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  1. Almost happened to me too. Grabbed the last gear item and went to the zipline. But Max felt like being Lara Croft and ran off the platform instead of grabbing the zipline. Instant death. Thankfully, the save was finished by the time Max splatted on the ground.
  2. Great job on the thread title.
  3. Make sure you pick up the hood ornament along the roadside once you crash the convoy.
  4. A Penny Saved and Dividend Are now complete! - Just a quick recap, took me seven days to accrue the 2500 scrap from Scrap Crews for these two challenges. Only takes 8-9 hours of gameplay to get three Scrap Crews up and running (Jeet, Gutgash, Pink Eye). - I logged in every day and was consistently getting around 450-500 scrap per day. - I saved a file on my PS+ account once I achieved Dividend. - This game is a hell of a lotta fun! I highly recommend playing it as the online requirements are in no way difficult, just need a week to achieve. You have over a month to get it so have fun and game on!
  5. You will need an online connection. But you won’t need that.
  6. 1. You still have plenty of time. You don’t even need to rush through the game. Just play the main story until the end of Act 2 and then you can relax when your scrap crews are up and running. 2. You should really discover the wonders of punctuation marks.
  7. John Chaney ”The Walking Cadaver”
  8. Obviously, you never watched a Temple basketball game when John Chaney was the coach.
  9. Add Zimmer to the hot seat. Last week’s lost in Indy was just ghastly. Normally when your team loses, you can pinpoint it down to a couple key plays, untimely turnovers, bad player performance by a few individuals, etc. The Vikings defeat on Sunday was a collective effort. Not one player in that locker room can hang their head high in their performance. Every position unit played poorly in stretches of the game. Kirk has been catching most of the heat with his 15.9 QB rating but it by no means can it be piled on him. Two of the three INT’s were end of the half prayers, third was off the receiver’s hands. Not sure how many drops the team had, but our TE had four. FOUR! Did Kirk play well? Absolutely not. One of his worst games in purple. But the QB rating indicates it was one of the worst in Viking history and trust me, I’ve seen many that were plenty worse. I haven’t seen a collective team loss this bad for quite some time. This looks like an omen for the season. Offseason moves were needed, but made the team much younger. Diggs forced trade has rolled the double-coverage to Thielen. And now two top D players in Hunter and Barr are out. Unless things change dramatically, an 0-5 start is a real possibility.
  10. Keep doing the main story and it will send you to Pink Eye’s territory. It’s the last mission of Act II. You will need to grab three parts to activate her Scrap Crew. None are terribly hard to get, though it can be a chore to get to them. I used a fast Scrotus car and outran all the goons. Jeet requires four for his Scrap Crew.
  11. Sunday 9/20 update: I have 3 Scrap Crews up and running. After 15 hours of offline time, they accumulated 267 scrap. so for Dividend, my stats read 267/2000.
  12. Here’s my Sat. 9/19 update: 0 hour - Built Jeet Scrap Craw +10 hours - earned 68 scrap + 18 hours - earned 144 scrap with Gutgash Scrap Crew in mix. Cumulative = 212 + 30 hours - earned 164 (2 crews). Cumulative = 376 + 46 hours earned 158 (3 crews). Cumulative = 500 A Penny Saved earned! - So FYI for future players. If you played the main missions quick, you could get 3 Scrap Crews up and running in about 8-9 hours of gameplay. It will take close to two days of offline time to accumulate the 500 for A Penny Saved. The scrap won’t carry over to Dividend challenge so I’ll start a new running tally of offline time for that.
  13. Here’s my update: 0 hour - Built Jeet Scrap Craw +10 hours - earned 68 scrap + 18 hours - earned 144 scrap with Gutgash Scrap Crew in mix. Cumulative = 212 + 30 hours - earned 164 (2 crews). Cumulative = 376
  14. I just started as well and already have two Scrap Crews (At Jeet and Gutgash strongholds) working towards the online requirements. I’ll keep track of how many non-playing hours it takes to acquire the requirements for these two challenges. If you start, my advice is to play through the story (green indicators) and set up your Scrap Crews ASAP. If you focus strictly on that, you should have both up and running within 4-5 hours of starting the game. I kept getting distracted with other things so took me closer to six. Also, each Scrap Crew will require specific parts (4 for Jeet, 3 for Gutgash). To get to those parts, steal a Scrotus car as early as you can, and you can then travel to those locations without interference. To acquire a car, you can harpoon the driver out of the vehicle. If you do this, it will save you lots of time bc as you drive around in your regular car, you will be easily spotted and they the Scrotus goons will F with you. By grabbing their car, you remain undetected. My plan is to keep playing and save often. Once I acquire the Scrap Crew requirements, I’m going to save that file on my PS+ file so it is safe. If a glitch arises, I will always have that save to use, even after the servers go offline. Good luck!
  15. Just wanted to give an update for potential new players: - Took me a bit over three hours of gameplay to assemble Jeet’s Scrap Crew. - I shut down the PS4 completely last night after making a save file. - 10 hours later when I fired up the game today, that scrap crew ahas accrued 68 scrap toward the “A Penny Saved” challenge. I will keep updating my progress and keep track of hours it takes to complete these two challenges. But so far, I’m having a lot of fun with the game!