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  1. Updated to include Little Dragon's Café: #62: Little Dragon's Café About the game LDC is about twins (Ren and Rin) whose mother owns a café in the middle of nowhere on its own island. One day, she gets sick and the twins have to live out their mother's dream of finally owning a successful café. Things I liked The design of the story characters. They look nice. Things I didn't like No sustenance. There is no driving force to accomplish anything in this game. Your priority during the main game is to collect ingredients so your staff can gradually increase your café's reputation until the next story event. Most days are skipped due to sleeping being a requirement for the next event. There's also no currency, so I suppose you're not selling your food. The dragon. All it does is bark at you, which is kind of cute when it's a baby, but after that, it's annoying to hear every 3 seconds. I ended up turning off sound effects because of how annoying it was, despite sound effects being useful for hunting animals and customer tracking for ingredient efficiency. The plot was bad. Post game was very uninteractive. The only goal is to achieve the last 10 recipes, which you get from the story characters after they visit your café and receive a dish they're happy with 50-60 times. The number of visits during the main game do not seem to count based of my tracking and comparing it to the discord's numbers. To make this as time efficient as possible, you should only have one dish on your menu that you don't have enough ingredients for (causing all customers to storm out angrily). When a story character enters your café, add a dish they like before taking their order, place it at the register, then remove it immediately. If you time it correctly, your staff will be busy doing other things so your ingredients aren't wasted. Whoever takes their order or serves them does not matter, so you can strategically set up your menu if your staff are going to reach them before you and a lot of them come at once. Dish quality and rating doesn't seem to matter too much, as most of my numbers were comparable to others' finding. Additionally, the distribution of story characters isn't even close to being balanced. Poncho and Huey consistently show up twice a day, whereas I did not see Maurice for several real-time hours at a time. Also, they only visit during 3 hours of the entire day (noon to 1 PM and 6 PM to 8 PM). There's no in-game counter for your progress to obtaining your recipes. I kept a manual tracker in Excel so I wouldn't go crazy not knowing how I'm progressing compared to the average. Weather severely affects the number of customers negatively. Whenever it's not sunny (e.g. rainy, windy, overcast), less customers will visit the café. Of course, there's the standard daily variance, but when it's raining, you're lucky to see over 10 customers in a day, so you're better off sleeping until it's sunny. I once went on an unlucky spree and had 18 rainy & windy days in a row. Bleh. You cannot walk through NPCs, and they can push you to get where they're going. This leads to your staff and customers just pushing you around. The hitboxes on the characters felt awkward, and it was pretty frustrating to deal with. There were times where I was going to place an order, and one of my staff walked in the opposite way of me. I clipped the corner of their model and was dragged all the way across the café. There's also a possibility of getting trapped between someone sitting at the bar and Billy when he goes to stand near the bathroom area if you're far enough left when he's walking up from the register. Your chef is bad at cooking. Whenever he's sad, he has a high chance of failing a dish. What makes him sad? Almost everything. It's not sunny outside; someone didn't like his bad cooking; your other staff members are slacking off; the RNG goddess hates you; you haven't talked to him in awhile because you're probably running your café or getting ingredients; you didn't have enough ingredients to make a dish. Whatever the reason, he'll mess up the dish and a customer will rate it low. "Your staff is slacking!" notification. You'll most likely see this pop up as soon as you leave your café. If you decide to go back inside, you'll see all three members doing nothing and an influx of customers. This is only relevant during the storyline since customers need to be served dishes to increase your reputation. It also likes showing up as soon as you get to wherever you're going for ingredients. There's no variation or progression in game play. The general idea is you find where your desired ingredient spawns, mash X until it runs out, then go to the next spot. There's also hunting Zucchi (which your dragon does very poorly, by the way). But that's all there is to the game play. The only sense of progression is after the 3 chapters your dragon gets older. Adolescence lets you break stick piles. Young adult lets you fly. Adult lets you fly even longer (wow). When the optimal way of playing your game is to not play it at all for recipes you'd never use in a typical playthrough, that's a pretty bad game design. The game was very disappointing on several fronts since there's no progression or sense of accomplishment. I don't recommend playing it even if you find it for a cheap price.
  2. And I've gotten the trophy when they were shot at immediately when the cutscene ended. We used a timer and the trophy didn't pop despite being under 20 seconds. I'm not the only person to experience this in my boosting group, and from the look of this thread, it was replicated in other external groups. You probably just got lucky on your first attempt if you even got the trophy on another account.
  3. Really easy list. There's more GF trophies than I expected.
  4. Seeing as I (and several others I've boosted) have gotten the trophy when the bosses were shot early, I can confirm you're wrong. The trophy glitches quite often.
  5. Plat #61 - Cross Edge. So glad I was able to complete this hot mess before Three Houses came out. Only issue is what I'm going to play until then...

