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  1. kat = steelsammy? damn, i thought kat was someone completely different. checked this profile to see who it is and was surprised to see it was yoU!

    1. Kirbz


      rated you 5 stars, hopefully itll bring your average up to at least 4.5 :( people like you shouldnt be rated 4 stars.

  2. yo Sammy, I noticed ya said ya was in Rome NY. that's rite around the corner from where I stay. I'm in Utica. use to work in Rome @ Rome Cable a few years back. well, I think there is only 1 Rome NY. holla @ Me if We talking bout the same area.

  3. You've really aged Shepard, you've even got augmentations now!

  4. I got plat ages ago, want to finally 100% it, but when I had the zombies I didn't have a mic and played with randoms now thats changed :) I joined a a few weeks ago, but now i'm going to start posting some more here

  5. get on facebook brawh

  6. Your signature has been completed! I left a link to it in the shop, as well as what it looks like. Enjoy!