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  1. Least - 6. Green Bay 5. Green Bay 4. Green Bay 3. Green Bay 2. Green Bay 1. Green Bay - beyond done with the Rodgers self-choreographed soap opera. The Saints are a top team for me after putting a big, fat STFU on the Pack last Sunday.
  2. Hopefully, the chickens weren’t eating any potatoes.
  3. KYC 16 Wrap-up Took almost two weeks, but finally found some free time this morning. Thanks again to @voodoo_eyes for hosting! And thanks to all the participants in this summer edition. KYC 16 (pre-event) Games Played/ Completed - 178/129 (172/129) Trophies Earned - 5896 (5800) Unearned Trophies - 841 (763) Completion % - 87.54 (88.72) Completion Drop - 1.18% As I stated prior to the event, I picked games on the shorter end, knowing I wouldn’t have multi-hour gaming sessions readily available. Also, I also wanted to leave some gaming time for Far Cry 5. In the last KYC, my review was pretty down on this game. Turns out, you just need to stick with it, and it really opens up. Without a doubt, this is the best FC game since Far Cry 3. Gameplay is typical FC, but there are so many small, intricate items added that you could blow by and miss. I am enjoying the heck out of it; let’s hope the MP portion doesn’t ruin the game for me. On to the reviews! - One Night Stand - — A game involving this subject could have been gone horribly wrong in so many ways, but there was some thought in the script writing to keep it engaging and not trashy. I’m excited to play out the last few endings and get some more depth out of the game. Definitely not just an easy trophy grab (though you can certainly play it like it). - Hidden Through Time - - It’s Where’s Waldo on a TV screen. Nothing more than that. The moving characters make it more interesting than staring at a blank page, but the bigger than the screen levels make for unnecessary hunting. - Infinite Minigolf - - This will likely be the game I never get around to completing. There are a handful of UR trophies which I believe will take some serious grinding. Or, my kids will latch onto this game and earn some serious XP for me! But if you are seeking a Minigolf game and are debating between this or Golf with my Friends, pick this for better gameplay. - Knowledge is Power - - I fully understand that I played a Party Game as single player, which will skew the gaming experience. But a trivia-based game with trivia that my sixth-grader would consider easy? And now for the awards, getting to prize for this KYC session is… - Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - - Plays like an old-fashioned Olympic game. Some events are fun, some are stupid, some are diabolically hard. A turbo controller will greatly improve your odds with this one. But I had fun with it. And the Turd award goes to… - Tower of Beatrice- 💩 - Might be the worst game I have played in a KYC event. Just abysmal. Not worth anyone’s time. And that is it for me! Back to vacation!! See y’all in November!!
  4. Those thieving bastards got me for a $1.79!
  5. PS4 for me. Controls were no better as you didn’t have free cursor movement. It just jumped from one area of screen engagement to the next. I used a video walkthrough for the last couple rooms after I hit the glitch. It’s just so horribly done that it made no sense investing needless time and then encountering another glitch. I will continue to follow the guide, plat this, and then delete the game and hopefully forget I ever played it.
  6. KYC 16 Game No. 6 Playing Time: 2 hours Trophies Earned: 10/14 (72%) Thoughts: I am road tripping across the USA now, so as my family sleeps in, I will briefly pan this abysmal game. Sorry for the long delay on reviews! This game looked like it would be filled with Artifex Mundi’s puzzles that are in all their formulaic games. It is; but the mind puzzles are done very poorly. The story is that a witch has trapped you in a tower. You need to get out of six rooms to escape. I have made it through four and haven’t enjoyed a single one. To start, the storylines are atrocious. I’m not sure if there was a language translation issue but the lines of text just don’t flow well. It’s very choppy and seems to be written by a grade schooler. “Ha Ha Ha! I’ve got you! You can’t get out!!” Except imagine reading 100+ lines of that writing ‘style.’ As for the puzzles, they just seem disjointed. There isn’t a seamless transition from Point A to B to C. There was no explanation for how to use the things you pick up, and the mechanics on that are awful. I ran into a glitch where I picked up more things than I had slots for and then I couldn’t use a specific item needed to advance the puzzle solving and had to restart the room. This game was designed for gamers to follow a two-hour YouTube guide and get an easy platinum. Any other gamer will be frustrated and bored. Grade: - I will do a wrap-up in a few days when we get to our destination!
