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  1. POWGI on PS5 is almost as exciting as an announcement for Block-a-Pix 2! 🙏
  2. I’m surprised as well that the Jets gave up on Darnold. I think he still has a lot more to do in the NFL. Maybe he can turn it around and be an Alex Smith. Or someone like Gus Frerotte and stick around for awhile and be serviceable. With the regime change, it made sense for the Jets to go with a high QB pick. Frankly, with the exception of Lawrence, I’m not sold on any of them. As you stated, Wilson came on late in a bizarre COVID shortened season. I think Fields showed his grit in the CFP, but I wouldn’t take him Top 3. Mac Jones had the best line to play in front of and threw to the best receivers. He hasn’t faced adversity at Baja like he will in the pros. And Trey Lance seems like an unknown. Hasn’t played much. My hope is the Vikes find a way to get Penei Sewell from Oregon. He will probably slip a bit with teams grabbing QBs. We might have to move up a few picks to secure him. And I hope the Pats do NOT take Mac Jones.
  3. KYC 15 Wrap-Up I haven’t done 10 games for awhile in one of these events. Frankly, I’m exhausted! Thankfully, I picked some good games so I’ve got plenty to do in the next few months. Here’s the rundown: 1. Sudden Strike 4: Might be the best military strategy game on the PS4. 2. Peaky Blinders: Odd puzzle game with the use of rewinding time, but it’s been fun. And I’ve almost finished the first season on Netflix and that deserves a as well! 3. Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth: Point-and-click in 12th century England. So far, it’s honored the book very well. 4. LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7: Great game in co-op. Be prepared for collectible craziness. 5. Concrete Genie: Seems like decent fare from a recent PS+. No chance of getting 100% without VR. 6. Far Cry 5: I am sure I will eventually like it. Pretty rare that Ubisoft lets me down. 7. A Tale of Paper: Not as polished version of Unravel. But with much easier trophies. 8. Garfield Kart Furious Racing: A pretty ho-hum Kart game. 9. Irony Curtain: Didn’t get enough time to give a proper review. Incomplete Which means, my KYC 💩 Award goes to......Snow Moto Racing Freedom! To be honest, I don’t think I had a turd-worthy game on my list. This game is alright. There’s just better racers out there. KYC 15 (pre-KYC) Games Played/ Completed - 172/123 (162/123) Trophies Earned - 5613 (5518) Unearned Trophies - 950 (655) Completion % - 85.84 (89.98) Completion drop - 4.14% As for my stats, this KYC really eviscerated my completion percentage and unearned trophies. I don’t think my unearned trophy number has hovered near 1000 since I joined this site! But it’s been fun! Great participants this month and thank you to everybody on some great reviews! And as always, a big thank you to @voodoo_eyes for hosting! We will see you in July, my friend!
  4. KYC 15 Game No. 10 Playing Time: 2 hours Trophies Earned: 7/26 (26% D ranking) Final Thoughts: So I didn’t get as much time as I wanted to with this one, but for good reason - I got a COVID vaccine! Crazy that it seems like it’s “survival of the fastest internet” but no apologies here! I had to drive over an hour on Tuesday to get my first dose but so glad I scored a vaccine, especially that numbers are spiking in my state. I sincerely hope that you all will be eligible soon and will have ready access to a vaccine!! As for the game, Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth is a game based on - wait for it - the book, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett! I read this book many, many years ago based on a recommendation from my wife. It can be categorized as Historical Fiction, though it is more fiction than historical. It takes during the time of the Anarchy in 12th century England. Quick history recap: King Henry I, William the Conqueror’s grandson, lost his only male heir when his ship sunk in the English Channel. Henry’s daughter, Empress Matilda, had a big brawl with her uncle Stephen for a few decades before it was decided that Matilda’s son, Henry II would become king. What is really cool is that Henry II had two of the most powerful women in English history in his life. His mother Matilda, and his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine (Richard the Lionhearted’s Mom). At a time when most Queens were expected only to procreate, these two women wielded some pretty serious power. Read Dan Jones’ terrific books for more info! Sorry about that - back to the game! It’s a point-and-click that centers on a variety of characters from the book. None of