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  1. I'm pretty excited for Advance Wars and SMT V. Astria Ascending also seemed like something I would enjoy.
  2. #80: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

    I actually found Terra's fight against the Unknown significantly easier than Aqua's.

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  3. #79: I am Setsuna. Cute and charming RPG. I had a lot of fun with it.

  4. Payday 2 and Uncharted 3 (PS3) were huge roadblocks since I don't really play shooters, so I'm pretty bad at anything skill related, but I managed to fail my way to completing them. Currently, I'd say the Kingdom Hearts games (BBS, 3) since I just don't feel like playing them.
  5. Probably not since I play my switch fairly regularly anyways, and it's a nice break of not having to care for doing extra for something that I wouldn't normally do in a playthrough.
  6. #78: Payday 2. Despite soloing everything except for Short Fuse, I still feel like I'm bad at this game. It was pretty fun aside from the RNG needed (~15 hours) to spawn the garage escape for the 8 bags trophy.

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      Good job. I plan to get it by the end of the year. I still regret, to a much lesser extent that I did, not adding to my download list when it was on PS+. 

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  7. #77: Class of Heroes 2G. Probably one of the rougher grinds I've done.

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      Nice one.  I'll add myself to your follow list, since I dream of raising my PS3 plat total, I love a good grind, and your account offers copious examples of both.

    4. Makilio


      Thanks, and there's definitely a lot of enjoyable PS3 grinds out there!

  8. #75: Disgaea 1 Complete

    Not a bad way to end my my trophy escapades for the year if you ask me 😄

  9. Piece of Cake Award Until Dawn Usually not a fan of visual novel-esque games (this counts as one of those right?), but a guy I was talking to highly recommended it, so I thought 'why not?' The story was pretty good, but I doubt I'll play any more like this. I kinda like some gameplay with my story, and sparse QTEs don't really count. It's Like Dark Souls Award Terraria I would say that I didn't really play anything *too* difficult this year, but I guess Terraria comes the closest. I haven't touched this on consoles since my Vita started to have drift issues and then my world's save file corrupted, but I picked it up when it was on sale for the PS4 and decided to finally get the platinum. I got a good chunk of my unearned grindy trophies boosted, but I still needed to farm the hard-mode bosses which I did solo. Thankfully I was able to transfer my character from the Vita which had some hard-mode gear which saved a lot of time. Bad Ass Award Uncharted Drake's Fortune - Crushing & Brutal playthroughs Moreso Crushing than Brutal since I used the tweaks, but I felt pretty good throughout the entire game during my two playthroughs. My favorite moment would be the shoot out in the building in Chapter 11 on my Crushing playthrough. I managed to make it through on my first attempt without dying despite being a blind playthrough. I didn't expect the last round of spawns, so I got ambushed pretty hard but was able to style on them. My performance against those last three enemies is probably one of my all time favorite gaming moments. Grind of the Year Award Record of Agarest War It wasn't as bad as Cross Edge, but it was still something. It was only 200 hours, but the only reason I played this game was to get the full transfer bonus for Agarest War Zero, which has been marinating on my trophy list for 6 years, which will probably take another 200 hours but will finally get my last lovely E to an S. The game also restricted you from how you could grind up until you get the true ending as there was a turn requirement. King of the Internet Award / Fall Guys & Don't Starve Together I've been playing both of these on PC a lot this year, and it's been a blast. I managed to get Infallible on Fall Guys (which means I probably should've played on console for that plat, but I'm definitely not doing that again), and I've been playing a lot of DST with friends since we've been quarantining real hard and thought we should suffer together. Worst Online Experience Award Fall Guys I mostly played it on release, and there were a lot of glitchy shenanigans and hacking going on. I haven't played much in season 2 or 3, but I imagine they've cleaned a lot of it up by now. Sleeper Hit of the Year Award Caligula Effect - Overdose The only thing I knew about this game before playing it was that it was like a budget Persona game, which honestly wasn't wrong and is extremely accurate. The story was okay and the battle system was pretty fun. Now where it really shined was the soundtrack. I'd honestly put it over P4 & P5's which had really good music, but most of Caligula's made it to my actual playlist. Biggest Bomb Award / Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy 15 Square Enix has been dropping the ball on pretty much everything I've played lately that isn't Dragon Quest related. I finished up the DLC for FFXV, so I got to drag it through the mud again with my opinion of the game when I played as Ardyn. I've also learned that I'm not really a fan of Kingdom Hearts this year, as I didn't like 3 at all, and when I attempted to go back to finish one of the two playthroughs for BBS, that effort only lasted like an hour. I'm still wondering when I'll get around to finishing the DLC trophies for 3 cause it honestly might be awhile. Best Trophy Image Record of Agarest War - Consummate Consummator Ellis's face in this image is a total mood that describes 2020 accurately for me. Worst Trophy Image Dragon Quest XI While not a bad image by itself since it looks like a really nice book, but hey decided to use the image for every story based trophy, which I kinda don't like. Best Female Character Kuchinasi - Caligula Effect Her story arc was one of the best in the game, and her theme was probably my favorite track. Best Male Character Dragon Quest XI - Sylvando Sylvando needs no explanation. I recommend playing DQXI to anyone who hasn't so they can experience everything Sylvando has to offer. Best Platinum Uncharted Drake's Fortune Definitely the game I've had the most fun getting 100% this year. Shame it went downhill from there back in January 😅 Disgaea would be a close second for the description since I'm realistically going to stack it one day. Worst Platinum LittleBigPlanet 2 While not a terrible game, I didn't care for most of the trophy list (including DLC), and when compared to everything else I've played this year, there's really no competition for this award. Most Anticipated Platinum It'd have to be a tie between Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, as I'm a HUGE Suikoden fan, and Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster, as that was my introduction into the SMT universe (and later got me to play the Persona series). Special shout out to Disgaea 6 and Rune Factory 5, which while they won't have trophies, they will consume a large amount of my gaming time next year.
  10. #74: Caligula Effect: Overdose. Had a lot of fun with this game despite how hard it tried to be a Persona clone. If they decide to make a second game, I'd like it if a different direction was taken with the character episodes, as that's the only real complaint I had; they felt clunky and awkwardly paced towards the end.

  11. #73: Terraria
  12. #73: Terraria. Another old game off the backlog! Honestly thought I'd never get around to finishing this game since my old save file corrupted and my vita started to get bad drift issues.

  13. #72: Agarest War. Not sure if I want to go ahead and get Zero off my backlog or play something that isn't as mindless.

  14. Still a day one purchase for me. I'll hope for a PS4 western release because you can never have too many Disgaea trophies.
  15. Or you could just make a new account and earn trophies without cheating any of them.