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  1. 1. Silent Hill 2 remastered or an all new Silent Hill game 2. Dishonored 3
  2. Hey guys that's game number 3 done. I got Ni No Kuni 2 finished up a few days ago. Decent game but way too much unnecessary grinding at the end and too many fetch quests. One True King (please note - There was no DLC on this game when I added it to my pyramid nor when I started playing the game, hence why it is at 95%)
  3. Otacon {Metal Gear Solid}
  4. Oceanhorn First piece- collect your first piece of heart ❤ Resident Evil 6 Buried Secrets- Finish chapter 2 in Leon's campaign Ni No Kuni 2- Revenant Kingdom 👑 Master of Magic- Awarded for upgrading your spells 50 times
  5. Silent Hill 2
  6. Nope, only the later Fallout games
  7. Doloran (Ni No Kuni 2)
  8. Jet Set Radio
  9. Viewtiful Joe
  10. The Evil Within 2 Learn to Survive (platinum trophy)
  11. Unfortunately, no. I loved the remake though. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
  12. Ezio Auditore Bath 🛁 or Shower 🚿
  13. Vacuous
  14. Sincerity
  15. Yakuza 0
  16. Quint Cetcham a.k.a. Jackass (Resident Evil: Revelations)
  17. Kyrie (Devil May Cry 4)
  18. WiiU Night or day?
  19. The Evil Within 2 platinum achieved yesterday. That's game #2 finished on my pyramid. Brilliant game, I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to all survival horror fans. Classic difficulty was a nightmare! Very tough, but rewarding too. 😊 Learn to Survive Survived the nightmare, and everything in between.
  20. Dex
  21. DMC Devil May Cry (PS3)
  22. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection SF 30th Anniversary Win 30 Ranked Matches in a Game
  23. Bulletstorm
  24. Xenoblade Chronicles
  25. Batu (Ni No Kuni 2)