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  1. Was about to go back and finish my new game plus play through, before grounded mode comes out, but wanted to make sure of whether or not I could do a second NG+play through with my save file from the first NG+ play through, or if it was limited to 1 NG+ play through per save file?
  2. Your a huge fan of Dragon ball (this is reflected in your trophy cabinet and username. You also like a variety of fighting and brawler games.
  3. The deluxe version of AC7 is currently on sale in europe, and I was wondering if AC5 is still confirmed to be available from buying it?
  4. Bioshock Infinite
  5. For those wondering, the 140 days trophy seems to be 140 in game days or 15 IRL hours. seems to be similar to the 7 day survivor trophy in Dead Rising.
  6. I hate it to be honest, and here's why. First of all lagging out of games has been an abundant problem, as well as finding matches to join, it seems that half the time you are unable to find a game in any other playlist then tdm, even though there are thousands of players online. Secondly leveling is excruciatingly painful as it takes way to many games in order to progress (ive played 25 or so and am only level 8). with most of the good weapons being unlocked at higher ranks it makes leveling painful until you are able to reach a reasonable rank, and have a preffered build. Finally one of the 3 playable maps combine has some of the most broken spawns i have seen in a while. put together these issues make the beta almost unplayable to me, at least until it is patched.
  7. Last year i won a payday 2 tournament, reward was a $10 psn card, not to shabby...
  8. MY favorite part of the movie was the credits, not to ruin anything...
  9. enjoys earning rare trophies, specifically trophies that involve a lot of grinding.
  10. wdjat is extremely good at a variety of genres of games, and likes to take the time to platinum them.
  11. I left my ps3 on for 28 days straight (left it on mercenaries 2 so i wouldn't have to turn my playstation on whenever i played it, and it was fine, so 20 hours should not be a problem.
  12. Do you like the game Castle Crashers?

    1. Naoto Shirogane

      Naoto Shirogane

      Wow you didn't even answer my question.