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  1. Money issues? Do what the guide recommends, courtesy of @KiraxKira couple of tips for getting through campaign mode: Utilize your trade routes! - Often times you can make $200-$400 more per shipment by selling to other countries specifically. Docks, docks, and more docks! - With the last point in mind, the more docks you have, the more ships you have. More docks also mean more storage for your exports. Don't let your production get slowed because your exports can't go anywhere. The drydock becomes available in the World War era. It speeds up the travel time for your exports, and when fully upgraded, gives double the trade ships and more carrying capacity. Don't forget your teamsters - Teamsters will not only transport your goods to your docks, they will transport workers to their job sites. They are truly the blood of your island. Work on laying foundation when you've almost met your objective goals - If you don't have a time sensitive objective, wait before you finish it. The islands you play will be used again for other missions. By laying good groundwork when you're well-off, you'll save a lot of headache and time later on. Infrastructure is everything. Stuck? Change the difficulty - If you didn't listen to my last point, odds are you may get stuck at some point. If you don't want to restart, just change the political and economic difficulties. Save before every mission - Don't want to go the easy route? Commendable. Make sure to make a save file at the menu of every mission. The more save points you leave yourself, the less time you'll have to backtrack.
  2. Not only a one-possession game, but if Rashard Higgins’ arms are three inches longer, Browns have a lead in the fourth quarter. The Browns moved the ball vs. KC in the second half. It wasn’t efficient or pretty, but they got down into scoring portion of the field again and again. No disrespect to Baker and the Boys, but Bills offense is much more of a threat and KC defense might get exposed. Of course, no lead is safe when facing Mahomes, but nobody knows yet if he will play. Hats off to Henne for preserving the win.
  3. I got this trophy naturally, but my plan to get it by manipulating my bomber was to fully armor up wings, fuselage and one engine. With the other three engines, dial them back to entry level engines (you can downgrade parts and the game gives you a partial refund). Then do a basic mission close to the coast, and hover over the target, and take damage until your engines go. Engines colored black and red mean they are disabled. If an engine is blinking red and you can see the prop turning slowly, it’s disabled. Obviously, don’t fix it. Pick a mission close to England so you don’t have a long flight back and run the risk of losing your last good engine. I hope this helps. Good luck!
  4. You need two cars at a very high level before you allowed into the ranked servers. Some say it’s 275, others 300. If you don’t have the right vehicle for the specified race, the game will give you a loaner vehicle. This should be one of your last trophies, as it takes a long time to get cars up and over 300. But when I did, I found a server within 10 minutes. Good luck!
  5. I don’t think any of my achievements in decades of gaming, have matched the level of exhilaration as to when I finally beat Mike Tyson as an adolescent In Punch Out. Automatic entry into The 007 373 5963 Club for those who know what I’m talking about.
  6. The Bears offense has made a drastic improvement since the reinsertion of Trubisky. He’s played smarter and is making throws down the field. The biggest problem with the CHI offense was every pass was in the 1-10 yard range. So defenses just packed it in. Secondly, the emergence of a running game has immensely helped. David Montgomery is probably the most overlooked back in the league. He seems to get positive yards on every play. One thing that’s plagued CHI is the musical chairs on the O-line. I don’t follow them enough to know if everybody is in their correct positions for Sunday. Their defense is obviously their foundation and I think they started to quit on Nagy during the losing streak. Maybe with the playoffs on the line, they’ll buy back in. I think the Bears can pull it off. They look much better than Arizona. The NFC has so many pretenders. Green Bay is overrated, Saints are hot/cold, Seattle’s defense is hot/cold, Jared Goff is hot/cold, some NFC East is going to get a gift. Compare that to the AFC where a team with 10 wins is going to be sitting out in next week.
