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  1. When grinding the gold prestige events two months ago I noticed that when playing on the PS5 weird things would happen. Race timers would work for a few minutes then afterwards they would break, wherein I couldn’t tell how much time has passed during the race or how much time I had left during a trial (the drift score meters never broke). I also noticed that in most sessions I would have “unlimited” boost inconsistently, due to what I thought was lag. I noticed this the most during drift events and during races with long stretches of straight roads, where I could keep a top speed possible only through boosting for long periods of time by holding down the boost button (280+ on the Porsche). In drift events I could hold down boost and just never run out. In some of the longer races such as Dream Team I would have unlimited boost for about the first third or half of the event, hence why its quite inconsistent. One downside is that steering can be extremely challenging/inconsistent in these kinds of lobbies and drift score might not count sometimes at random due to server lag (very annoying for Mental Block). In some events I didn’t have unlimited boost at all, which is more confusing than anything. Has anyone else experienced this? I found the prestige events to be easier because of this but still quite hard, some still taking 15 hours to complete. Maybe I’m onto something here that’ll make these events just a little bit easier for people (it’s still a painful grind)
  2. When I got the platinum back in December I attributed a higher platinum percentage (I think it was about 3% back then) to a low number of game owners compared to platinum achievers. At the time there were under 600 achievers. However, I noticed like everyone here how the percentage has sadly been on a huge rise since then due to game save cheaters. It’s getting to a point where the platinum trophy will be moving out of the ultra rare territory, which is ridiculous considering that it takes over 100 hours of dedication to get it legitimately. The crash 4 auto pop on PS5 should be a reward or icing on the cake for those that put the grind in on PS4 for 106%, but all it’s doing is giving the cheaters a second platinum trophy for free. I’ve also reported cheaters on other games since January but they still haven’t been taken off the leaderboards, it’s ridiculous how blatant cheaters can get away with this. If the staff are overpowered with the amount of reports, why don’t they bring more trusted reputable volunteers in to go through them? It makes you wonder
  3. This feature seems to be broken, it gives a connection error each time. I got the trophy today though so I won’t need to stress out anymore haha. After having done all of them I still think Mental Block was the hardest. On The Dream Team however turned out not to be the hardest race which I found interesting and not what I expected, but it might just be due to experience. I think that some of the spike races were a lot more challenging than the dream team event
  4. I’m currently at 24/41 golds and the Mental Block drifting event was by far the hardest one I’ve done so far. It took 11 hours worth of attempts whereas the longest any other event took me was 3 hours, wherein most events take under an hour for comparison. Edit: I got 41/41 today and received the trophy as a result. I still think that Mental Block was by far the most difficult event. On The Dream Team was not the hardest race in my opinion but that might have been due to the experience I gained in the 40 events prior.
  5. I agree with you, I started this trophy because I wanted to challenge myself as should everyone else doing it, I knew what I was getting into. But personally I enjoy these kinds of challenges, it’s similar to the platinum time trial relics I had to do on crash 4. Practice makes perfect, as well as doing many runs until you get that perfect one, which by the way always gives a great feeling
  6. I’ve 24/41 so far, have done all of the spike, manu and Amy events. The hardest by an absolute mile is Mental Block (8th Manu event). The longest any other event has taken me was 3 hours, most take me under an hour. However, Menal Block took me 11 hours of attempts to get gold on. There are many skill and luck based factors to consider. The skill based factor is obviously your ability to drift and get the most points out of every single turn over an almost 7 minute long period of time, but you also have a time limit to reach the ridiculous score. There seems to be a bug on PS5 though where timers are broken and throughout the event I couldn’t see how much time I had left, I just had to do it fast! The luck based factors are: bad server connection popups which prevent your score from counting for a few seconds at a time, which kills the run and makes you restart, traffic spawns which are probably the biggest problem, you need them to not spawn in some places as when they do, they’re unavoidable and you crash, losing your combo. There are also very random AI spawns where they’re racing up the hill and can also make you crash which ruins the run. Lastly (this happens more often than you think) you can even have players starting events that overlap with the Mental Block drifting track. I’ve had to change servers a few times because players started events which made many AI cars and themselves go through my track in the opposite direction, where they were impossible to dodge. I also had two runs that were extremely close about 9-10 hours in, I was about 3,000 points off the target, but I persisted and after 11 hours of playing I got the score. I recommend you do the Manu events after spike so you can get this ridiculous crap out of the way. Manu does have other very hard events but this one just broke me a little. Oh and lastly, I had to tune the build slightly from what you’ll find online. They usually recommend the extreme grip wheels which I’ve used for every event except mental block, I had to change the tyres to extreme drift so I could pull more points per drift, albeit it was harder to control the car.
  7. The default controls worked for me. If you're going for the platinum relics it's much easier to triple spin (Square,Square,Square) than to slide spin (R1, Square) to obtain the relics. Ideally you want to combine both movement techniques but I found myself triple spinning about 90% of the time rather than slide spinning.
  8. The game runs at 60 FPS on PS5. The menus and and UI are rendered in 4K but everything else is rendered in a lower resolution, hence it might appear slightly blurry or lower res. It’s only really noticeable on the map, not so much in-game
  9. Bears Repeating and Building Bridges were definitely the most frustrating for me, the bear sections are bullshit and you have to replay them quite a few times to get the run you need
  10. In 2009 I was 12 years old. One of my favourite games at the time was Resident Evil 5. I played it every day that summer and it soon became my first ever platinum trophy, on the 28th of August 2009. It was a huge milestone for me, as a gamer. When the remastered version was released for the PS4 it was a no brainer for me, I had to get it. A remaster was a dream come true! After buying the game I realised that the the 10th anniversary of my first platinum was right around the corner. This made me come up with something special that would help me celebrate this occasion. Something I don't think many others, if anyone, has done. So, exactly 10 years later, at the age of 22, on the 28th of August 2019, I earned the platinum trophy for the PS4 version of the game. I loved the game as a boy and I still hold it close to my heart as a man. It will forever remain a timeless classic for me. Here is an image showing the two trophy stamps, I was off by 6 seconds but I'm still very happy with it! What are your thoughts and has anyone done this for any other games? I also purchased the remastered version of Burnout Paradise, but I will have to wait until 2021 to do that one!
  11. If you want you can throw in some of my footage from doing Missile Boy, I think it demonstrates where using The Kid really makes a huge difference.. Until this point it was alright without him but he just made some of the levels here so much easier..
  12. It most certainly is patched, it is now also impossible to download a digital game without the patches because both the game and the patch download as one entity, whereas in the past the patch was separate. There is no way to delete the patches from a digital game or to download a digital game without them.
  13. Just keep practicing! You need to find the easiest ways to do every level and after dying a few hundred or thousand times you can get them all done without dying! I used to think that the hospital dark world was extremely difficult before but today I nailed all 20 levels in a row without dying and got the Blood Clot Boy trophy, believe in yourself!
  14. I got the first 4 no death runs done without the kid.. I still haven't unlocked him and I'm about to do the Salt Factory light world without him..
  15. It's fixed now for me