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  1. I mean you could just you know not play it 😂
  2. The newest patch added a save transfer from PS4. This autopops all the trophies on the PS5 version. I just did it myself.
  3. I dont have it on PS5 or id test it myself. Just speaking from years of playing it on PC.
  4. If anyone has a keyboard its the ` key which is above TAB that brings up the console command.
  5. If anyone can figure out how to bring up the console command on PlayStation these are the codes you want to input impulse 9 - gives all weapons and level keys impulse 255 - gives your weapon quad damage god - makes you take no damage
  6. You can do the online trophy in a local only MP game with training difficulty bots. Use map DM5:The Cistern and go here, that's the gun you need and its right next to water.
  7. If they ported over the console commands then this will be a 1/10 difficulty. All you need is to type god into the console and you cant take damage.
  8. Can't wait to jump back into this later today. Think I will go straight into the DLC, trophies looks easy enough. Shame they added new Legends Mode trophies though :-(
  9. Really looking forward to this. Looks like Doom a bit. Nice variety of trophies too!
  10. But on the other end of the scale 60% of players haven't even seen past the first boss 😂
  11. I think i'm done with this game to be honest. Its more frustrating than fun. I just had the first boss to half of his last health bar left and my game crashed so was right back at the start. I'm never going to see the end of the game so whats the point in trying. I have plenty of other games in my backlog and i'll be selling this while it still has value. I suspect there will be LOTS of second hand copies available soon.
  12. I knew i'd regret buying this but didn't expect it to be so soon 😂 My playtime is now 5.5 hours and I can't even kill the first boss 😂
  13. For those on the fence with this one and its £70 price my advice....wait a few weeks.....Ebay etc will be flooded with copies from the masses who can't get past the first boss. This game is difficult and i'd bet 90% of the people that aren't trophy hunters will just give up and sell it. Thats not to say it isn't brilliant so far mind you.
  14. It'll be easy they said 😂
  15. I'm all for difficult games and mixing it up with new fresh ideas. But whats the point of spending millions of dollars on developing a game that 90+% of the payers wont see a third of it. (going by PowerPyxs comment above) I've argued with my friends that Dark Souls / Bloodborne etc should have an easy mode for people that just can't do these games but it always get counter argued by those that wish to gatekeep these games for the 'git gud' brigade. I LOVED Sekiro up until I got to a point where no matter how many hours I played/tried to get better I couldn't get past. I would've loved to have seen what else the game had for me but alas I had to delete and sell.