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  1. Don't get baited by this troll topic
  2. Fall Guys is pretty trash indeed. I don't understand the hype about it
  3. I can't tell if I lost my win streak or not. I left the game the moment someone pushed me out from block game. I pressed Exit Show. As I was leaving, eliminated showed up on the screen, but I didn't get any kudos
  4. I'm asking if I farm 1000 levequests with PC subscription for 6 months, and after that I renew subscription on PS4, will the trophy pop up, or do I have to do all levequests on PS4? I've read that I can share same character on PC and PS4
  5. For anyone wondering if sending support tickets might help: it won't. I've send support ticket both to Ubisoft and Sony. From Ubisoft I just received information that they have no control over Playstation trophies, and that I should contact Sony instead. Response from Sony was no different; aside from suggestion to manually sync trophies (which didn't solve anything), they also responded that they can't give trophies to players on their own. The last advice Sony gave me made no sense for an online game, as they suggested for me to reload the checkpoint before all requirements for this trophy were fulfilled and complete those requirements again. I wonder if I got response from bot. So my only option now is to wait for new season and pray it'll unlock then.
  6. A new season just began, and I participated in previous season, so this trophy should've unlocked for me. I opened multiplayer, played 2 games and nothing. What's happening?
  7. @AJ_-_808 thank you for the template. I didn't have time before to check replies for this topic. I'll be sure to use it to help our case.
  8. Because I see that in some trophies last achievers are back from 1st August, which worries me.
  9. Can we make a thread on several subreddits about our issue, to get as many people as we can to help us at least get a proper response from CDPR? I'm not as good at writing speeches, so if there's anyone here confident enough to refine my scribbles, then together we could came up with something that could get people's attention.
  10. I can't find the dlc, which would allow me to get trophies for finishing game on grounded difficulty. I can find it on en-us site, but not anywhere else I look. I also can't use in-game downloable content function because of the server shutdown I presume.
  11. Remember remember the 3rd of September
  12. I just tried boosting online trophies with someone who owns normal edition of Mortal Kombat, when I own Komplete Edition of this game, but we've ran into issue that we can't join each other. Is it even possible for 2 versions of this game to play with each other, or not?