  7. KYC 16 Game No. 5 Playing Time: 3 hours Trophies Earned: 20/47 (29%) Thoughts: Could you ever find a timelier game??? After a couple days of playing, I’m not sure if it’s more exciting to watch the real Olympics or play this game. Maybe the nod should go to the video game because there’s no gymnastics. So the game is like any other Olympic focused video game. There are a variety of sports (20 events in this game), none are terribly complex. But some are much easier than others, some much more fun than others, and a few that are excruciatingly painful to play either based on difficulty or bad gameplay. With 20 events in this one, I’d say the developers did a good job with most sporting disciplines. I haven’t found one that is downright awful, though I didn’t even have enough time to play all the sports. Off the top of my head, there is track events (100-meter dash, 400-meter hurdles, long jump, hammer throw), couple swimming events, and random things like judo, tennis, baseball, BMX, rugby, football (soccer), beach volleyball, boxing and sport climbing. Wait, since when is sport climbing considered an Olympic sport? Some sports have a fighting game aspect to it, some are dumbed down team sports, and the others are either button timing or some serious button mashing, The team sports seem to be the ones that play the poorest. Why include baseball if it’s only two innings? But rugby is pretty fun, even though I don’t even know the rules, After playing most of the events, I’d say a vast majority are doable to earn a Gold Medal in them, after some “git gud” training sessions. Some seemed really difficult, until I whipped out the Turbo Controller . For trophy purposes, you need to earn 10 gold medals, so you can skip half the events. You do have to earn a victory in all disciplines, but prelim heats count. There is an online aspect that have a handful of trophies attached to them, but I think it can be done without a booster. Or at least I’m hoping a boosting partner won’t be needed when you have a Turbo Controller. There is a large aspect of this game to change your character’s appearance. Even has trophies ties to it. I could care less what the character looks like, but maybe that’s bc I grew up on the NES. Mario always looked like Mario. But I guess kids today care about outfits. In conclusion, this game has been fun. An easy game to jump into for a few minutes, or dump a few hours into and get real good in a specific sport. Hop onto to the platform to get your ! Kinda off topic - Go 🇭🇷 Water Polo !! Last game: Tower of Beatrice
  8. KYC 16 Game No. 4 Playing Time: 6/21 (22%) Time Played: 2 hours Thoughts: Quick apology, this is the most tardy I have been on reviewing games in any KYC. I knew I should have sat out as this July has been nuts. As for the game, Infinite Minigolf is as advertised, it’s putting on whacky holes. I played Golf with your Friends a few KYC’s ago so I will compare/contrast with that. The Bad: Lack of courses. Whereas GWYF had around 15-18 courses, IM only has six. And two of those are dlc’s! Oddly, the courses have 27 holes on them too, but in tournament play, you only play nine at a time. Strange. The Good: Gameplay. I think I would give the nod to IM. The holes look much cleaner and graphics are very eye-appealing in comparison to GWYF. In IM, you advance and unlock levels in Tournament Play. Each round consists of nine holes vs. three computer foes. Score better than them and you unlock the next level. I think there are nine levels for each course. Scoring is by lowest amount of shots (naturally), but you can gain extra points with banking shots, and using power ups. There are a variety of items you can collect on the course that will allow you to jump, go faster, slow down, etc. There are also gems you can collect which will add points to your score. I’m sure on the hardest levels you will need to collect all the gems and sink your putt within 1 or 2 shots to beat the AI. Let’s hope people have posted You Tube videos! Something new: Course editing. I have never been one for creating content, but you could spend hours creating pretty elaborate holes and then posting them so other people can play them. One trophy involves playing 100 holes from other users and some are mighty impressive! I have created one, strictly for trophy purposes, and it’s just not my thing. But people have done a marvelous job in this aspect and have outdone the game developers. Trophies: IM doesn’t have a platinum, but it’s has one trophy with a 0.41% ultra rarity so it’s either an absolute grind, or nearly impossible. I haven’t played enough to figure out which is true. Mechanics: You control a golfer in IM, whereas in GWYF you just have an arrow. I think I prefer the golfing dude method. The one problem is your swing is on the and you can’t switch it. I am used to aiming with that button and swinging with in other golf games which has created lots of errant shots. But when done correctly, it works adequately. In the end, I think Infinite Minigolf is the better of the two games. It will be a long road to 100% but it will be a good game to play 15 minutes here and there. Grade: Next Up: Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020