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      Nice work!

    3. Makilio


      @LegacyJKO09 Honestly, the grind itself isn't too bad. It's the multiple layers of RNG that I found frustrating. Most of the time spent for the platinum is navigating through menus to make items and saving/reloading every so often because creating items has a good chance of failure.

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  6. Updated to include Cross Edge: #61: Crossover Conquest About the game Cross Edge is a cross-over of several series (Ar tonelico, Atelier, Disgaea, Darkstalkers, Mana Khemia 2, and Spectral Souls). The plot follows the OCs York and Miko as they fall into this strange land and their quest to get back home to their boring normal lives. Along the way, they find other "heroes" that were forced into this mess and want nothing more than to return to their original worlds. Things I liked: Characters. Probably the most defining aspect of a crossover game. The main reason I picked up this game was because I knew Etna, Marie, and the Darkstalkers cast were in it. The interaction between the characters. I didn't want to say the plot, because as expected of a crossover, it's hot garbage, but I liked how everyone interacted with each other, as well as all of the fourth wall breaking in the post-game. Adult York. Total stud. Things I didn't like: Battle system. While it seems really complicated at first, it's actually really simple and honestly, quite boring. There's five types of combos: Physical, which essentially boils down to comboing up a skill-type (A/B/C/D): A1 + A2 = Combo1; Combo1 + A1 + A2 = Combo2; Combo2 + A2 + A3 ..., Magical and Ranged (similar to physical combo but with magic/ranged techniques), and Mix attacks that are slightly more complicated and honestly not worth using since their damage is lower than its counterparts, and EX-combos which combines specific EX-skill types to combo. The game is completely doable without Mix and EX combos, as I never found them worth the hassle to use. Once you get comfortable with knowing which character has which skills and you are able to use Fanatic Rave (strongest physical) and/or Ragnarok (strongest magical), that's all you'll do until the final fight in the post game. You'll probably unlock it around a third of the way through the regular storyline (or at least I did). Due to each character having specific skills and skill-types, the only good parties are those that can combo with each other. So if you're unfortunate enough to like characters that are incompatible with each other, sucks to suck. Who wants to play a crossover game to use just their favorite characters from different series? Marie and the synthesis system. Words cannot express how awful this system is. The equipment forging system is similar to the Atelier series, as in you get the required ingredients, bring them back to base, and alchemize a new item. Yay! Unless Marie decides to mess up like the klutz she is. That's right, there is an additional RNG mechanic tied to creating equipment and items (on top of the RNG of getting the drops you want), so you're at the mercy of the game. There is no way around it: Marie's combat level is irrelevant, Marie's alchemy level is irrelevant; it's just you and the RNG goddess having a race. Because of this, you're going to have to back out of the alchemy menu all the way, so you can save every few steps to save your progress. Also, Marie has this "oh no... 😅" face that covers the screen when she messes up. Not cool. Note: There is a steal mechanic in the game that is tied to specific skills, however, there are some enemies that are immune to stealing, so you have to farm them the old fashioned way. Another note: Despite all of th guides and discussions about the game, there's no mention/consideration that stealing is tied to the character's LUK stat. I proved this myself in the endgame as York couldn't steal from some of the bosses at all, but once I dumped all of my bonus points into his LUK stat, he was able to steal from everyone without an issue. There was a hypothesis that it was tied to the character's level, but I tried with multiple characters and the consensus is that it's definitely the LUK stat. Also, Marie decided to keep messing up the last item I needed to make for the platinum so I kept resetting for about 7 minutes. I'm still bitter from that. The shop. This somewhat ties in with the previous bullet point, but I'd say it warrants its own