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  1. You can now dowload the DLC part for free if you bought the Deluxe version or season pass.
  2. Problem reported in Codemasters forum ¶
  3. The track is not include in the season pass? I need to purchase it on the store
  4. So muche points loss!!!! This is crasy
  5. Problem is also on Xbox and PC! Codemasters are really the masters
  6. I will wait! This year it's a shame
  7. Same problem here! There is so much problems with trophies unlock and Codemasters....
  8. Thanks Available in the french store if someone want it
  9. Problem solve with the last update 1.05
  10. You can do it with just one controller and without AI
  11. Still impossible
  12. Same for me. Impossible to find how to do it
  13. Thanks. Bad habit with PlayStation Store!
  14. Episode 3 was announced to be release on January 15. I saw alreade some walkthrough on Youtube. Anyone know when will it be available on PS4?
  15. A very, very easy platinum!