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  1. Easier way to do this. When you fly in the plane over to the second island, you jump out and wing suit down. Instead, dont open your wing suit and you will land in the water. You will fail the mission and restart in the plane but trophy will pop just after you hit the water.
  2. Cheers for this. However I still need to get there to access his room for that trophy, but at least I now know it will be a hell of a lot easier.
  3. Cheers for clearing that up HusKy. Do you keep all current weapon upgrades etc in NG+? Only got the 3 trophies mentioned left to go so wanna get back to that area of the game as quick as possible.
  4. I didnt realise that killing Cohen when you first meet him locks you out of the Weapon Upgrade, Irony and Find Cohens Room. Will these now be accessible in NG+?
  5. Jeeves19831 MotorStorm: Pacific Rift This i admit is a cheated game, but not by me. I am crap at this game and my mate said he would do it for me as he had my profile on his system. I didnt realise he was going to cheat the system.<br /> <br /> Obviously i have no way to prove this, but i will hide it anyhow. I will however maintain that i am not a cheater.
  6. Jeeves19831 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I do not understand what this is about? I am a genuine player.