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  1. My game keeps getting stuck on the white loading screen in the last chapter (23). I've tried rebooting the game and PS3 multiple times but to no avail, it keeps freezing at the same spot. Anyone else run into this and was able to solve it? I cannot find any mention of it anywhere. I'm minutes away from finishing the game and thus getting the platinum
  2. Nope, the patch notes are a lie, they added a SINGLE card Just the one from Pandaemonium. But it's always under Gold Saucer since that's the category the cards are in, doesn't mean there's new cards for sale. The fact that they use plural there is misleading though
  3. I'm pretty sure it works just like the raid trophies, so you'd have to do the boss FATE again to trigger it. You'll have plenty of chances to do those though once the queues calm down a bit, so just enjoy the game on PC now and then get the trophies out of the way at your own pace later. No need to rush, since it's not particularly hard content and the hunt community will be very active for the coming few months at least, as long as you're in a hunt linkshell it should be no problem tracking those down.
  4. You don't need the tournament cards for the trophy. Just have to place 1st in a tournament once for the card you get from that in-game achievement, but that's it, none of the silver cards are needed (and might not even count? Not sure). At least, that's what you needed for the 1-312 cards of the previous expansion which was the hardest to get to date. The new achievement just adds the Endwalker cards, which probably isn't more than random NPCs, dungeons, trials and Bicolor Gemstones. That being said, the grind for the first 312 cards is brutal. Edit: My previous statement seems to be false, I just looked through my boyfriend's list who is only missing 6 normal cards and it isn't adding up, so you WILL need silver cards to get the trophy, at least until next patches where they add more cards.
  5. It's a screenshot of the game collection tracker / social game community webapp I build, which has an integration with FFXIV ( you can click on the XIV card there for more details). But no automated signatures, sorry
  6. I quite like the list, happy they'll continue to add trophies! But.. having just witnessed my boyfriend getting the Triple Triad mount (Card 1-312) I'm dreading that grind.. that takes some real dedication and persistance.
  7. I play many different games at the same time but a few of them are continuous games like MMOs and multiplayer so they're not being played with the intention of getting a platinum trophy or they're on PC or Switch. While I generally do still try to get a platinum in every game I play, I usually don't bother with ones that take too much time or I won't have fun with. My time has become too valuable for that and I just beat the game and move on to the next one instead. That being said, I usually try focus on: - 1 co-op game with my boyfriend. We don't always have a lot of sessions so this could be very long running - FFXIV, while it's an MMO that doesn't really end, I do still hunt trophies and the platinum since the PS5 release - 1 story-heavy game - 1 other game with barely any story I can just play when my mind is elsewhere
  8. If you want to think that, then that's up to you. I'm a developer myself, I know that Legends was in development long before the game was even close to being finished. But the fact is that this is a single player game that was well worth the money without the multiplayer. The fact that they added that, if it was supposed to be part of the game at launch or not, is still a good thing in my book especially because they do not try to take advantage of the players by throwing in all kinds of microtransactions like any other game that adds a multiplayer does. So no, I did not fall for the marketing scheme, I think Sucker Punch made a great game and added a great multiplayer with no strings attached on top of that that gave me so many extra hours of fun after I had already put away the game. If you don't think the expansion is worth it that is totally up to you and you should just wait for a sale not not get it at all, but you're too entitled if you think that giving it away for free or cheap is something they should have done. It's a company, they have to earn money to survive, and they should be paid fair for the work they put in. I have a LOT of problems with the current game industry and how lazy companies get in raking in the cash, but Sucker Punch is not one of them (yet).
  9. I can't believe how many people are whining over them charging money for a DLC upgrade. Did you forget all the good things they did for free over the last year? Free PS5 patch that offered 60FPS right as the PS5 came out, free extremely fun multiplayer with multiple modes and actual raids and absolutely ZERO microtransactions. Then they ask money for a big new content drop and they're a bunch of money-hungry scammers? How can you be so entitled? If you don't feel like it's worth it, don't buy it, but don't drag a company who's done nothing but give for the past year through the mud for trying to earn a living.
  10. Yep, that's pretty much what I did Well that depends. Older savage raids can be done unsynced which makes them easier, but you'd still need a full team and at least some knowledge of how the fight works. Current expansion savage raids need actual skill and a good team. If you haven't done it before it'll take quite some time to learn those fights. Not impossible by any means, but it takes some dedication and you'd need to find 7 other players that are willing to practise with you. But yea, the 8000 collectibles trophy is the one that'll take the most time by far.
  11. No that's not how it works, you have to trigger all of them again. Some will be easy (eg. kill 1 enemy to trigger all the leveling trophies, craft 1 item to trigger crafting ones, etc), but some require you to do the content again which will be very time consuming. All raids will have to be cleared on the PS5 in order to trigger them, savage included.
  12. I really hope this is true for you, but I wonder if that would work. If your plot is still available, it could have some kind of system you can reserve it for your house. But if someone happens to transfer with the same exact plot (unlikely but could happen), then there's be a problem. They do have a few months still to figure it out so lets hope they come up with a nice solution! As for leaving friends.. the great thing is that the 6.0 also brings data center travel which means you can still play with your friends on your old server if you wanted to!
  13. The game is absolutely worth the sub, but I wouldn't recommend it if you just want to complete it for the platinum. The platinum itself is an incredible time-sink and doesn't have you focus on the best parts of the game imo. If you full-on focus on the plat I think you might burn yourself out. As others have said, get the free trial and play to your hearts content and see if it's something for you, you have all the way up till 60 to do so! If you do like it, get the game and get ready for one of the best strories in any RPG in the past few years
  14. Do keep in mind that once you upgrade from the free trial by buying the full game, you will need to have an active subscription too. It comes with 1 month when you purchase the game I think but after that you'll need to renew it each month to keep playing. The PS5 platinum is only achievable by buying the full game (since there's a lot of trophies from Stormblood on in there).
  15. It's a subscription based game, so you'll need an active sub to play, beta or not. The only way you can get around not paying a sub is if you play the free trial, but once you get the full game there's no going back. You gotta let go of the whole beta thing though, it has nothing to do with the game at all. The only thing it's doing is making the game playable on the PS5, it changes nothing in the model of the game. Whatever version you have on PS4 is what you get to play on the PS5 version. So if that's the free trial you get up till HW, if you bought all expansions you get the full game. I see you mention a new account, but wanting to still have everything you know from the PS4 game. Starting a new account does not carry over any of your old characters, so you gotta start over completely. Coming out of beta has no effect on your characters though, so no need to be afraid of that