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  1. Confirmed still an issue now
  2. I travelled back in time to the PS2 and the PSP this year to attack my backlog and knocked out a few games before moving on to some PS3 games. I'm never quite satisfied with the amount of games I get through but I've really enjoyed some of the games I played this year! Bronze Trophies: from 1420 to 2098 Silver Trophies: from 404 to 589 Gold Trophies: from 97 to 165 Platinum Trophies: from 9 to 20 Best game I played: I've got to give it to Final Fantasy XV this thing is an amazing undertaking and should get even better with patches (looking at you Chapter 13) and DLC but honourable mentions to Child of Light, Table Top Racing, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Faery: Legends of Avalon for being awesome too! Worst game I played: .Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, game was decent but plagued by a game-breaking glitch corrupted save data forced a second play through. Maybe a little TLC and $$$ from the devs in another sequel could restore it's reputation but I doubt that will happen.
  3. Three games on my plate at the moment UFC on PS4, CastleVania (Lament of Shadows) on PS2 and Digimon Re:Digitized on PSP :) feeling good though from getting the Infamous 2 Plat last week!!!

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    2. smooth_dave86


      Thanks Dante!

    3. smooth_dave86


      Playing UFC 1 liking it so far just finished the training and 1st fight of career. If it's good i'll def move on to UFC 2 quickly!!!

    4. Olaydipo


      UFC 2 is really fun aye js

      Trophies are not that bad too

      esp if u like ufc

  4. If it's not too late I'd like to join! Got the game a few weeks back but haven't started it yet. I probably won't start for a few weeks yet I want to smash out another game on the PS4 and finish Re:Digitize on the PSP first!
  5. Getting frustrated with FFX HD trophies, Table Top Racing WT on PSPlus was a breath of fresh air this week!

    1. KANERKB


      well ffx is a pain to even 100% if you need help on killing the dark anions use the ninja anion and if you got a shit lot of cash pay him and he should do his one hit kill move

    2. KANERKB


      also to grind cash go to the arena

    3. smooth_dave86


      sounds like a plan. I'm leaving it for a while but that's definitely gonna be my strategy which I pick it back up again!!!

  6. I look at mine every now and then but never actually use it to plan my next game. It can also be a bit frustrating as it shows me the multiple Assassin's Creed II trophies that glitched and didn't pop for me when I played it a couple of years ago!
  7. Hey I'm from Greenock, living in Australia now. Always trying to squeeze in a bit of trophy hunting when I can!
  8. Frustrated with the pointy end of Pro Evo 2015 and DB: Raging Blast 2 trophy clean-ups! Playing Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles on PS2 to unwind!

  9. Frustrated with the pointy end of Pro Evo 2015 and DB: Raging Blast 2 trophy clean-ups! Paying Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles on PS2 to unwind!

  10. 4 Games for me Rich and Famous Spartacus Legends The Champion of Capua Spartacus Legends Platinum Challenge Disney Infinity The Journeyman Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Shadough of the Colossus I Am Bread
  11. Yeah given there's an overall story arc that appears in small bits the further back you go the better but it's not the most compelling story and pretty poorly told. If you only have PS4 and no PS3 then start with Black Flag! If you do have a PS3 it's definately worth playing AC II at least.
  12. I just managed to get the 10 wins in Survival using Lei and Paul. Lei's Fwd+X times 2 does decent damage at medium range. I had a couple of close calls around stage 7 and 9 but managed to pull out a desperate Buring Fist and a couple well timed low kicks to scrape through! I'm still struggling with Time Attack and getting the 200 points in the bowling ... SO FRUSTATING!
  13. So many crashes! this is my second TellTale Game after Game of Thrones which ran perfectly from start to finish. I got the digital 30th Anniversary edition on PS4, it seems to crash on every auto save (including trophy pops) then you have to get back up to the same point and it works the second time around (most of the time). The constant crashes have definately ruined my experience and even bringing down my opinion of the Back to the Future movies! Gonna try push through for the plat but it's so frustrating! They need to stop rushing out new games and patch the ones they've released first! Ain't nobody gonna buy Batman if this is the crap they can expect!
  14. How many consoles do you currently have (including handhelds)? 11 GameBoy, GameBoy Pocket, NES, SNES, N64, PS2, PS3, Wii, PS4, 3DS XL, PSP How many consoles do you have hooked up to your TV right now? 2 PS3 and PS4 How many consoles have you broken/died on you? 1 Thanks to Deadpool on PS3 my HDD got corrupted and when I took it to the repair shop it was pronunced dead, before I signed up for PS Plus ... yeah not happy!