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  1. When grinding the gold prestige events two months ago I noticed that when playing on the PS5 weird things would happen. Race timers would work for a few minutes then afterwards they would break, wherein I couldn’t tell how much time has passed during the race or how much time I had left during a trial (the drift score meters never broke). I also noticed that in most sessions I would have “unlimited” boost inconsistently, due to what I thought was lag. I noticed this the most during drift events and during races with long stretches of straight roads, where I could keep a top speed possible only through boosting for long periods of time by holding down the boost button (280+ on the Porsche). In drift events I could hold down boost and just never run out. In some of the longer races such as Dream Team I would have unlimited boost for about the first third or half of the event, hence why its quite inconsistent. One downside is that steering can be extremely challenging/inconsistent in these kinds of lobbies and drift score might not count sometimes at random due to server lag (very annoying for Mental Block). In some events I didn’t have unlimited boost at all, which is more confusing than anything. Has anyone else experienced this? I found the prestige events to be easier because of this but still quite hard, some still taking 15 hours to complete. Maybe I’m onto something here that’ll make these events just a little bit easier for people (it’s still a painful grind)


  2. When I got the platinum back in December I attributed a higher platinum percentage (I think it was about 3% back then) to a low number of game owners compared to platinum achievers. At the time there were under 600 achievers. However, I noticed like everyone here how the percentage has sadly been on a huge rise since then due to game save cheaters. It’s getting to a point where the platinum trophy will be moving out of the ultra rare territory, which is ridiculous considering that it takes over 100 hours of dedication to get it legitimately. 


    The crash 4 auto pop on PS5 should be a reward or icing on the cake for those that put the grind in on PS4 for 106%, but all it’s doing is giving the cheaters a second platinum trophy for free. I’ve also reported cheaters on other games since January but they still haven’t been taken off the leaderboards, it’s ridiculous how blatant cheaters can get away with this. If the staff are overpowered with the amount of reports, why don’t they bring more trusted reputable volunteers in to go through them? It makes you wonder


  3. 6 hours ago, terrafin7 said:

    idk if you know this or not, but in the options you can choose to play alone, which helps to negate some of the network connection shit, but I hope that helps! It's honestly kinda funny, cause I only have 1 gold medal so far, and it feels like I am doing so much and so little in return it's laughable in the amount of time I've put into this. life of a trophy hunter I guess lol

    This feature seems to be broken, it gives a connection error each time. I got the trophy today though so I won’t need to stress out anymore haha. After having done all of them I still think Mental Block was the hardest. On The Dream Team however turned out not to be the hardest race which I found interesting and not what I expected, but it might just be due to experience. I think that some of the spike races were a lot more challenging than the dream team event 


  4. I’m currently at 24/41 golds and the Mental Block drifting event was by far the hardest one I’ve done so far. It took 11 hours worth of attempts whereas the longest any other event took me was 3 hours, wherein most events take under an hour for comparison.


    Edit: I got 41/41 today and received the trophy as a result. I still think that Mental Block was by far the most difficult event. On The Dream Team was not the hardest race in my opinion but that might have been due to the experience I gained in the 40 events prior. 


  5. 1 hour ago, PreLoki said:

    Not sure I if would put my trust in battlefield either, but you do you. 1f605.png

    Embrace the bullshit my dudes, nfs doesn't hold back on it. You have my sympathies. Kolay gelsin! 1f609.png

    I agree with you, I started this trophy because I wanted to challenge myself as should everyone else doing it, I knew what I was getting into. But personally I enjoy these kinds of challenges, it’s similar to the platinum time trial relics I had to do on crash 4. Practice makes perfect, as well as doing many runs until you get that perfect one, which by the way always gives a great feeling 


  6. I’ve 24/41 so far, have done all of the spike, manu and Amy events. The hardest by an absolute mile is Mental Block (8th Manu event). The longest any other event has taken me was 3 hours, most take me under an hour. However, Menal Block took me 11 hours of attempts to get gold on. There are many skill and luck based factors to consider. The skill based factor is obviously your ability to drift and get the most points out of every single turn over an almost 7 minute long period of time, but you also have a time limit to reach the ridiculous score. There seems to be a bug on PS5 though where timers are broken and throughout the event I couldn’t see how much time I had left, I just had to do it fast! The luck based factors are: bad server connection popups which prevent your score from counting for a few seconds at a time, which kills the run and makes you restart, traffic spawns which are probably the biggest problem, you need them to not spawn in some places as when they do, they’re unavoidable and you crash, losing your combo. There are also very random AI spawns where they’re racing up the hill and can also make you crash which ruins the run. Lastly (this happens more often than you think) you can even have players starting events that overlap with the Mental Block drifting track. I’ve had to change servers a few times because players started events which made many AI cars and themselves go through my track in the opposite direction, where they were impossible to dodge. 

