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  1. People complaining about people using glitches and exploits when they're on a website dedicated to trophy hunting never fails to make me laugh. As a gamer with limited time if something exists to cut down the number of playthroughs a platinum takes you better believe i'm going to use it.
  2. His review gave the game 85% and from what i've read this game is a broken mess without the day one patch installed, its barely playable. It's a valid question whether he installed it. There may have been further patches since the big 19gb one. I don't know I turned off automatic updates as soon as I read there may be a glitch 😂
  3. Was this with the day one patch installed?
  4. Oh look a NFS game with a smash billboards trophy. Same shit different year.
  5. Approximate amount of time to platinum: 40-50 hours on Story Difficulty / 50-60 hours on Balance Difficulty / 60-70+ hours on No Mercy Difficulty
  6. From the trophy guide:- PS4/PS5 Autopop & Save Transfer: Yes, but only from PS4 > PS5 (not from PS5 > PS4), it autopops all trophies including Platinum instantly upon loading the PS4 save on PS5
  7. Don't sleep on the co-op difficulty if Night Fight, Hellride, and Kings of the Mountain are Spec Ops missions. The Spec Ops trophies were listed as DLC on MW2019 and they were tough. Me and my friend couldn't finish one of them.
  8. Handy to know. This is the one bad part of this excellent game so far, having to adapt play styles, wish I could just play it how I like.
  9. I think me and a lot of others use to see what new games are out/trophy lists worth going for next. With the absolute deluge of shovelware trash Sony allow on the store now these pages have become next to useless. I miss so many new lists of games I'm actually interested in because the list is full of Hungry Hippo Stroker, Naco Jump Turbo Max Edition, Slightly Hilly Road Journey and Salami Quiz, they've even started re-releasing these pieces of crap in a Halloween Edition. I would like to suggest the ability to hide duplicate games that are grouped together on this page. Or you could make the first version of a game the main one and then any subsequent versions a subsection to that game that we can collapse. Or somehow make the ability to tick a game on this list and it hides all version of this game or add a "hide ticked" option. I don't know these are off the top of my head. I know programming is difficult and it wouldn't be easy but something has to be done. I can feel my very interest in trophy hunting disappearing as I look at the list of recent games and its just depressing.
  10. There isn't a PS5 version of Last Of Part 2
  11. Nothing to do with Sony, thats a developer decision. They could offer it for free if they wanted to.
  12. Bit of a joke they are charging for the upgrade when the game released in such a broken mess.
  13. What was the way to get it? Might pick up the disc if its a lot quicker haha
  14. Is this game OK to start now? I hate starting games that have glitched gameplay/trophies. What would people rate the difficulty/time to platinum?
  15. I have this problem all the time, a quick close of the game and re-open and load and it 100% of the time fixes it!