelia where the story branches out like a tree. But Wheels of Aurelia had more story content to it, was better written (including lots of dry humor), and interesting story endings. If you are desperate for a platinum, you could probably pull this off in under an hour with a guide. I got this on PS+ and would feel cheated if I had paid money for this. .
  7. KYC Game No. 7 Word Search by POWGI Time Played: 3 hours played Trophies Earned: 7/34 (23% E ranking) Final Thoughts: So I will just piggyback off what @Edunstar84 wrote about this game. It's the classic paper puzzle game you grew up with as a kid, only now it's on your TV screen. POWGI games are really well done. Some cheap games are glitchy as hell, but POWGI games are well-designed, user-friendly, and easy to get into. You better like word searches because for this platinum, you'll be doing a lot of them. I believe there's close to 325 of them in all, and you need to complete all of them in a plat run. These aren't terribly difficult, most of them will take between 3-5 minutes to solve. There are a few doozy's, like one puzzle where all the words end in X. The one thing that will slow your platinum progress is the mind-numbing sensation that kicks in after playing this game after a half-hour or so. Letters start swimming in your head and you quickly lose your train of thought. It's just heavily redundant. I can't imagine putting in 4 or 5 consecutive hours into this, Holy Alphabet Soup! It is a decent game though. Great game to chip away at, doing 4-5 puzzles before bed time.
  8. My guess is that they don't want to pay Howard next year. And Tarik Cohen must fit more into their offensive plans as he can catch out of the backfield. But yes, a guy who has nearly rushed for 1,000 yards in his first three seasons for just a 6th rounder seems perplexing. We all know RBs are not as heavily valued in the NFL as they once were, but that seems like larceny.
  9. KYC 9 Game No. 6 Batman Playing Time: 3 hours Trophies Earned: 6/31 (20% E ranking) Final Thoughts: So to know where this review is coming from, when you say Batman, I think of Adam West. I know that's blasphemous in many circles, but it shows my age (I watched the re-runs as a kid, I'm not THAT old). I don't even think Michael Keaton was Batman until I was in high school. Batman didn't really exist in comics for me either. Comics were things you begged your parents for at Woolworths, there was no such thing as a Comic Book store. I've never been on the Superhero cinema gravy train, but I have seen a majority of the Batman movies, though mostly the older ones (Val Kilmer, Clooney). I have seen two of the Christopher Nolan ones, and those seem to be the best received. It seems this game's interpretation of Batman is mining the Christian Bale vein. It could be a Comic version of Batman too, but I wouldn't know. Anyways, let's get to the game. This is Telltales version of Batman, and it was free on PS+ awhile back. This is my third foray into a Telltales game; the first was better than expected (Tales...Borderlands), the second one was a giant fart in your face (Game of Thrones). I managed to get one episode into this and I have to say, I'm really enjoying it. For the uninitiated, Telltales games are intended to be like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book, except of course, they're not because whatever choices you seem to make, it doesn't affect the story in any such way. That said, in this game, you get to be Bruce Wayne just as often as you are Batman. As Mr. Wayne, you are shmoozing with the big wigs of Gotham, as well as gathering intelligence for your alter ego. Even for a Bat noob such as myself, the names are quite recognizable with Commissioner Gordon, Vicki Vale and Alfred. So far, the baddies that have showed up are Cat Woman, Harvey Dent, and possibly, Penguin. I don't know his backstory, but Penguin to me was always an old coot, because Burgess Meredith is a LEGEND. In this, I think there's a young English kid who's on the verge of becoming the Penguin, so maybe this is following the comic series. As Batman, you follow QTE prompts in battle, and examine clues at crime scenes. You need to link the clues together to advance the story. It's a bit unusual, but it adds depth to the story. There's also plenty of Bat fan service, where you can explore and go into depth on all of the gadgets, as well as getting bios on individuals. As there's not much to do gameplay wise in Telltales, their games heavily rely on the storyline. And so far, this one delivers. There are a number of characters introduced, and a web of storylines that I assume, will eventually tie together. Bruce Wayne comes across as a cool, calm character, with a bit more wit than I expected. Bantering back and forth with Cat Woman as borh Batman and Wayne was decent writing for a video game. Only one episode in and I will give this a Next Up: A bunch of games. Was traveling last week and this week I've been dealing with the Insurance Company and the Restoration/ Roofing crew (quick update, demo is complete, waiting on bids). Because of that, my PS3 packed away to prevent water damage, and my current game-playing TV being under 30 inches (), I decided to pick four short PS4 games that don't rely on graphics or active gameplay. So this week, I've played Word Search by Powgi and Bridge Constructor (reviews coming...). I will also play Burly Men at Sea and probably an Artifex Mundi title to get to 10 games. Sorry for ad libbing at the last minute, but without a family den, it's the best I can do.
  10. It would be a shame if it folded so fast because it's a decent product. The league comes off as very respectful and professional, it's not a circus themed like what the XFL was. After half a season, the teams are starting to gel and the play has improved. What I really like is they AAF seems to prioritize team play, where every player plays hard for their comrades. The NFL really has an opportunity to turn this into something akin to the G-League, and I hope they do so. Hell, they are broadcasting half the games on the NFL Network, so they have an invested interest. I've watched many leagues come and go (too young for WFL, but I do remember watching the USFL), and I hope this one sticks.
  11. "Donny, you're out of your element."
  12. It's the same story with Hollywood. It costs so much money to make a film - or make a game - producers and developers play it safe and regurgitate the same thing over and over again because they need it to sell, so they play it safe. There's no originality because it's too big a risk.
  13. Agree. In Eli's 15-year NFL career, I don't think there's ever been a season where you would say he was one of the five-best QBs in the league. Of course, it's not his fault that he played in the QB era and had guys like Peyton, Brees, Brady, Favre, Rodgers, as his competition. But Eli led two fourth-quarter Super Bowl comebacks and when you slay the dragon (twice), you typically get knighted.
  14. - Journey - Unravel - RiME - LA Noire - Mafia 2
  15. So I guess the next question is, does Gronk make the Hall of Fame? He won't have the longevity career stats in just nine seasons of work. And his season yards are a bit skewed too bc he only played in 14 or more games just five out of nine seasons. With that stated, he had four seasons where he had more than 60 catches and over 1,000 receiving yards. Best year was 2011 with 90 catches, 1,300 receiving yards and 18 TDs. His touchdown numbers are incredible as a tight end. 80 career TDs. Career-wise, had over 500 catches, and just three lost fumbles. He's been a four-time first-team All-Pro, and been on five Pro Bowl teams. In the post-season, he has 12 TDs and over 1,000 receiving yards (most in NFL history for TE). And of course, he has three Super Bowl rings. I'm biased, but I say he's a HOFer. Again, he won't quite have the career stats like Tony Gonzalez, but he has prolific numbers in a limited number of seasons like Terrell Davis. And like Davis, injuries exited him early from the game.