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  1. I think the Chiefs still make the playoffs? Why? In a weird way, this should help their defense. In KC's last three losses (NE, IND, HOU; strangely all in Arrowhead), ball control was the opposition's main focus to beat the Chiefs. And it worked. Look at the stats and all those teams had the ball for 10+ minutes more than KC. Those offenses ran and dinked and dunked down the field for long drives, and ate up minutes of the clock. Mahomes would come out, hit a quick-strike bomb and answer, but then the tired KC defense would have to do it all over again. Of course, the KC D is responsible for getting off the field, but in their losses, they are playing twice as many minutes as the offense. Now that Mahomes is out, the Chiefs offense is back to looking for singles and doubles, rather than hitting the home run that Mahomes more times than not, provides. I doubt Matt Moore is going to produce the three-play, 78 yard scoring drives that Mahomes does with ease. But because the long ball won't be as easy, the Chiefs O will be on the field longer, eat up more time, and get the defense back to playing half the game rather than 2/3 of it. Of course, I'm not saying the Chiefs are better w/o Mahomes. The man is a scoring machine; with all his improvisations, he's Pistol Pete on the gridiron. But the Chiefs still have a talented enough team to soldier on without him, and win games to put themselves in a playoff spot in time for Mahomes to come back.
  2. The same guy who drafted Paxton Lynch in the first round.
  3. 'Cow Country?' I thought that was in Raleigh. I'm actually heading to Blacksburg this weekend for the UNC-VT game and was searching for ideas on campus landmarks to see or culinary institutions to eat/imbibe at. But it seems you are a Blue Blood, just the one without the multiple championship banners. Honestly, getting to Charlottesville is high on the to-do list. From pictures, it looks like one of the nicest campuses in America. Someday... As for Carolina getting all the calls, I've watched games closely for biased calls and what I see more often that bias, is players out of position compared to teams that have better players. Generally, teams are generating tons of fouls when players are out of position. It's probably a combination of coaching, fundamentals, athleticism, technique, etc. But yes, if you are trying to get to a spot on the court and you are slow in getting there compared to your opponent, it's likely to be called a foul. If your players think quick enough to see the developing play, and athletic enough to get there first, you are going to win in the foul ratio. What bugs me more than biased fouls, is too many fouls, too soon, to put teams in the bonus with minutes to go in halves. The NCAA just sucks the air out of the ball when both teams are in the bonus with 10 minutes to go. Who wants to watch a Free Throw competition??? Congrats on the UVA Championship though! It's a school with a storied hoops history and I'm glad they have a banner to honor that legacy with. My take on Zion is his family must own stock with ESPN/ABC/Disney. He's not even close to being the best freshman of all-time, yet he is on the ESPN channels all the time! ESPNU was wall-to-wall Dook game replays leading up to the draft. "Coming up on Sportcenter, Zion sneezed in practice! Highlights at 10 p.m." Bottom line, he's 6-6 and plays inside. Good luck with that. He'll probably succeed in today's NBA but if he was in the paint battling Kevin Willis, Anthony Mason, Dale Davis, Rick Mahorn, Horace Grant, night after night in the 80s-90s? He's just another Corliss Williamson. Alright, back to NFL football. Two key divisional games Sunday. MN at DET and PHI at DAL. The standings will really be affected after those results.
  4. I feel you're frustration, but as a fellow fan of a NFC North team, you can't be all that surprised. There is something about Lambeau that gets referees to go flag-happy in favor fo GB. Know what an Aaron Rodgers Drive is? When The Packers get two or more PI calls in a series. And this has been going on since the Favre years. Some reporter explained the Flowers penalties as "Illegal Hands to the Face," not a Facemask penalty. According to the NFL rules, the hands to the face rule implies the head and neck area, and by the letter of the law, Flowers had a sustained hold in the neck area. Now does this EVER get called? I can't recall a game within the last couple years where I've seen a similar penalty, much less two. So Lions fans absolutely have a right to gripe. But technically, it was a penalty. It's similar to the Booth penalty the Vikes got on a TD vs. Green Bay in Week Two. Technically, in the rule book, , it was a penalty. Does it ever get called? No. And especially by the booth, and not the officials on the field. But welcome to Lambeau! Where the referees must chug as much paint thinner as the Packer patrons in the pre-game. As a Tar Heel alum, I have to disagree. It's pretty blatant that Dook gets ALL the calls. Just curious, as I know you are in Virginia, any chance you have any connections to Blacksburg?
  5. If Carolina ends up in a Brady/Bledsoe scenario, can we nickname him Kryptonite Kyle? Let's call them the BOCHICA (Bend Over Chiefs...) defense. Everyone in the stadium knows the offense is running, and there's not one damn thing the KC defense can do about it.
  6. Thanks for the thread! Good to read fun, humorous comments from the PSNP community. This is the first game I bought my daughter (age 6). She likes it bc she can play the characters from the show. It must be a tad challenging bc she has played each level multiple times and has yet to earn a platinum award for getting all 200 dog bones (she typically gets 199). I was really hoping to avoid having to play this game myself, but it might need to happen to 100% it.
