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  1. Don't really have much trade other than a very rare banner (can't be used for trophy) and a certified item with the sniper tag. Would like to trade the banner for a very rare item that can be used for the trophy, I just want to get the trophy and then you can get the item back. For the certified item I'd like to trade my cert. item w sniper tag with a cert. item that has the tags: Victor, Tactician, Striker, Scorer, Playmaker or Paragon. If interested in helping me you can either DM me here or on PSN.
  2. Am I the only getting infinite loading screens when trying to play the DLC events? It makes it impossible for me to play as I'm just sitting there waiting for the race to load and it eventually just freezes and forcing me to restart the ps3.
  3. I'm in need of 38 and it never changes
  4. I can swear that I've done the drogoz method by shotting myself down to 10% health 50+ times, legit been under 10% health in actual gunfights and survived a lot more than 50 times, but whenever I check the awards page it keeps showing the same number for the last couple days. Everything else updates when I close the game and reopens it except for this stupid award/trophy! Anyone have any experience with this happening for you aswell and tips and tricks to get the trophy/fix this bug.