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  1. Thought this might help some of you
  2. Matchup M: My vote goes to Umbreon. I feel the signature is well made and clean. Matchup N: My vote goes to Arcanine. Well done. Although I really like the clock on Drowzee.
  3. This is only certain stores. It sucks one bad apple ruins them all. :/
  4. Ah, so it was yours who I voted for. I really like it! Not sure how I feel about these two just yet...
  5. Signature #4!
  6. Here you go, sorry for the wait. If you want something changed, let me know.
  7. Not bad. I dig the depth, and the text looks pretty good!
  8. I got this one @Dragon-Archon
  9. Glad you like it.
  10. Really only looking forward to 2 games: Horizon Zero Dawn Persona 5 Kingdom Hearts 3
  11. Welcome to the site
  12. Thank you! I agree. I had them blasting as I made it, so I think that helped get the overall feel. Glad you like it.