  7. Weird game. one week prior, Vikes offense hit the accelerator and never let up vs. Giants D, but Brady and Co. had a hard time sustaining a drive for much of the game. NE's achilles heel right now is definitely their O-line. I thought the Vikes front five was one of the worst in the league when it comes to pass blocking, but the Giants' rush never really affected Cousins. But last night, G Men's rush was getting to Brady consistently. When NE faces a quality defense, they're going to be in trouble. And no surprise Belichick makes a rookie QB look bad. I was more impressed with D. Jones vs. MN, but his O line is also bad (it features an old Viking FA washout at RT), and Giants are missing their offensive weapons. Season might be rough for NYG, but I think they have now leapfrogged WAS in the NFC East for the foreseeable future.
  8. I played the AC Unity dlc, and like most dlc's, it doesn't really add that much. But I don't remember it being too much of a time suck. Looks like it only took me a few days to get 100% of the trophies. I don't recall running around looking for missions so they must've popped up quick. Syndicate's dlcs do take a lot of time but the Jack the Ripper one is probably the best dlc in the AC franchise. - And what did you think of the Belle Epoque and WWII levels in Unity? Personally, I liked the universe twist.
  9. True. Packers proved Dallas might not be all-world. Pats' home game vs. Buffalo might be a tougher test than DAL, though Brady's record vs. the Bills is ridiculous. I also forgot that there's a road test in Phill in early Nov. - KC's O-line got exposed tonight. And their Pac-12 defense got run over. Karma for Justin Houston to make that fourth down tackle on his old foe.
  10. Well, they did beat the Steelers when Big Ben was at the helm. But yes, New England should roll right into November unbeaten (home game vs. NYG, at NYJ, Home vs. CLE). Toughest remaining foes are both in Foxboro (DAL, KC). Toughest road games left are at Baltimore and Houston. If Indy can pull this off tonight in Arrowhead, it would be huge in home-field advantage! - My verdict on Daniel Jones; better than anticipated. I still feel bad for Eli, but upon reflection of the last few games I've seen Manning play, he rightfully should be yanked. Jones has good mobility, but he got a proper 'Welcome to the NFL' hazing by the Vikes D-line today. Dude got lit up by Danielle Hunter and crew.
  11. 1. Bonds sure had 'personality,' he was a complete asshole. Remember how he had his own special section in the locker room, and no one could enter w/o his permission? Dude was hated by his teammates. Bonds' hat size actually grew later in his career! Then he evaded, lied and denied about the whole Balco scandal. (Wait! Evade, Lie, Deny - who follows that same mantra today in Washington? Hmm. ) He also paid off his personal trainer not to testify against him, and the guy actually went to jail for him. Must've been a fat check. 2. There's a reason Clemens was durable. He was receiving HGH! Oh wait, those were shipments to his wife, it wasn't for him. I've loved baseball ever since I got my first glove 40 years ago. But please, pick some better players to reference! Also, Baseball is the only sport that is a science. Whether it's Little League or MLB, the game is played essentially the same way, using the same formula. When a ball is hit, every fielder is moving to their correct spot (covering a base, backing up, etc.) in all levels of baseball. Generally, there are no hidden plays. For instance, in football, you have no idea if the WR ran the correct route, which OL didn't cover his assigned blocking space, etc. When you coach kids in Little League, you are teaching them the same position responsibilities that they can see in Major Leaguers. It's America's Game, and was the first sport that gained national prominence with geographical cultural identity. Football was still arguing about rules when Fenway was built. GIs in WWII would use baseball passwords bc every American boy would know the teams that played in Philly in the 1940s. Watch Ken Burns' "Baseball" if anyone really wants to understand what the game has meant to generations of Americans.
  12. If this were hockey, Beckham would have got an instigator minor along with a roughing penalty. He was doing stuff all game long after the whistle. Refs should have flagged him early so the situation wouldn't have escalated to where it ended up.
  13. I don't know the line, but it must be close. Rams are a bit discombobulated, especially after the Tampa loss. Hard to fathom a Wade Phillips defense ever giving up 55 points, but to Tampa??? Goff has been disappointing, though they do have Kupp back.
  14. The sole reason I didn't graduate Magna Cum Laude from college was Sid Meier. The year Civ II came out, we had two PCs in a house of seven, and four of us played Civ. I'm sure there were week-long stretches where the computer was occupied 24/7.
  15. For as much as Nagy gets credited as an "offensive genius," through three games of work, he has the Bears' offense last in the NFC. That can't all be blamed on Trubisky, as often it appears the scheme is overly complicated. Maybe the acronym KISS would help. - Also, a bit of trivia, who was the last team to score an offensive TD vs. the New England Patriots? - And one more tidbit, NFC is 12-3 vs. AFC this year.