the characters are based on actual historical people, but they are a mix of what you would find in medieval England; journeyman worker and family, clergymen, minor nobility, etc., etc. Each of the characters’ chapters are stand alone’s at the outset, but eventually they will intertwine at some point in the novel. I was only able to get through the Prologue and Chapter One but even though I read the book 10+ years ago, I easily remembered some of the characters. Follett is a good writer and can really weave a traumatic tale when needed, and there are a few incidents in this book I still haven’t forgotten about. One happens in the Prologue and I thought the game developers handled it well, though it wasn’t anywhere close to as emotional as the book. That’s okay though, this is a video game, right? After finishing Chapter 1, I realized I had missed two trophies. Turns out the game is like so many in the point-and-click genre. If you don’t respond to every question accurately, or miss speaking to someone at a certain time, you will negate the trophy requirements. I went back and earned those trophies but going forward, I am going to use a guide. I figure I already read the book so a walkthrough isn’t going to spoil anything. In conclusion, this feels like it’s going to be a great game. It has a fantastic story to work with, and so far the developers have done really well. It is a 900+ page book though, so I am curious what characters and/or side stories get cut. The trophies seem a bit odd too. You can earn eight trophies in Chapter 1, but then there are only four trophies for Chapters 8-21. What the??? Grade: - Wrap-up coming soon!
  5. You lost way more than two if you live in Saxony!
  6. KYC 15 Game No. 9 LEGO Harry Potter, Years 5-7 Playing Time: 4 hours Trophies Earned: 5/49 (8% E ranking) Final Thoughts: So a bit of backstory. I have been sitting on this game for more than three years, mainly due to the fact that I wanted to finish the book series with my son first. Since 2015, I have been reading the Harry Potter series to him every once and awhile before bedtime. This approach worked fine when the books were a few hundred pages, but The Goblet of Fire was quite lengthy and the fifth book, Order of the Phoenix, drained my energy to read them aloud to him. It’s hard to read a 700-page book out loud! My vocal chords still tremble at the mere thought of that book. So we tackled Book 6 and 7 by reading to ourselves, then discussed over breakfast. It’s a great series and a fun experience to share with a kid. Though in hindsight, I wouldn’t have started the series when he was in Kindergarten. My son still thinks girls are gross and annoying (puberty will cure that soon), so the last couple books of Harry and Rob “snogging” with girls were over his head. After we finished the fourth book, we played the first game in this series, Years 1-4. The nice thing about most LEGO games is that you can play them in co-op, so we played the story levels together, then I did trophy clean-up afterwards. No reason to introduce Trophy O.C.D. to someone so young! Fast forward to this month, and we finally started playing this game. It is your typical LEGO gaming of plowing through levels and not worrying too much about collectibles until the second play through. And of course, there are a TON of collectibles with gold bricks, red bricks with perks, and character tokens. (Free admission- I don’t mind collectibles at all. I find it relaxing to run over rooftops in Assassin’s Creed and collect feathers and open treasure boxes. I know, it’s very odd.) It’s been a few years since I read Order of the Phoenix so some scenes I recognize, while others I have no clue as to what is going on. It’s also my least favorite book so that could be part of the reason. The game is fine, but it’s hard to get into full swing. Instead of going from level to level, there’s lots of required stuff to do between levels, such as unlocking spells. It seems you are jumping locations constantly (mostly out of Hogwarts) but I think the book was similar. I’ll be happy when we can just concentrate on level play. I was looking forward to this game more than the first one, because it didn’t seem the first year books were action-packed enough to warrant an action game. You can only shoot so many spiders, right? When we have done level play in this game, the developers seem to have incorporated book material in a clever and fun way to make the gameplay entertaining. And I’m sure it will get more action-packed as we get into books 6 and 7. If you’ve never played a LEGO game before, try one! They are more fun than you think!! Grade:
