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  1. Vita ports work well still, no issues with progress. I can download my ps3 saves onto the vita but I can't upload the vita saves, I think I was playing offline and they don't let you upload them unless you're okay with the save not contributing to trophies.
  2. Yea the PS3 version, they upload fine to the cloud, i'll have to boot up my vita to test if it can download the saves tomorrow
  3. Metal Gear Solid 2: No issues found, saves still intact. Metal Gear Solid 3: No issues found, saves still intact.
  4. You get to play as her without the flower in her DLC prologue but I can't remember if you get to use it in the base game after you complete it or not. Either way i'd recommend going through that DLC it's really good!
  5. Yes finally, only took a little over a month for the tower to pop up haha. Grats everyone who needed it!
  6. People have said that the 3 player group battles have popped up once the 2 player one expires, it's how they were rotating before june 13th so fingers crossed that next refresh will be a 3 player group battle 😬
  7. This is the last one I need as well, all that can be done is keep checking the tower of time that refreshes every 3 days 😅 hopefully we can both get it soon. Also thanks for the tip iamjax! checking the recent achievers would be a good way of checking too.
  8. Thanks for posting these tips, i'm planning to play this in the next few months. I'll definitely look at this again when I start it 🙂
  9. Looks gorgeous graphically! It's a nice change for environments, can't wait to see more of it.
  10. Seems like a nice list, only one that might be frustrating would be the time trials. If it was done as a kid then we can do it again? Right? 😅
  11. I usually try to platinum or 100% the game i'm currently playing. If I don't, the chance of me going back to it at a later time is too low since my backlog is insane too haha.
  12. Merge worked perfectly, premium membership got converted over to the new ID as well, thank you @BlindMango, @Sly Ripper you guys are the best!
  13. I'm sure you have enough guinea pigs by now but i'm down to try too. Old: Lordhell- New: AmaimonHD Thanks for all your hard work on this!
  14. When someone changes their PSN name they can still show their old one for 30 days. No one has to do it, and if you keep in touch with your friends you won't have to worry about figuring out who they are now.
  15. You should be okay, I ended with 12 extra upgrade points 🙂