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  1. Really looking forward to this. Looks like Doom a bit. Nice variety of trophies too!
  2. Looks similar to the Oddworld remaster a few years back. Annoying trophies but should be OK once a guide is out.
  3. But on the other end of the scale 60% of players haven't even seen past the first boss πŸ˜‚
  4. I think i'm done with this game to be honest. Its more frustrating than fun. I just had the first boss to half of his last health bar left and my game crashed so was right back at the start. I'm never going to see the end of the game so whats the point in trying. I have plenty of other games in my backlog and i'll be selling this while it still has value. I suspect there will be LOTS of second hand copies available soon.
  5. I knew i'd regret buying this but didn't expect it to be so soon πŸ˜‚ My playtime is now 5.5 hours and I can't even kill the first boss πŸ˜‚
  6. For those on the fence with this one and its Β£70 price my advice....wait a few weeks.....Ebay etc will be flooded with copies from the masses who can't get past the first boss. This game is difficult and i'd bet 90% of the people that aren't trophy hunters will just give up and sell it. Thats not to say it isn't brilliant so far mind you.
  7. It'll be easy they said πŸ˜‚
  8. I'm all for difficult games and mixing it up with new fresh ideas. But whats the point of spending millions of dollars on developing a game that 90+% of the payers wont see a third of it. (going by PowerPyxs comment above) I've argued with my friends that Dark Souls / Bloodborne etc should have an easy mode for people that just can't do these games but it always get counter argued by those that wish to gatekeep these games for the 'git gud' brigade. I LOVED Sekiro up until I got to a point where no matter how many hours I played/tried to get better I couldn't get past. I would've loved to have seen what else the game had for me but alas I had to delete and sell.
  9. How do so many people have this already?
  10. Don't underestimate the difficulty on this one. Its a Housemarquee game after all! Something simple like finishing the surveys might have parts only available on a hard difficulty or something.
  11. Nothing ruins my excitement for a new game more than a speed run and having to play on the hardest difficulty trophy. Will now pick this up when on a sale.
  12. How do you unlock this? I think I must be doing something wrong. Getting close to them then hitting the Nitro never sets them on fire.
  13. As is the way the next time I tried they magically set on fire after 20 minutes of not doing it! Remember if you're having problems with a trophy post a thread about it and you'll almost immediately unlock it :-)
  14. You need to clear the four Wraith Lairs and then the quest that opens up after those to unlock Servant Of The Gods too. I was having the same issue and it unlocked after I did those.
  15. What is this suit Mod called? Unless i'm blind I cant see it at all in the suit Mods pages lol
  16. I don't think Ubisoft Connect launches until November.
  17. Took around an hour but I did it. The best tip I can offer is to use the Ram button (X) when taking corners. It makes them much easier imo!
  18. Are you holding R2? That transfers you out too!
  19. 5 wins in a row is basically impossible. The fifth round is always a winner take all event with a minimum of 8 players (I think) The platinum for this will be ultra rare.
  20. This is why I don't buy games from indie studios on release. They always are a buggy mess when it comes to trophies! I solved the above glitch by restarting my PS4 But now all my maps have zero markers on them to tell me there are unscanned animals. Problem is Remora is on 3/9 on the log.
  21. Pretty sure my game has glitched. I have one octopus left to find and i'm fairly sure its in the Atol region. I have been the marked area on the map in all three instances and it just isn't there.
  22. Why does every baseball game have to have a hit for the cycle trophy. They are annoying and tedious in EVERY game.
  23. Is this glitched? I'm sure i've killed several downed enemies with head damage from a grenade. Any good spots to try for it?
  24. Can you save and quit during missions, back up your save to the cloud and then relaunch the game?