    I also had two runs that were extremely close about 9-10 hours in, I was about 3,000 points off the target, but I persisted and after 11 hours of playing I got the score. I recommend you do the Manu events after spike so you can get this ridiculous crap out of the way. Manu does have other very hard events but this one just broke me a little. Oh and lastly, I had to tune the build slightly from what you’ll find online. They usually recommend the extreme grip wheels which I’ve used for every event except mental block, I had to change the tyres to extreme drift so I could pull more points per drift, albeit it was harder to control the car. 


  7. The default controls worked for me. If you're going for the platinum relics it's much easier to triple spin (Square,Square,Square) than to slide spin (R1, Square) to obtain the relics. Ideally you want to combine both movement techniques but I found myself triple spinning about 90% of the time rather than slide spinning.


  8. On 12/24/2016 at 8:20 AM, TheYuriG said:

    I got it all recorded and i'll be making the video editing + tutorial for every (but The End) world when I'm done. I'm getting really, really close to finish Cotton Dark and I'll probably need to record it again because I have some really top+ strategy for They Bite, the second level, some extra info for the Patience level and a timer for XOXO. Also some specified pattern for Masterblaster, Thumb, In Line and two others. I think it will be really decent material for anyone looking forward to finish the level with a good strategy and I'll also open up the thread for any other user input strategies.

    If you want you can throw in some of my footage from doing Missile Boy, I think it demonstrates where using The Kid really makes a huge difference.. Until this point it was alright without him but he just made some of the levels here so much easier.. 


  9. It most certainly is patched, it is now also impossible to download a digital game without the patches because both the game and the patch download as one entity, whereas in the past the patch was separate. There is no way to delete the patches from a digital game or to download a digital game without them.


  10. 20 minutes ago, marvelboy10 said:

    Man no death runs. You know how hard Super Meat boy is for me at least. For me Getting a No death on Cotton Alley world is like trying to cut a slice of bread with a straw. I just can't do it. Congrats to the people who have managed to earn this platinum I tip my hat to them.

    Just keep practicing! You need to find the easiest ways to do every level and after dying a few hundred or thousand times you can get them all done without dying! I used to think that the hospital dark world was extremely difficult before but today I nailed all 20 levels in a row without dying and got the Blood Clot Boy trophy, believe in yourself!


  11. 13 minutes ago, ryankamal1998 said:

    Please don't tell me you just compared the use of illegitimate modding, to boosting via game sessions. Please

    IN THIS CASE what you are essentially doing is speeding up the boosting, it is very comparable indeed.

    Look, if people want me to not help others with the Wanted trophy then I won't, as I said I just wanted to debate the topic as mature adults in a mature manner which is starting to fail. 

    I'll let Sly decide what to do in the case of the Wanted trophy. I'll stick to whatever he says.


  12. 3 minutes ago, Urushiro said:

    This community and most other trophy/achievement hunting communities define cheating as the use of external tools to modify a game or its save files. While autopopping is the most egregious, the other forms are considered cheating as well.

    I just want to look at the Wanted trophy specifically, could we have a poll to decide whether or not people should be able to reduce the week long grind to 10 minutes or so? All I wanted to do was to help.. 


  13. 11 minutes ago, PhilDeezEnYuTees said:

    The trophies in Warhawk that i mentioned are from a 10 year old game and take about 200 hours of grinding or more. I fail to see your argument on how your way isn't cheating in a flaggable way. Id flag anybody who uses mods in gta4 and send in a screenshot of those conversations and let Sly decide if I knew the game at all. Im sure somebody will though. Let you guys argue it out with him.