  7. LMAO, Ron Rivera beat my prediction by a week! The way he went out (stripped of C bc of strip clubs) shows his immaturity. And he hasn’t done a thing on the field. Someone might give him a training camp shot next year, but I don’t think anybody will touch him anytime soon bc I think they have to take on some of his salary. Frankly, I’m surprised he was a first-round pick. His game didn’t look like it would transfer well to the NFL and I think most OSU fans would agree that Troy Smith and JT Barrett we’re better Buckeye QBs.
  8. Look at the positives! You’ll probably get to see the last snaps Dwayne Haskins will take in the NFL.
  9. It took a few weeks, but Alvin Kamara finally exposed the JV defense the Vikings have been starting the last half of the season. There were major defensive lapses for the Carolina, Jacksonville and Chicago games being so close. And it finally came out yesterday. I was playing a game in my head yesterday trying to guess how many players were getting playing time in purple, that won’t even be in the league next year. The Vikings D has moved beyond backups and are now starting third-stringers that weren’t even on an NFL roster in Sept. Except for Eric Wilson, yesterday’s entire Linebacking corps was comprised of guys off the street. But this is reality for the season of Covid. I had no expectations going into the season, and I’m still shocked the NFL is going to get a full 16-game season in. At the end, I’m glad they played bc it gave a little bit of normalcy to the fall of 2020, even though the games we watched weren’t really normal.
  10. I was having trouble too, until I switched to the Mazda Rx7 as others had suggested here. I never had full speed in the drifts, there is a sweet spot on the Accelerator that is optimum for drifts. I found keeping it floored would result in spin-outs. On some of the drift runs, look for wide areas in the straightaways that you can drift into (I.e. dirt patches). That will help keep the multiplier up. Don’t crash into any obstacles like guardrails, that will instantly drop your multiplier. If you are nearing the end and need points, pull off a donut and you can get a up to a couple grand, depending where the multiplier is at. And, play in the multiplayer Free Run. There is less traffic than in the main game. Good luck!
  11. I’ve played JC 2 and JC 3 and had an extremely good time with both. It has a very unusual style of gun play to it. Basically, blow everything up! There is no stealth to this game. To defeat a base, you need to go in hot, move fast and look for stuff to blow to smithereens. People lose their minds on the frame rates dropping but you can still play through it and by no means does it break the game. I’d say 3 is slightly easier than 2, though both platinums take some serious work. Looks like you’ve played Steep, so you know how to tackle some serious ball-busting challenges. JC3 has a couple similar challenges that will make you scream. Can’t comment on 4 yet, but I will surely play it at some point. The story is similar to Arnold’s “Last Action Hero.” It’s so over-the-top that it’s making fun of itself. I highly recommend it.
  12. Amen. A physics-based game that defies physics. I will pass.
  13. I feel your pain. That section was awful.
  14. Expansion pass should net you the remaining docs. New Frontier is expensive so wait for it to go on sale, which it does periodically. If I was starting new, I would start up a new game on easy just to get my bearings. If you don’t know how to manage your civilization, it will be hard to deal with any foreign policy issues. Figuring out where to put cities, and close to which resources, will help right out of the gate. Then, find out which early wonders will work best to give you a boost. Exploring early will also help set a path for which way you want to expand. The cool thing about Civ is that there’s no one way to play it. You can choose to be a bully on concentrate on military (probably the easiest for starters), you can choose to flood your neighbors with culture so they want to be like you, or you can indoctrinate them with religion. All those strategies require completely different approaches to the game. But don’t sweat it. It’s a fun, slow burn of a game. There will be times where you might put in 5-6 hours for just one bronze trophy, but it’s entertaining at the same time and doesn’t feel like a grind. It is a highly addicting game and I would be slightly embarrassed to find out how many hundreds of hours Sid Meier has sucked out of my life over the decades. Once you start, you’ll quickly understand the Civ gamers infamous quote, “just one more turn!”
  15. I completely forgot about the latest dlc releases. So most likely 100+ hours. It is a great game though and it plays really well on the PS4.