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  1. Hey Im trying to help my friend with Death's door trophy. I remembered getting mine opening the door but she has tried at least 4 times already to make the trophy pop. I already got mine 2 months ago. but I don't know if its glitched now? anyone had any problems?
  2. yup redid crash tutorial and got MP101 finally. just noticed that the trophy went to .2% so it had to be fixed. rejoice everyone!
  3. I too can enjoy this feeling finally! OMG 4 years of trying and finally got it!
  4. I am also getting crazy glitches. no crashes yet but just a polygon tunnel during Ep3. during the brothers reunion, Javier's bookbag is stretched into the next dimension, the map scene, and a few other points of dialogue.
  5. to confirm you can buy one of either 1/2 or 1/3 plots of that owner owns but it will be a lost cause if you accidentally buy a plot if the owner has only one. Got my trophy btw
  6. Would you still miss the trophy if you buy one of the 3 plot the farmer owns? I know it states help one of each but if you buy one plot of 3 he owns would I still miss it or is there still a chance?
  7. if you have a 2nd ps4 you can do this by yourself. im currently doing this for the remainder of my jason trophies
  8. they got me fucked up for 44 bronze trophies
  9. in their fourms
  10. how Do I go about finishing this mission? I've let a person in my party get 9 kills and ive hit and killed him 3 times in one game. none of it registered. maybe I am doing something wrong? can anyone guide me into how to finish alan?
  11. I was getting excited and just about to install when I got a pop up saying romate play wasnt compatible on my windows xp x64
  12. It's there a way to set it to private match and boost from there?
  13. I find that in performance test once you gain functions and lost them in battle you would not have them again after the wave. So make sure you are good in the beginning that you would not lose a function. You would more than likely lose a function that has an upgrade attached when defeated out of 4. Use your functions with 4 mem I place half of them in the passive slot I would have help load mask and bounce in my passive slots and work around what I gain in the upcoming waves. It's patience and priority really take the time to figure out combos and backstabs. Once you have multiples of the same function use them wisely.
  14. Did anyone else get this at all? I am at 81% and the trophy failed to appear. Anyone else want to rule this out as a glitch?
  15. 3 hours is ridiculous