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  1. Updated to include Malicious. About the game Malicious is a hack and slash game by Alvion. You're the defender of something, and you're protecting it from the "Malicious" using a Spirit Vessel. You don't have many powers, so you beat some bosses to expand your powers, before fighting the Malicious off for now. There's apparently some intricate plot somewhere, and the Wikipedia page is much more detailed than I expected/got out of the game. I guess it's mostly from other versions of this game. Things I liked: The designs were pretty cool. Each stage felt unique, and the bosses were completely different too. Things I didn't like: Really wonky default controls. You can change them, but I'm still wondering how someone could reasonably play with the default controls. Strange difficulty distribution. Out of the 5 regular bosses you fight, only one of them can be called challenging, but I didn't find her too difficult. However, the final boss's stage seems brutal in comparison. Settings cannot be changed outside the main menu. Really weird decision not to be able to manipulate sound settings without quitting out completely. Also, the music wasn't that great, and bosses have warning noises for several attacks, so it's recommended to be off anyways so you can actually hear them. 10,000 kills trophy. Completing the game for all of the storyline trophies at once (No continue + no repairs + S rank) gives about 1,300 kills. Cleaning up the various other trophies gave another 1,000. That left me with 7,700 kills just to grind over an additional hour. Even if you split the S rank and no continue/repair trophies, that's still about 6,000 kills to farm. Really simple game with really weird design choices.
  2. Updated to include Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance: #58: Dream Drop Distance Master About the game KH:DDD takes place during a slumber party at Yen Sid's castle, where Sora and Riku compete to see who can sleep better. Sora ends up having a bad dream about Xehanort, so Riku wins the contest. Things I liked: Playing as Riku. I've never been a big fan of Sora, so I always look forward to when I can play as someone else in this series. Riku seemed to beat Sora in almost everything in this game: personality, unique moves (Double Jump > Superglide), map design, boss battles. Post-game trophy grinding. Unlike the previous entries in the series, the trophy list was actually somewhat reasonable and enjoyable. Flowmotion. Pretty fun way of navigating. Totally beats walking. Things I didn't like: Diving. Aside from CoM, traversing through worlds for the first time is always annoying. I didn't like the dive into the worlds, especially the ones with bosses since I was impatient to keep the story going. Drop system. It was pretty annoying to have to waste a slot for Drop-Me-Nots because the timing would always occur as soon as you reach the boss in each world. If you drop during the fight, you get to start the boss fight from the very beginning. Yay. The plot. I knew the plot was weird before playing the game, but actually experiencing it was another thing. Sora's lacking in the intelligence department, magical letters that function as spy equipment, time travel, and all that jazz. To be honest, I didn't care for the game until I reached the post game. I'm not entirely sure if I liked the game or not, but I probably won't play it ever again (I'll get around to finishing BBS eventually). Also, Balloonra is a pretty stupid spell. With this completion, I've finally passed 90% completion rate, and I've narrowed my incompletes to games I don't really care for, or games that require multiplayer that I'm too lazy to continue boosting.
  3. Speedrun may not have been the term used back then, but people did them. There were extensive guides for Chrono Trigger and Earthbound on various forums that I was involved with, along with the various parameters (any%/glitchless/etc). As for U3, I wouldn't, but I've boosted with quite a few people that completed all of the DLC within a week or two of playing. Some of them were doing it multiple times on multiple accounts. Madness.
  4. I used to speedrun back in the SNES days, but I've slowly adopted a more slow-paced approach over the years unless a trophy requires it. I enjoy watching people speedrun on Twitch/Youtube though.
  5. Instead of aiming for strictly 100%, you could try to stay between 90~100%. Once you get enough games completed, you'll be able to juggle a few games without dropping below that.
  6. Updated to include Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth2: #57: Gameindustri's Ultimate Savior About the game HDNR2 is the Vita remake of the 2nd game in the HDN series; the storyline takes place in a different dimension than the previous entry, and it follows Neptune's younger sister, Nepgear. She travels all over Gameindustri trying to rescue the CPUs and make friends along the way. Things I liked: Some of the new characters were nice. I liked Nepgear and Rom and their contributions to the story. The endings. I enjoyed all of them, even the Conquest ending. Things I didn't like: Chapter 2 and Underling. That chapter dragged on for far too long, and I didn't like how 80% of the storyline was chasing Underling around the planet and watching the same events unfold in a different setting. I honestly didn't like most of the story until the CPUs returned. Some of the new characters. I absolutely dislike Red; I know she's a caricature, but she needs her own personality and to get off my screen. I wasn't a fan of Uni for most of the game, but she calmed down in like Chapter 7 or something. Ram's down there somewhere too. Stella's dungeon. Luckily the final tower only took two attempts, but 26 hours dedicated to not playing feels like a waste. Overall, I didn't like the game until I got to the post-game grind, and even then it was just okay. Maybe it's because it felt like a emptier version of Mugen Souls or something, but I couldn't get into it at all.
