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  1. Does anyone have Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Free to Play? We should play together but I kinda suck but I'll get a hang of this.

    1. ANTIOX_


      i played the beta but have not downloaded the f2p multiplayer as like you i sucked ;)

    2. UltimateSpiderXD


      Is it possible if you play the full game against the f2p game for uncharted 3?

    3. ANTIOX_


      I have no idea mate! I remember being equally rubbish in the multiplayer for uncharted 2 though lol

  2. My mind is like a video game and I want to play it. what's on your mind?

    1. Wayne Moxxi

      Wayne Moxxi

      Dragon Age 2 and my wife.

  3. im new here on this site.

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    2. mattie_medusa


      Welcome to the site :D

    3. MrCostari


      Welcome! I'm sure you'll love it here!

    4. LinYoshiBelle


      Heyyy, Ulti!! We're noobs!