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  1. Platinum #67: Shining Resonance Refrain

    The game was frustratingly mediocre across the board.

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    2. kidson2004


      Congrats!! I have it in my backlog lol.

    3. DamagingRob


      That's about what I'd heard, so I've stayed away. Congrats!

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  2. Updated to include Uncharted 1 Remastered and Shining Resonance Refrain. #66: Platinum Things I liked Nate and Elena's dialogue. I started the series with 3, so it was really nice to see how they met and how their relationship started to develop. The brutal playthrough was a lot of fun. While I did miss the mechanics I got used to during the U3 grind, I was still pretty good at the game and had a lot of fun in the shooting scenes. I didn't find any of them too difficult/frustrating. (although I would hope that's the case after 300+ hours of frustration in 3) Things I didn't like The jeep chapter, especially on Brutal difficulty. Being killed in one shot before you get control of your character isn't cool. The descendants. Scared the hell out of me in the bunker on all of my playthroughs when they popped around corners, even when I knew where they were. #67: Shining Resonance Refrain Things I liked The music is nice, although I would put it below Eternal Sonata's soundtrack. Things I didn't like Characters. They were all pretty one dimensional with no character growth throughout the game. There were plenty of plot points that could've been used to develop several of the characters in this small cast, but for some reason, the writers didn't feel that it was necessary. No quick navigation. There's a consumable item you can use to warp back to town, but there's nothing to help you navigate to the further portions of the map. A way to warp to the minor camps would have been nice. There's an item in the post game that doesn't get consumed when you warped, but I already went and bought a large amount of the consumable type prior to unlocking it that i didn't really see the need to get it. Lack of difficulty. The only boss I found difficult was Beatrice, who was a really minor boss/antagonist in the grand scheme of the plot. Every other boss was laughably easy, even without using the Shining Dragon form. I cleared all of the post-game battles using it and didn't actually pay attention. I just mashed away and that apparently was good enough. All content in the game can be easily done by level 80, which is weird since the level cap is apparently 200. The plot. It falls somewhere between bad and mediocre. Dating. It felt like watching two high schoolers awkwardly trying to romance each other. It was really uncomfortable, especially for Marion who looks really young and has some sort of Stockholm syndrome going on. Run animation. There was momentum, so your characters would slow to a halt when you tried to go back to walking which was really clunky. It was also awkward to turn while running while going around corners or navigating around enemies in dungeons.
  3. I think every game should have a trophy that rivals the grind of Star Ocean 4 or Mugen Souls.
  4. If people want to replay games for more trophies, more power to them. I think auto-popping trophies is a little silly though since most of my satisfaction comes from earning the trophy. I don't foresee myself getting any more stacks outside of the Disgaea series, but things can change.
  5. Disgaea 5 - The First Alliance
  6. I'd probably only delete the two trophies I got from Agarest Generations of War Zero. I haven't played it in years, nor have I gotten the urge to. I'd probably go back and replay it some day. It's just a question of when I feel like it.
  7. If you're willing to play games with multiplayer features, you should probably prioritize their online trophies if you're worried about missing trophies. Most developers give ample warning prior to shutdown.
  8. [Uncharted 1 Remastered] Brutal difficulty finished and 100% achieved!... I think I'm done with this series for awhile.

    1. DamagingRob


      Nicely done!

