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  1. Found this and others in youtube No new footage gameplay footage before game launches. Wow i'm right, not much to do in mother base, tapes contain stories, open world gets stale after some time and plot twist in the end. But hey many said its the best MGS ever so yeah, i'll see it to believe it, after around 60+ hours of gameplay.
  2. You can literaly see whose hype for the game here. You do realize that for gamers reviews might mean nothing, but to publishers and devs it is the opposite. Also You didn't read those two reviews didn't ya? Well good, don't spoil yourself bits of info. Also in regarding the best MGS game, at the moment, IMO, its Peace Walker, since it has high replay value and multi-player, the only down side is it didn't have that much 3D cutscenes, since its originally PSP game.
  3. MGSVPP, can't wait for all your aching hearts haha

    1. Naoto Shirogane

      Naoto Shirogane

      "Les Enfants Terribles, Zero called it."

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      Kept you Waiting, huh?

  4. Would like to than sir Saltyie for the info regarding that French review of the game. YUP that's what I expected from the game, with all the details from all trailers, twitter and interview answers from Konami, and all the spoilers and news popping out from everywhere. Haha wow good thing I ain't a super die hard fan of the Metal Gear franchise, because many will be butthurt and will hate Kojima and his unfulfilled promisses which he didn't said himself hehe. Anyways if the story seems blurry, I feel Konami might pull DLC for that.
  5. I hope MGSVPP on PS4 has effing custom soundtracks, i both have MGSVGZ in PS3 and PS4 and honestly the only thing I noticed in the PS4 was better graphics. Having played it first in PS3 with Rules of Nature as heli music was an awesome experience. Anyways guys if ya have the game already spoil me the details if the PS4 ver has no custom soundtrack so I can eat donuts and drink cola and shame Sony in advance ok thanks. Yeah I blame Sony for not letting the PS4 have custom music, I mean many games can utilize that function. BTW here's a video https://youtu.be/VP0dNijW630
  6. Hi! I'm Kenneth, 23 yrs old at the moment. Asian <my PSN account is just US> The genre of games I like are jrpg, action/action rpg, fps (used a break from playing long rpg), lastly fighting games (not that good though) Games I like are the Souls series, Metal Gear, BlazBlue saga, HyperDimension Neptunia and the AAA titles like GTA, and some of COD. Non gaming related, I like anime (gore, romcom,) like Berserk or Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, and stuff from Demo senpai's FB page and youtube. (you might know the guy, the one who made a review of bread) I hope I'll make a contribution <however small> and meet new friends here.
  7. Hi and welcome here, although your a few hours earlier than me, welcome to psnprofiles!