    Auto popping is the big difference in this case.. I don't auto pop (and auto popping as far as I know gives you all trophies for a game instantly, which is waaaaaay beyond what's going on here).. I explained this stuff 2 or 3 times already so I guess I'll just give up trying to get my point through 

    8 minutes ago, nenugalimas said:

    Youre using external tools that arent part of a game to 'force' certain outcomes. That isnt considered a genuine way of obtaining trophies. Its no different to auto popping. You can continue to argue over the fine details claiming that "Its only mods bro" but it doesnt change what is considered to be cheating. 

    I know it's "cheating" but so is boosting and the only other way people get this trophy is through boosting.. It IS a lot different from auto popping, it really is.. Auto pop once and your account gets banned by Sony. I don't even have a jailbroken console so I couldnt do that stuff even if I wanted to, the mods I use can be obtained via a system restore from a USB, it's pretty effortless and it is not a jailbreak.. These mods are very limited and can only really mod Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer (on what is called a "bypass", which means you will ONLY play with people who mod or want mods, plus there are no trophies affiliated with that multiplayer mode) and GTA IV. 


    I just wanted to debate this topic, like civilised adults. I didn't want to offend anyone or cause anger.. 


  14. 15 minutes ago, totallycrushed said:

    I had a player come up to me while I was working GTAIV plat that he can mod me the trophies. Pretty annoying since he didn't understand what me and my partner were after. I had already hit lvl 10 so he couldn't money pop that for me but seeing how he teleported himself, me, objects etc. and shot rockets infinetly in a free roam session, this might be used to clear CO-OPs in seconds. This most likely will work in Team CJC, MW etc.

    CO-OPs still take some time if you teleport directly to objectives (Hangman's Noose takes about 2m, Dealbreaker about 5m, Bomb da Base II about 4m30s), as for winning the other game modes that's true but the chances are everyone will leave the session prior to the modder being able to win (which means that match does not count as a win) which is a good thing. I don't condone of using mods this way, those are mods that affect some players in a negative manner which is why I don't offer help in such ways.

    14 minutes ago, PhilDeezEnYuTees said:

    Once you condone this behavior, you cannot pick and choose what is ok to mod. Modding to pop trophies is hacking the trophy open. Would you flag my Warhawk plat if somebody modded my rank from rookie to general? If all those ranked trophies popped within a minute, you'd flag my ass in a heartbeat. There are modders who can do that on Warhawk. Who are you to say that one mod to hack open a certain trophy but not others? Who gets to choose which ones are ok?

    The trophy is not being hack opened (I think you are talking about auto popping, that is not what we're doing here), the way it is works is that money drops have an increased value, allowing you to reach level 10 in one match. This does not instantly pop the trophy either, you have to complete another match after that for it to appear.


    I think that trophies that take ~40 hours of grinding like Wanted on an 8 year old game are ok to speed up via mods, that being said, I can't think of any other trophies like that which you can get faster with mods..


  15. 17 minutes ago, ProfBambam55 said:

    i agree with you completely Yuri, but it's not quite what i'm asking...wouldn't discourage people from hitting up public sessions for wanted in hopes of finding a modder if that's their cup of tea and have no problem with people searching YT/the net looking for modders...you won't see me online trying to report/ban all hackers from existence or commenting on YT pages and cheater websites...if there's a hacker in a public session, i'll leave without hesitation...are we welcoming people to publicize modding on this site in gaming sessions is the question and if yes, where do we draw the line?...many games have grindy trophies is auto-popping ok too if it saves me dozens/100's of hours of grinding?...should there be a vote of which trophies are acceptable to be modded or not?...my point is that cheating is cheating...i don't like it in any part of the site if it involves hacking and modding...unpatched glitches another story altogether which perhaps can be discussed in another thread...


    16 minutes ago, Urushiro said:

    I was referring to the leaderboards on the website. Once people are flagged on a game, they're removed from the leaderboards on here.

    Auto popping isn't what's being done here (there is no reason to be flagged and no reason to be removed from the leaderboards) and as has been said, you are reducing the Wanted trophy to take about 10 minutes instead of a week or so of grinding (all in all the IV mods only affect one trophy in a big way which is Wanted because of how much time you save in this particular case). The odds of you getting Wanted accidentally through being given money drops by a random modder are pretty high on IV as well and it has happened to many, many people. 