  9. Uncharted's a great series; highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it yet.
  10. #66: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered Missed a lot of the QoL updates since I played 3 first, but still a really fun game!
  11. Updated to include Kingdom Hearts 3 and Dragon's Dogma (because I was too lazy to do KH3 for a month) #64: KINGDOM HEARTS III Complete Master Things I liked San Fransokyo. The world itself was pretty cool; I spent most of my post-game grinding there if I didn't have to be in a specific world. I liked the world's theme as well. The gameplay. I liked all the changes they've made to the battle system. It flows really nicely. Things I didn't like How forced the worlds felt. Most of the worlds felt completely forced, like Disney told the developers they had to use these specific worlds. There was no reason for Pirates of the Caribbean to be on here; the plot spanned over 2 (3?) of the movies and made no sense without context. How predictable the ending of the game was. Sora Verum Rex. I think I actually would've taken a 100 Acre wood world over this minigame's trophy. #65: The True Arisen Things I liked The pawn system. It was cool how you could use other players' pawn as part of your party (and vice versa with your pawn). The opening theme. I remember seeing an ad for this game with the theme playing, which is the main reason why I bought it in the first place. Symone's run and fall animations. Things I didn't like The world. It's pretty empty with no variance in spawns. It got really boring, really quickly. The boss battles were exciting the first time you faced a particular boss, but once you've started seeing them around the map, it got annoying. Pawn holding enemies or yelling at enemies.. The game starts to lag and pans over to wherever the pawn/enemy are while they shout "Now, master. Strike!" The transition was not done well and made fights more frustrating than they should be. Storyline. It was nonexistent for 80% of the game, and then it wasn't even that good.
  12. #65: Dragon's Dogma
  13. [Dragon's Dogma] I swear Reynard doesn't exist outside of Trials and Tribulations.

    1. Otonio_Bruno


      He does exist outside that quest, it's just because he's a wandering merchant and keeps traveling between the encampment, Cassardis and Gran Soren, so most of time you kinda need to be lucky to find him roaming around.



      See notes on how to track him easier for his quests.

  14. Updated to include Grand Kingdom #63: Hero of Resonail About the game Grand Kingdom is about a person who ends up in charge of a mercenary troop with one goal in mind: become famous. As for the actual plot, the storyline isn't required for the platinum, so I didn't play it. The game itself plays very uniquely; the best way to describe it is mobile-esque, but even that does not feel right. The battle system takes place on three rows that are fairly long with you and the enemy troop on opposite sides. You're able to populate the field with traps and various obstacles to spice up the battle. Things I liked Each class feels really unique to use. This is due to there being two sets of techniques: class-specific and for-everyone. There are some similarities between classes (archers vs hunters, witches vs arcanists), but even "similar" classes felt completely different. The music and artwork were really good. It's pretty stunning. The online War mode. Being able to test your troop against other players' teams was pretty nice. Additionally, the battles were pretty fun until you created an all-powerful team. Things I didn't like The ACT stat / class priority. This stat is how turn order is determined. Units with the highest ACT stat (which is class specific) go first; in the event of a tie, AGI is used, followed by invasion (vs defending), followed by unit placement. While the ACT system isn't a bad mechanic, it felt underwhelming to use classes that had lower ACT. It also didn't help that one of the strongest classes (Paladin) had the highest ACT. This also led to units with low ACT being borderline unusable *cough* Dragon Mages, While using 4 min-maxed Paladins won't win you every fight due to them having blatant counters, the game wasn't popular enough to create an anti-Paladin meta in the online War. Them being ridiculously strong allowed you to do stupid things like solo level 96+ teams with a non-min-maxed one with the proper set-up. Some higher level players caught onto this and created specific teams to counter this, which while frustrating, would've made investing into other units more worthwhile if they were more popular. Weird mid to late game feeling. The strongest equipment is around level 40-50, even including the elusive War-only equipment. After getting your mid-level equipment and strengthen it at the blacksmith, you're essentially done unless you want to train multiple troops (where there's no incentive to really do so). Online War enemies. While I did like the mode, it didn't feel balanced, probably due to the lack of a playerbase. Most of the time you'd fight troops that are sub-50 despite being level 99 on three of your characters. This led to pretty boring battles. Other times, you might run into 10 anti-Paladin level 96+ troops in a row (totally happened one day) that destroyed me. Battles pretty much always felt one-sided. Overall, I felt it was a pretty fun game with its downsides. I felt this is one of those games where a trophy list actually makes it less enjoyable since it forces you to play a specific way (although, that way is somewhat optimal anyways). I feel like the War mode is a major portion of the actual gameplay, and with the servers closing, there's not much life left into the game. Despite having a lot of fun playing Grand Kingdom, I can't really recommend it anymore since future experiences will be missing out on a lot.
  15. He shows up after a war ends if you were contracted to a country during the war.