  7. KYC 15 Game No. 8 Playing Time: 3 hours Trophies Earned: 2/73 (2% E ranking) Final Thoughts: Been crazy busy the last few days. Hopefully, I can get my final reviews in today and do a wrap-up tomorrow! My introduction to the Far Cry franchise was FC3, after a friend’s recommendation. I reluctantly started it bc it didn’t look like my type of game, but I ended up loving it. Characters were quite memorable, the landscape was great, and I already loved climbing towers from my infatuation with the Assassin’s Creed franchise. I even enjoyed the soil-your-pants jump scares when you were trailblazing through the jungle, hear a growl, and suddenly get mauled by a tiger. Since that game, I have played Far Cry Primal, which had an incredible premise, but fell flat for some reason. I also platted Far Cry 4 and that one was not as special as FC3. The one I have always had great reservations about is Far Cry 2. Sounds glitchy and the MP trophies appear to be quite daunting. Heck, if the King of Perseverance @DamagingRob, can’t earn the , there’s no way I could pull it off. So on to Far Cry 5! Can it deliver the magic of FC3? Well, after playing for a few hours, I can definitely state that I am a bit worried. Hopefully, my initial feelings with it will be similar to Watch Dog 2, where I was pretty underwhelmed with the game for the first dozen hours, but by the time I earned the platinum I thought it was better than the original. So what rubbed me the wrong way with FC5? For starters, the game dropped the tutorial too quick. More times than not, Ubisoft is guilty of too much hand-holding (hello Assassin’s Creed III!), but after the story set-up, I am into full-game mode. That’s problematic for me bc I like the game to gradually introduce your abilities. I feel like in this one, Ubi just handed the keys to the Porsche without explaining any of the bells and whistles. Right now I can craft items. Do I know why? No. Do I know how? Not exactly. I just keep collecting ingredients and parts, but have no idea what the purpose is for. Same with fishing and hunting. I can do those things right now. Does the game give me an objective to pursue those ventures? No. Also, It seems like I have full arsenal from the get-go. Full auto rifle? Check. Handgun? Check. Grenades, dynamite, Molotov cocktails? Check, check, check. Maybe I will face some well-equipped baddies soon where I will need to upgrade weapons before taking them on. I guess what I am getting at is I wish the game slowly introduced these things one at a time and gave a clear objective on what to aim for. If this was my first Far Cry game, I would hate it because no explanation is really given on what to do. Given my experience with Ubisoft games, I know I need to clear out areas of the map of baddies, and when attacking an outpost, it’s best to come in quiet and use stealth as long as possible before lighting things up. (Let’s be honest - Ubisoft regurgitates the same style of gameplay for so many games, but who cares? I love it!). What made Far Cry 3 so great, was that you started out with a character as tough as Neville Longbottom, but by the end you were the epitome of John Matrix, gunning down everything that moves. (Bonus points if you know that movie reference!). Secondly, the story has bad timing given today’s political and social landscape in America. You play as a deputy who is being pursued by a wacky religious cult led by a character named Joseph Seed (who resembles David Koresh, but with a man bun. Coincidence? I think not.). You are trying to take back territory from them in rural, mountainous Montana and you need local help. That’s fine, except some of your allies start spouting anti-government dribble. Sorry, but for me it’s tough to see the Make Murica Great Again militia members in a positive way after the January 6 debacle at the US Capitol. I know the game was released a few years ago, it’s just bad timing on my part to play it now. I digress. I’m sure once I am in 12-20 hours, I will want to play non-stop. But at this point, I’m jumping into most of my other KYC games before returning to this one. And I am less than excited to have to tackle the MP trophies. Grade:
  8. How about the Bud Selig approach and the winner of the Pro Bowl gets the extra home game for the following season?
  9. Well, I’m just finishing up a Kill Your Completion Event, so might as well reverse the trend and get that completion % back up! 0-20% - Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 (8%) 20-40% - Peaky Blinders (38%) 40-60% - Ticket To Ride India DLC (50%) 60-80% - Garfield Kart (76%) 80-100% - A Tale of Paper (90%) Great idea! Thanks for hosting!!