    The way I look at it is and also why I started offering help is because it's an old game with a terrible trophy. (Wanted is mainly what I wanted to speed up for people), so many people have already received the trophy through money drops already and people have actually PAID for this service, since Wanted is a grind barrier between the player and the platinum trophy. Keep in mind that the trophy was unobtainable for a while. What if that were to happen again and people end up without any way to obtain the platinum? Get it while you can.


  16. 16 minutes ago, TheYuriG said:

    I didn't read the full discussion on the third thread and I'm going to state my opinion on Wanted trophy and that trophy alone.

    I spent 40h doing that AFK. FORTY HOURS GRINDING CASH! That if you ignore the 15 other hours I spent doing the chopper mission in around 1:40 min. I could have been spending that much time playing other things instead of grinding a retarded ammount of cash to get max rank.

    You wanna know what I think? Mod that shit in 10 minutes. I'm not an elitist, the grind is horrible beyond measure, I don't want ANYONE to go through what I did. Mod the living shit out of it. I actually have given advice to a lot of people in the past through status update replies to attempt a few hours of legit online gameplay in order to find a mod and hit that value out of luck. I have no regrets, it's a retarded trophy.

    I don't know if there was help offered for Fly The Coop, I just saw that name popping up and regarding that, I have a different opinion. I've been doing carries for years now (which I believe is the same thing OP here has been doing, so we are in the same both regarding that). Don't mod that. That trophy isn't nearly as painful, it's pretty doable once you know what to do and what path you should take. Back when I got it, I pratically 2 manned all missions with CaliNik(some numbers here) and it was like the best trophy experience we had in a very long fucking time. Dealbreaker (is that the name?) was the most intense killing and running mission I've ever completed, taking me around 12h of attempts until we did it. We crash landed at the house in the end, I have no regrets. Don't mod that. Takes around 3h to achieve that starting from scratch if the players being carried are pretty bad. If they are good and experienced, less than one. Don't mod it.

    And AWP? Don't mod it either. Sure takes time, but it's pretty straightforward. I know it can glitch, but then again, it's pretty straightforward. Just try again and get it done.

    AWP can't be modded ;) And yes, Fly the co-op is pretty easy if you're good at the game 

    22 minutes ago, Urushiro said:

    I'd PM @Sly Ripper next time you see a session like this to avoid possible naming and shaming. He'll probably see your post, so you won't need to PM him this time.

    Since the leaderboards remove hackers, I'd say it's safe to assume that this kind of discussion is not allowed here.

    The leaderboards on GTA IV have been down for over a year and will stay that way forever on the PS3(due to GameSpy being shut down if I remember correctly). In fact, Wanted was unobtainable for a short period of time because of this but an update made it so that your rank is now tied to your game save rather than the leaderboards and the trophy is once again obtainable. 


  17. http://i67.tinypic.com/bhhogx.jpg Comments part 1

    http://i66.tinypic.com/iodzqa.jpg Comments part 2

    ^ to avoid naming and shaming

    In reply to your arguments here:

    1. There will not be a rise in modding help being offered for two reasons, the first being that you cannot in any way mod the next gen systems and the second being that 99.9% of mods dont in any way affect how fast you get trophies and in fact they don't affect trophies in any way. 2. This isn't cheating, this is saving time. In the case of the Wanted trophy you are still "boosting" (as you put it), except you receive the money at a faster rate. In the case of Fly the co-op, teleportation allows you to save around 10 minutes in total, but you must still complete the missions in their entirety. (Fly the co-op and Wanted are the only two online trophies that can be sped up via mods in GTA IV, as for single player using cheat codes is way more useful mods, an annihilator is the best way to get around and spawning the NRG900 is pretty useful too for stunt jumps, spawning those vehicles with cheat codes is faster than via a mod menu). Oh and there aren't any other games I 

    2. Not every person that has mods uses them for griefing purposes. You are generalising (as has been said in those comments). There are also COUNTLESS modding communities out there that have become huge. Look at Garry's Mod, it became its own standalone game, same with Day Z. In games like GTA IV and V on the PC modding is actually encouraged and the community has created some outstanding mods. In Just Cause 2 there was a mod that allowed you to have a multiplayer mode, a feature missing from the original game.