bullet. After successfully making an item, it registers in the store for purchase, so you get to save time for recipes that require lower leveled items (which is essentially everything past the first two tiers of weapon). Except, not every item will register, in fact about 95% of them won't. Because of this, you'll be making and remaking the same items several times with some of the final weapons taking ridiculous amounts of forging (and thus backing out and saving). Some weapons have awful recipe chains the are frustrating because of these mechanics (like my favorite, the Argemein, as seen below): Lots of forced and uncomfortable fan service. Typical hot springs event, costumes only for the girls, boys are gross and disgusting. The usual. Honestly, this game is a complete mess and frustrating to play. It's like the developers didn't think any of the mechanics through, and the whole shop/alchemy catastrophe makes it completely not worth playing. I would never recommend this game to anyone, and I have a deep hatred for Marie and her incompetency.
  7. Like the others said, it's 20 seconds once the first boss dies. However, the trophy does glitch sometimes (it did for me and a few others I was boosting with). The fix we all found to work was to change who was hosting and try again. For whatever reason, it popped on the second attempt for all of us that experienced the glitch.
  8. Those look like some grindy bronze trophies.
  9. Updated to include Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force: #60: Ultimate Fencer About the game FFF:ADF is a remaster of the PS3 game Fairy Fencer F; it was made by the lovely Compile Heart and Idea Factory. This version of the game includes two new storylines based on your decisions in the early game, as well as some new playable characters. The plot follows Fang and his fairy, Eryn, as they attempt to bring back the Goddess for world peace by collecting Furies while eating as much food as possible. Along the way, the meet other fencers that are collecting Furies for their own reasons. Things I liked: The plot. The characters were really funny, and I loved all of the character interactions. The music. All of it is really good. Personal favorites include: Fairize theme, Marianna's theme, Clockwork Universe The battle system. It's pretty fun and is a really nice step-up from previous CH/IF battle systems. The only functions I didn't really utilize were the personal skills (for anyone that's not Fang or Pippin/Noie for their respective trophies) and switching. Transformation scenes for everyone Things I didn't like: Not being able to reorganize/unequip spells/skills. There's a decent amount of them for each character, and I don't think I used more than 10-15% of them in total. Berserker trophy. I was able to complete all three storylines with less than 3,000 kills, so 10k seems a bit excessive for most players. Although, the grind wasn't too bad; you can easy solo it with Tiara in the first DLC floor in the tower rather "quickly". Honestly, this is probably the best game to come out of Compile Heart and Idea Factory. The fanservice was kept to a minimum and it felt equal for both genders.The storyline was really funny, and I just had a blast playing it. It's probably one of my favorite games for the PS4 now.
  10. Last rare took about 6 hours and got it on a map I didn't play too often. Final treasure was a common that I got within an hour or two in Chateau the next day.
  11. Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force is pretty easy. The 10k kills trophy is somewhat time consuming though.
  12. Really enjoy watching your speedruns. Looking forward to your future videos.
  13. Updated to include Uncharted 3 (PS3) - DLC. I normally wouldn't include getting 100% for DLC, but I'm making an exception for the wild ride that is the Uncharted 3 PS3 trophy list. I think my experience was opposite of most; I enjoyed the grind of Hoarder/Collector, but was stressed out of my mind for the Overseer attempts. Managing teams of 5-6 people for the competitive trophies was frustrating as well. But it doesn't matter. It's over; I'm free~
  14. [Uncharted 3] OVERSEER! I still can't breathe...

  15. [Uncharted 3] Treasures finally completed! Now only Overseer stands in my way and the elusive 100%.

    1. Charizarzar


      Congrats, hope you get it soon. Treasures are all I need but I’m having horrible luck.

    2. Makilio


      Thanks, hope your luck turns around. Those treasures were a pain!