  9. KYC 16 Game No. 3 Playing Time: 2 hours Trophies Earned: 10/25 (37%) Final Thoughts: Well, this one was just too damn intriguing and it ended up in my cart in a recent sale. Unbeknownst to me until I fired it up, it is made by Ratalaika Games (), the developer that has found a niche with trophy hunters for making short games with long stacks. Too late to turn back now, and feeling a bit of regret fits perfectly with this game’s motif. The story starts off by you waking up as a Dude. The scene is fuzzy and as you explore the landscape of a strange bedroom, you realize you are missing your clothes. Then, there is someone lying next to you! And without spoilers, that’s how the story begins… Sorry, there are no gender options to choose from in this game. You HAVE to be the Dude. The other character HAS to be the young woman. The game ends up playing like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. You explore the surroundings of the bedroom and examine items, to try to piece together the missing details of your wild night, as well as who this person is that you shared carnal knowledge with. After gaining some information, a conversation will ensue and depending on your questions and answers, you will continue on for more conversations, or get shown the door. In my first play through, I tried being a gentleman and our female friend was having none of it, and I unlocked the Rejection trophy (Nice guys always finish last!). In my next couple play throughs, I went the total douche route and was able to unlock trophies for getting kicked out of the apartment without my clothes, trying to escape and getting caught, and being asked to leave for wearing her underwear. Turns out, these are the easier trophies to get. What’s harder is to answer correctly to get into more conversations and find out more about your bed buddy. Of course, this is a Ratalaika game so nothing is that hard with some internet sleuthing. I didn’t bother going that route bc I didn’t have much time with it. But I definitely will on the platinum run bc even in my brief time with this game, I have got the same ending a couple of times. You can save at any point, which will lessen the burden. Looks like the trophy whores have platinumed this in less than two hours. Overall, the game is not that bad. The story is still unraveling, but for a short game there appears to be a bit more story depth than Ratalaika gets credit for. And the concept is unique and hilarious. I will give it a . Next Up: Infinite Minigolf - I also switched in the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 game for slot No. 5. The timing couldn’t be any better to start it this week!
  10. I would highly recommend Lego City Undercover. It’s basically a sanitized, kid-friendly version of GTA. It’s open world, and there are tons of things to do. My son loved just driving around and smashing things (you need to do that to collect bricks to purchase special builds). Your character is a police officer, so you can “commandeer” and vehicle, not steal like in GTA. It’s a long road to platinum with all the collectibles, so hopefully you have some patience on hunting them down. I just let my son drive around and I would go on a collectible hunt until he was ready to start another mission.
  11. KYC 16 Game No. 2 Playing Time: 3 hours Trophies Earned: 25/47 (47%) Final Thoughts: I’m behind in my reviews, what else is new? I couldn’t say exactly when Knowledge is Power showed up in my game library, but I think it was a PS+ freebie, and not anytime recent. It’s been so long in fact, that I completely forgot it was a Playlink game. I understand the Playlink concept - the younger generations all have devices and it’s a way for them to screen time together, rather than be in the same room but be in isolated digital worlds. But why don’t developers get PS4 controllers to work with these games??? Couple people on phones, couple of people on controllers, is that such a difficult concept?!? So now I will need to round up six devices to get a 6-player trophy. Argh. It’s not that I don’t have five real world friends, it’s that there are 50 other things I’d rather do with my real world friends (drink beer, watch sports, play sports, pool party, etc., etc.) than to play this game. And frankly, I’m a bit of a closeted Trophy Hunter. Probably not going to ask people who are old enough to have kids heading off to college to help with a virtual trophy. Anyways, as you probably have guessed, Knowledge is Power is a party-based trivia game. 2-6 players are supposed to have a rip-roaring fun time sitting around playing trivia on their phones while they watch the big screen for prompts, queues, and gag reel clips. The thing that’s missing? Actual trivia! I’m not trying to come across as a stuffy, intellectual blowhard, but the questions that are