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  1. Given the game's horrible swing mechanics, I'm tempted. And the irons play is completely unrealistic.
  2. There was a recent update that accidentally screwed up stats, froze out trophies, etc. Hopefully for you, they will come out with a patch sooner rather than later.
  3. The "Grab her by the Pixel" trophy and description is amusing. Has to be at least 20 years since I played one of Larry's game. I wonder if the gameplay has caught up with the PC culture. Probably not, looking at the trophy descriptions.
  4. Congrats to the Blues! Boston can't win every professional title I guess. Good for St. Louis. Great town who lost their flagship beer to Belgium and lost the Rams back to LA. A much needed win for a fun town.
  5. Completely forgot about the Waterfall comrade killings! I brought my NES to college and we would play Contra after hitting the bars. We were pretty groggy in gameplay, but the Waterfall section always caused a Wrestlefest to break out bc the drunker player couldn't keep up. Thanks for jogging some funny memories from a few years ago...well, a few decades ago.
  6. My PS4 controller does not have a B or A button. How can I possibly play Contra without putting in the magical "Up-Down..." code?
  7. To get it back on track, do you get one ribbon per game title to eliminate stacking issues?
  8. Sorry, won't work. All the Road to the Olympics challenges are in Japan and Korea. You can use the rocket wings challenges to count though, so 115/118 gold possibilities. Good luck!
  9. London will be a great city for this game. Though if Ubisoft makes it realistic, car chases will be non-existent in the game, given the city's addiction to traffic jams.
  10. The game is played through the eyes of an insecure teenage high school girl. She might be 16 years old. Not every game character is going to be exactly like you. But what it can give you is perspective on how others think, feel, etc. which is a good thing in this current political state of myopia. You don't have to agree with the characters in the game, but maybe you can understand some of their choices given their backgrounds, families, environment, etc., etc. Also, the game is confusing in that with the dorms, you assume this is college, with adults ages 18-22. But if I remember correctly, this is a private high school, so you are dealing with teenagers aged 15-18.
  11. Quick question: I've purchased BttF and have first episode downloaded and installed but haven't started. Can I get the rest of the episodes bc I have already purchased the full game, or am I sunk?
  12. Non-fiction?
  13. Sometimes look at the adjoining puzzles for help. In this instance, look at the puzzle that would be to the left of this one. Does the right side of that one give a clue as to if any of your missing blue pieces will border it? And where?
  14. Still waiting for Assassin's Creed Red Revolution (set in 1917 Tsarist Russia) 🙏.
  15. Careful with your posts! I'm not sure the younger set on PSNP are emotionally ready for Frank Booth.