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  1. They have acknowledged the problem. https://www.gran-turismo.com/us/gt7/news/00_8730173.html Trophies  - Some Trophies will not unlock if you played the game on both PlayStation®5 console and PlayStation®4 system.
  2. Hagerty Valuation tool: https://www.hagerty.com/valuation-tools/ I've searched for a few cars and prices match, e.g. 20M Shelby Cobra, https://www.hagerty.com/valuation-tools/shelby/cobra_daytona/1964/1964-shelby-cobra_daytona?id=aCn1I000000DJtFSAW&search=q%3D1964%20Shelby%20Cobra%20Daytona Giulia TZ-2, https://www.hagerty.com/valuation-tools/alfa_romeo/tz~2/1965/1965-alfa_romeo-tz~2
  3. That is what I believe as well... not supporting PS5 trophy tracker is on purpose. It does not make sense that such an exclusive game (maybe the number one and most important Sony exclusive) does not support one of the basic PS5 features.
  4. Maybe I'm an idiot or I'm missing something... @Septomor Why when starting the race, does my car hit the first and third car and then hits the one being 2nd place? All settings are the same as you mentioned above and I'm using the intermediate difficulty. Are we not looking for a clean race bonus with the script approach? Edit: Nevermind.. it seems I got a clean race bonus even after hitting two cars... Now l have to look for in this thread why it does not always click next race and goes to world GT series race instead of panam. Edit2: not clicking next race button > reason: timing issue due to having completed the daily marathon and there were additional clicks for the roulette ticket. not clicking the Panam race after exiting and it was hovering over World GT series > reason: I had not completed the World GT series and it was the currently active menu cafe book.
  5. It reminds me of Cassandra’s tea-bagging to level 99… btw it does not work with OS X. Although wine 32bit can run on osx high sierra, and the exe can be executed without errors, there is no possibility to interpret the script contents for osx. Any script needs to be written again for Applescript, but unfortunately I don’t have the time to investigate this.
  6. I was looking for this as well. There are some alternatives but the AHK script provided here most probably does not work.
  7. License / Missions / Circuit Experience - In certain events of the Licenses, Mission Challenges, and Circuit Experience, the specified tires are not equipped on the vehicle and as a result, their difficulty is increased. Those issues are planned to be solved with a future update. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. https://www.gran-turismo.com/us/gt7/news/00_8730173.html
  8. The trophies pop only after the race ends (after the end results are displayed and a 20sec timer runs out) and saves your progress. I do not know if it keeps the miles progress after you quit since all of us waited for the race to end normally.
  9. Practice mode does NOT count. You have to start the actual race and then press pause and it will auto drive. Start a 200 lap race on Daytona oval (1.5h) or a 4h endurance race on space x circuit and use tomahawk srt. With this car each Daytona lap is 27 sec and the space x circuit is 3.16min per lap. Online miles are combined from all players racing with you, so the more the better. In the process, you will earn all other miles trophies plus two speed trophies.
  10. Yes, DBNO state inside the extraction aircraft counts for the trophy. I have been counting and the trophy popped exactly at 25 extractions. I advise anyone who is entitled to the PS4 version of the game (if you bought the digital PS5 edition), play this one on a PS5. Reasons: 1. Trophies are not buggy. They pop exactly when they are supposed to do. (I was struggling with trophies not popping on the PS5 version, not to mention the crashes). 2. Fewer squads. Less players to deal with. 6 squads instead of 8 on PS5 version. 3. Enable cross play and you will always find players. Maybe because PS4 and previous XBox players base is still much larger due to not many having the latest consoles. 4. I have not played HZ on PS5 but I guess there is a chance it will matchmake with PC players if you enable cross play? I wouldn't want that. Some tips: Try to get at least one friend (irl or psn) with you so that you can communicate. Communication and callouts is key to a successful extraction. I have done at least eight/ten clean exits, all due to good communication. Once you get the trophy for 50 drives, do not collect any drives. Go only for the extraction. Drives give away your position. Collect drives only when you are the last squad or close to extracting and there is no danger; just to get you some more money. Go for the uplinks. Gather as much as you can. Use the rangers, use the LATV4 with 30mm cannon. Do not forget to deploy them. LATV4 can win the round for you, if two players communicating, one drives and the other one operates the cannon. Choose at least Dozer/Boris for your team. Extractions count ONLY when you are inside the extraction aircraft alive or in DBNO state.
  11. You'are talking about the game crashing on PS5? For me, yes, it started on Thursday, it crashes after a couple of minutes in a game with error code ce-108255-1. Other games work fine.
  12. Ribbons progress only in matches against real people and in the officially promoted portal matches (like the Rush 2042 mode a few days ago). Not against bots, not in any custom matches. It does not have to be all in the same game. Are you sure you have completed everything? The level 3 itself needs to be completed (the turquoise progress bar) and at the end of the game it should state 2,000 (max xp bonus for completing level 3).
  13. I believe you only need 11 vehicles and a few infantry kills. You get more progress if a helicopter you shoot down has more than two players in it. So if you get quad kills from destroying vehicles you don’t need any infantry kills. I nearly got it in a breakthrough match in Hourglass that took longer than expected (attacking side), but the buildings at the last sectors messed up with the tracking of the rocket. Not to mention that a helicopter with full health may need 3 rockets. Reloading is slow, locking the target looks like being buggy as numerous times I had it locked but it did not allow me to shoot the rocket. I got 10 vehicles (air only) destroyed and two or three infantry kills and it was like still one fourth of the progress bar left to complete the level 3 ribbon. I only needed one more vehicle… Of course, you need Angel with the loadout crate for constant resupplying.
  14. I got it after a Portal TDM match (the current active event BF3 vs BF2). In solo conquest with bots, even if I was placed as first squad many times, it did not pop. Maybe because it was a squad with only one member, me... I don't know.
  15. No, just a single class. I did it with my warlock. Use DIM > Records > Badges to track your progress on each class and proceed accordingly.