  7. Updated to include Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3 version) #56: Platinum About the game Uncharted 3 is an action-adventure game that follows Nathan Drake and his adventure to uncovering what Francis Drake truly sought after during his voyage. Things I liked The story. This is the only entry in the series that I've played (and after I complete the MP trophies, probably the only entry), so I was missing some information during my first playthrough, but after reading the synopsis of the characters and playing through it twice, I've got to say, the story is pretty good. Nathan Drake's pretty attractive. The multiplayer is surprisingly fun once you get the hang of it. Things I didn't like My first play-through on Normal. Honestly, I struggled on every skirmish the first time I've played; I typically don't play shooters, so I had no skills whatsoever. However, after playing some multiplayer and learning spawns, I've gotten somewhat better and breezed through Crushing with no problem, including the more difficult chapters (Cruisin for a Bruisin and Caravan). Overseer trophy. I've attempted this several times and became pretty familiar with the map and spawns, but something out of my control prevents me from getting this trophy to pop *cough*. I still have quite a bit of the MP to go, but once I get Overseer, I honestly won't be too worried about it; treasures will take an unknown amount, but I don't have many left, so it's all up to RNG and I'm friends with that concept. Other than that, finishing up 3TDM is the only other major timesink and I'm about halfway done with boosting that.
  8. It'd be nice if they were a little more creative with the trophy designs.
  9. The Toukiden games are pretty grindy.
  10. Updated to include World of Final Fantasy #55: True Grymoirian About the game WoFF follows the twins, Lann and Reynn, who both suffer from amnesia, but are tasked with saving Grimoire from the Bahamutian Empire. Along the way, they befriend various characters from the Final Fantasy universes by helping them with their problems. Things I liked: The storyline's cute, along silly at times. Caravan merchant. His word choice got a few groans from me. Champion medals. Really nice way of incorporating summons and Final Fantasy characters. Things I didn't like: Tidus's minigame. Dude's gotten worse at blitzball. Treasure Liberator without an in-game tracker. I missed a few chests during the story, so I had to rerun most of the dungeons double checking them all. Having an ingame tracker would've saved a decent chunk of time. Tama. Not every sentences needs the word "the" the-forced into it. Overall, it's an okay game. The story's pretty light-hearted until the end, although a lot of the characters can get somewhat annoying. As for the upcoming DLC, I'm indifferent towards it; I'll probably only pick it up and if contains DLC trophies.
  11. Updated to include Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited #54: Hardcore Gamer! About the game D4:APR is the Vita port of the fourth entry in the Disgaea series. It includes all of the DLC for the PS3 version, as well as Fallen Angel Flonne (for those that didn't preorder the PS3 version properly) and Stella/Rutile (for those that interact with a D3 save in some tangible form). It also includes some much appreciated QoL improvements that were added to the series post-PS3 release. Things I liked: Best version of the best entry in the series. Marona and Ash are playable (may affect prior statement) Things I didn't like: Nothing. This game is perfection. I would've finished the game a week or so ago, but I had pretty bad RNG when it came to finding the Commando pirates and a legendary Apocalypse, which added about 25 more hours (the hunt for an Apocalypse was that bad for me). Even with the bad luck, it only took about 100 hours to platinum, which honestly isn't too bad when compared to the PS3 version.
  12. #54: Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited Proud to say that I've now platinumed every Disgaea game that's come west with trophies (until D1C comes out in October). The Vita version of D4 is definitely a must-play.
  13. I've been eyeing Foul Play for a few months. Glad I didn't buy it when it was on sale.
  14. I wasn't aware of these either. Here's the unique ones from my list that weren't already mentioned: Armello: "Armello is a grand swashbuckling adventure that combines three styles of play; The deep tactics of card games with the rich strategy of table top board games, combined with a character role-playing system." Dragon Fantasy Book I: "Pure 8-bit RPG Love!" Playstation All Stars: "Welcome to the world of Playstation All-Stars. Will you be able to rule all of your opponents and unlock all the trophies?" The Sims 3: "Let there be Sims" Trinity Universe: "Enjoy traveling the quandrant of space known as the Netheruniverse!"
  15. 3820 9999 4853 I play fairly casually (only on the weekends) but feel free to add me.