  10. The controls do remarkably well for the console edition. I was skeptical as well, given this genre works best with a mouse, but I never got frustrated with the controls. I got the platinum - probably took 75+ hours. But if your a fan of Civ, you know that time is nothing. Haven’t had time to tackle all the dlc’s but all trophies are earnable. Though there are a few troublesome ones, but read the forums here for guidance.
  11. Free game...but pay double the price of the base game for all the dlc content.
  12. KYC 15 Game No. 7 Sudden Strike 4 Playing Time: 5-6 hours Trophies Earned: 5/61 (5% C ranking) Final Review: I played plenty of games on the PS1, and there are many that don’t hold up anymore (hello Syphon Filter!), but a game that is still great and still replayable is Panzer General (and it’s sequel Allied General). These were military strategy games that were phenomenal on the console, as most games of this genre are PC only. Gameplay was turn-based on a hexagonal map that were loosely based on real World War II battles. I loved both of them and have occasionally returned to them over the years (though my PS1, PS2 and sadly, PS3 are hiding in moving boxes right now). Finally! There is a military strategy game for the PS4 that is outstanding! I had more thinking fun with Sudden Strike 4 than I have had in quite awhile. SS4 is tactical-based combat, so gameplay is moving infantry platoons, tanks, artillery pieces, etc. across a terrain map. It is in real-time which is much more challenging. Here’s a quick look at what gameplay looks like: To be successful in this game, you will need to examine the terrain features and use it to your advantage. It is absolutely imperative that you deploy scouts to see what lies ahead. In the screen above, the top left corner is shaded, which means any enemy unit is hidden from view. If you blitzkrieg in with your tanks and they stumble upon an anti-tank roadblock, they will become burning hulks in seconds. But if you take your time and scout the location, you can see which direction they guns are facing and pincer around them with your armor. And then - BOOM! There are three campaigns in the game - German, Soviet and Allied. In each campaign, there are 7-8 missions. Each mission is historically based (Overlord, Battle of Sedan, Barbarossa, etc.) and takes around an hour or so. I am guessing it will take longer to complete as you get into more complicated missions. Before each mission, you can choose one of three doctrines (armored, infantry and support). Each doctrine choice wil give you a slightly different lineup of units, and various perks. Your goal in each mission is to complete 3-4 objectives given to you as you advance across the map. Once you have finished all objectives, based on how effective you were, you will be awarded 1-3 stars. Any stars earned will be accumulated to your campaign, and you can gain more perks on future missions with your stars. For trophy purposes, you will need to earn three stars in each mission. AND, you will need to beat each mission with all the doctrines. So you are looking at replaying each mission at a minimum, three times. Add that up and that’s 63 missions required for a couple trophies. Thankfully, you can play on easy for a doctrine that is a bit harder in a certain mission. And, you can save mid-mission which will be key to preserving your sanity. If you advance in the wrong direction on a target and get obliterated, you can just pull up an old save. But you will need to beat all levels on normal, and with three stars, to get the platinum. Speaking of the platinum, you are looking at some heavy lifting to attain this one. The current PSNP rarity is 1.82, and including dlc’s, there are 21 ultra rare trophies associated with SS4. I only earned five trophies out of 61, and I am already at a C ranking. I think one reason the platinum numbers are so low is that the Tutorial section is sparse and abysmal. Remember back in the day when you had to read the paper game manual before playing a game? This game is sorely lacking a manual because the tutorial covers about 5% of what is actually in the game. I had to do a lot of investigating on Steam and other websites, just to get explanations on what various game icons mean, or what certain action buttons actually did. There were also some great YouTube videos explaining some basic tactical strategies and advice which were quite helpful. Including the dlc content, I am easily looking at 100+ hours to 100% this game. And I look forward to every second of it! Grade: Next Up: Far Cry 5
  13. I am going to guess his trade value just went WAY down. Then again, you can have a list like that and still manage to get elected as president.
  14. I’m starting this game in a few days so many thanks for posting!
  15. Thanks for posting! Kill Your Completion events happen every three months so hoping to see you join the one in July!