asked are ridiculously easy. What river runs through Cairo, Egypt? What is the spy’s name in the Ian Fleming book series? What nation does Queen Elizabeth II reside over? For the questions that are slightly harder, almost all the questions are multiple-choice and at least one possible answer is intended to be humorous. I think the developers intention was to have easy questions so that the game power ups all players get become the focus. You can do a variety of bad things to other players to make it harder for them to answer. So a digital game of Shit on your Neighbor. Where the game really suffers is that it takes too long to get through. There’s only 15-20 questions, but it will take close to 45 minutes to get through because of all the video clips the game plays. When you do something against a fellow player, you ALWAYS have to watch that character get dumped on, frozen, etc., etc. All these clips really add up in eating time and there’s no way to skip them. KIP’s platinum is ultra rare, but I think it’s because it’s such a long grind to get through. I will try to chip away with a couple games here and there. But nothing too special about this free game. Grade:
  12. I played Mud Runner a few years ago for a KYC event and highly enjoyed it. To parrot what you said, you are crawling EVERYWHERE! So anybody interested in this, it’s a slow burn driving game. An odd concept, but the game pulls it off remarkably well. In the first game, there were times you would need a backup truck to winch out and unbury your original vehicle. I just hope they fixed the crane mechanics bc they were controller-throwing frustrating in MudRunner.
  13. Before I post my first review, I realized I never put up my stats. KYC 16 Games Played/ Completed - 172/129 Trophies Earned - 5800 Unearned Trophies - 763 Completion % - 88.72 For the last few months, I have been working on the 10 games I played for KYC 15 event. One reason I chose short games this go around, was that I haven’t been able to revisit or finish some of my favorites from that event, like Far Cry 5 and Sudden Strike 4. Basically, too much good gaming and not enough time. Now on to review No. 1! KYC 16 Game No. 1 Hidden Through Time Time Played: 2 hours Trophies Earned: 14/20 (55%) Final Thoughts: Not sure how or when this ended up in my library, but it fit the short criteria. In a nut shell, it’s Where’s Waldo the video game. There is a scene on the TV screen, and your job is hunt around for a queue of specific items. There are usually 6-15 items to be found and there is a icon of what you are looking for on the bottom of the screen. Unlike the books, there is some animation in the scenes with people and animals moving around. Once you see the item, you click on it and if correct, the item will be circled and the icon will light up. Find all the stuff and on to the next level! It gets slightly more complicated as you advance in levels as there are more items to find and things can be hidden in stuff like houses, tombs and boxes, that need to be clicked on before revealing the contents. Each item will give a small clue as to its whereabouts, but the clues are pretty hit-and-miss. The one real challenge in the game is that some levels are larger than your TV screen. So you will need to scroll around and look at a pretty big picture, that can be 2-3 times the size of your screen. That can be challenging when looking for very small items and not even knowing if it is in the frame. There are also themes in the levels. First one was caveman with dinosaurs (?) and now I just completed the Egyptian section. With men and dinosaurs running around together, you can see the history content is lighthearted. There is also a looping soundtrack that is shockingly, not annoying. Of course, every level can be solved with the internet. And that is why this game has a platinum percentage over 75% here and trophy whores are knocking it out in under two hours. There is an online element where other players contribute their own levels. You need to finish 50 of them for the hardest trophy in the game. Thankfully, there are ways to search for levels that are easy to complete. After playing a few nights, I found I can only play 3-4 levels before my eyes start to glaze over from scrutinizing every pixel on my TV screen. It’s a fine game in small doses and without internet help, shouldn’t take more than a week to finish. Here’s an example of a level: This is definitely not a AAA game. But it delivers for what it intended to be and I will give it a solid . Game No. 2 - Knowledge is Power - Also, PGA 2K21 just went on sale, so I am switching to the six games/ five days schedule.
  14. LMAO! The perils of being a parent...
  15. KYC 16 List 1. Hidden Through Time (July 1-6) 2. Knowledge is Power (July 7-12) 3. One Night Stand (July 13-18) 4. Infinite Minigolf (July 19-24) 5. Tower of Beatrice (July 25-31) I know my list is short and the games will likely be small in scale, but it’s the best I can do in this hectic and crazy summer. Happy gaming!