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  1. Ah, crap I was wrong on this. I finally went through the DLC recently and I found you have to separately buy all 3 episodes or get the Season Pass (which explains why the pass is so expensive). I couldn't find the other two episodes in the PS Store so I assumed the one was for all three. If you buy it in pieces, you have to buy Episodes 2 and 3 from the in game store.
  2. They don't really do sales for PS3 games/DLC anymore as far as the US store goes. However, all you need for trophies would be the Battle Hardened Pack ($10 US) and The Infamy ($10US). I have no idea what else comes with the Season Pass. Probably more maps/outfits, but nothing that is required for 100% trophies.
  3. Grand Architect #3 ready and waiting to be verified. I just finished up Lego Movie 2 and should have all the DLC for everything else.
  4. If you sign up for the Borderlands VIP club on Gearbox's website, you can earn points and use them to generate specific weapons in game. You also get a free random weapon (there are 10 and 7 of them are rainbow ones). I got a Toothpick for my free one and enough points to get a Bee. They come into the game at your level. With Toothpick, Mouthwash (increases Toothpick Damage), and the Bee, I killed him in 30 seconds (although I was lvl 52 and Haderax level 40). Up until that point, I was having some luck with slagging him when he hides. He will hide the first time when he gets down to 75% health. If you can prevent him from charging back to 100% by slagging him 2-3 times when he runs around, then he won't hide until he gets down to 25%. Unfortunately on that run, I stupidly got in the way when he dove into the ground and there were no small worms to get out of Fight for your Life so I can't be sure if it would have worked the rest of the way.
  5. I found it's relatively safe if he is to your right (i.e you can put the ledge wall between you and him). If he pops up to your left then jump out of that spot and move to the right and try to survive. Moving over to the right should draw him over that way. It's not perfect but it works.
  6. Still works as of June 2019. Very nice, I've been stuck on finding Cupcake 5 forever and that was the one thing holding me back. EDIT: OMFG, The very first treasure after the golden dragon (on the same world no less) I got Cupcake 5 so I can now finish the quests legitimately. WTF?
  7. I'm up for promotion with Lego Avengers Vita being my 26th 100% Lego game.
  8. You mad lad. that worked and took all of 10 minutes to set up. Thanks
  9. It's like Schroedinger's cat, you won't know if they are trophy whore games until you play them. Some may still be enjoyable, some you can try to provide your own challenge such as seeing if you can place on the fastest platinum time leaderboard. In general though, I would look at the Easy Games list on the Games section Most of the top games there are the trophy whore variety
  10. Sign me up for The Quicker Man. I have the following Batman Beyond: Two Souls Game of Thrones Heavy Rain Jurassic Park (Episode 1, 2, 3, and 4) Life is Strange Tales from the Borderlands Until Dawn The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Season Two The Walking Dead: A New Frontier The Walking Dead: Michonne The Walking Dead Collection The Wolf Among Us As well as Guardians of the Galaxy
  11. Sign me up for Gotham Protector, I've got all the Plats just need to grind through the challenge DLC's in both Arkham Cities and Arkham Knight. I also have the VR and both Lego games platted with DLC.
  12. Cool idea, sign me up as a Chief Builder. I have the following Vita Lego Movie Legends of Chima Shadow of Ronin Batman 3 Harry Potter 1-4 Batman 2 PS 3/4 Dimensions (100% club even) Harry Potter 5-7 Lego Movie Pirates of the Carribean Lord of the Rings Marvel Super Heroes Batman 2 Harry Potter 1-4 Star Wars 3 Indiana Jones 2
  13. The US version does not, just subtitle on or off in English. Maybe the EU version would (if there is one)?
  14. Yeah, that part sucks. You lose almost 1000 points between the PS3 100% and PS4. I'm still going to do it because it's fun, but I need them silvers and golds for Sony Rewards points to get more games
  15. I managed the last node with an hour to spare, but that also meant I didn't have time to finish the HD campaign and get Bling Brigade. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.