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  1. This game has the best trophy images I've ever seen before, that was enough to keep me sold
  2. My guess its that they'll do the same as PW3 with their own story for Wano (like in Dressrosa). Also this confirms that we can play as Drake as well? Hoping they actually fix the outfits for these arcs, for example the first trailer had Sanji and Luffy with their timeskip outfit instead of their Whole Cake ones (aside from the Sanji gameplay which had him in the wedding suit); now Zoro in Wano with his regular outfit as well. Nonetheless, super hyped! This and DBZ Kakarrot are my top games of 2020 by far.
  3. >Waits for them to announce a second season pass
  4. The logo kinda hints that Kaido will be in it. Here's praying they can sneak in Wano since by the time the game will be out, the anime will probably be 1/3 into it. As long as they keep the roster from the last game and add in Katakuri, everything else will be fine with me.
  5. Shurorororo. Sadly the boss fight in the last DLC was the first time I've ever been on the tip of my feet fighting an enemy in the entire game, makes me nervous how deadlier the next one will be. Even using the easy setting and the setting where enemies are underleveled barely helps.
  6. "Habit of hiding embarrassing Japanese imported games" - Games are not embarrassing. It's embarrassing to take this hobby way too seriously. It shows that you lack self esteem and confidence.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ahmedelebiary


      But those hidden trophies are just his hacked games.. he has dozens of them :D

    3. German_Atheist


      Obscene? Who gives a crap about that? I don't mind speaking publicly about my sexual preferences in great detail. It's 2019, fellas, and God™ is a lie. God™, or whatever fictional reason that made you develop this childish behaviour. 😎

    4. Fenrirfeather


      Meanwhile, in Germany... 


      hiding brutal games of evil, murder-inspiring violence that can transform the common man into a real life violent killer machine (think: God of War, Call of Duty or Assassins Creed) is of far greater importance 


      What can you do :giggle:

  7. Nothing better than the fresh smell of wet cement to start your morning. Rain rain rain
  8. One Piece Treasure Cruise... 3 years and counting
  9. English wise - Macklemore Thrift Shop (had that in my head for some reason despite the last time I heard it was like in 2014) Spanish - Aventura "Cuando Volveras"
  10. 8th rewatch of The Office (US) since January. 3rd rewatch of Breaking Bad.
  11. Finally a time to grab some VR games, nothing else jumps out.
  12. Judgment, Persona 5 and Hollow Knight
  13. Still trying to get my girlfriend to catchup to One Piece
  14. Same issue with Judgment as well
  15. Johacamigames Saints Row: The Third I spent almost 2 days without sleeping playing the game... none of it was done by cheating by any means, and even the final trophy which was to play for 30 hours I ended up having to putting a rubberband on my controller because I ended up finishing most things in under 20 hours.