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  1. Given Horizon had a 'Complete Edition' less than a year after it launched (ten months), we should see something by spring hopefully. Only reason I didn't bother with this game at launch was the cutting of content through DLC announced before the game came out. Definitely not a practice I want to support. Same reason I passed on the new Tomb Raider which seems to have bombed so hopefully that gets a complete edition as well.
  2. Sony has a new censorship policy that has been pissing off a lot of people due to its incredibly disrespectful nature to Japan and their creators. But that's unfortunate to hear this game got infected by that policy too. I wonder if the Switch version got away unscathed..
  3. That's very kind of you! I've been looking at this since I saw ads for God Eater 2 pop up and thought it looked like fun, so this would be an awesome way to try it out. Thanks!