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  1. Really easy but a boring game
  2. This is exactly why I hate online trophy!
  3. But when you're rank A or S, there is not a lot of people in the lobby. With 4 people, you need to be 1 or 2 or you lost points. I tested with a new account and quicky got 1800 points without driving at all.
  4. Hi, The method of posting my problem on a forum still works! I was able to find my second account and finally boost this trophy rght after my message!!! In just over 3 hours, I managed to get the 2,000 points necessary for this trophy, starting from 1200 points. Thanks for the tip.
  5. My 2 accounts seem not to be able to be in the same same lobby! I always find the same people and I think we must have almost the same amount of points. Rank S for both accounts but one have only 1150 points and the other one nearly 1800. Is there is something wrong for me?
  6. Very easy this year! I really hipe there is no bugs
  7. None of them. But I spent way to much time for these platinum. I prefer spend time now on game I really love. I stil do some easy platinum time to time.
  8. Hit, I need help with the trading trophies for the trophies One Better and Certifiable .
  9. You can now dowload the DLC part for free if you bought the Deluxe version or season pass.
  10. Problem reported in Codemasters forum ΒΆ
  11. The track is not include in the season pass? I need to purchase it on the store
  12. So muche points loss!!!! This is crasy
  13. Problem is also on Xbox and PC! Codemasters are really the masters
  14. I will wait! This year it's a shame
  15. Same problem here! There is so much problems with trophies unlock and Codemasters....