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  1. Hey all, Just got my 40th platinum. Yay me! However, you can't see that because as I tried to update, my profile suddenly became private, and none of my trophies display at all. Any reason this may have happened?
  2. Ah darn, I thought I was special I'll try your suggestion and edit if it works out, thank you in advance. Update: That fixed it, thanks again!
  3. I'm the biggest compulsive hoarder in Skyrim. Maybe in all of Tamriel. I have a house, and the Archmage's room at the College of Winterhold. You know what those are both full of? Crap. Yup, all kinds of crap. Spoils of the journey I tell myself. I have 5 different sets of light armor in my inventory, because I can't decide on which I like best. I have saved every bit of dragon corpse since I began the game. That's over 30 Dragon Bones and about 35 Dragon Scales. I don't even know what those do! I have every weapon that was rewarded to me, and I've never sold an enchanted item. Ever. I have 50 books in my inventory. I've read every one of them. But I always go to the market with the intent to sell them, but never get it. I think I also have buckets in my inventory...........what the hell good is a bucket?
  4. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2012/08/04/metal-gear-solid-4-39-s-full-trophy-list-revealed.aspx Spoilers Ahead.
  5. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2011/09/29/official-mortal-kombat-film-in-the-works.aspx Preview- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9YUeTTaVqo
  6. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2011/09/30/grown-man-tracks-down-and-chokes-13-year-old-black-ops-player.aspx Is it just me....or is the world slowly declining?
  7. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2011/09/19/dc-universe-online-going-free-to-play.aspx Free: New players will now have access to the current gameplay in DC Universe Online (including Gotham City, Metropolis, and all current raids and alerts), with the ability to create two characters, join a league, and many other benefits. Free level players will be able to purchase downloadable game packs/updates, additional character slots, powers, and more through microtransactions. Premium: Any player who has spent at least $5 USD (including former paid subscribers and new players who have purchased $5 of in-game items) will qualify for the Premium access level. Premium level players will have more benefits available to them than the Free level player, including additional character slots, additional inventory slots, and higher cash limits. Downloadable adventure packs, additional character slots, and more can be purchased in-game. Legendary: Maximum features and benefits are included at this level. Loaded with enhanced additional features, Legendary access will be available for a $14.99 USD monthly fee and includes all DLC packs at no cost, more than 15 character slots, more than 80 inventory slots, the ability to form unrestricted-sized leagues, and many other benefits. Perfect incentive for me actually playing this. Free to download on PS3 and PC. Dropping $5 makes a new player just as good as a long time member.
  8. Dead Island has been the biggest coin flip of a game I've played in a long time. At it's best, it's a challenging slice and dice (Or bludgeon, or shoot) in a gorgeous open world. At it's worst, it's an unimaginative, poorly designed, glitched mess. Combat: Dead Island is centric around melee based combat, which seems realistic enough. The digital controls work the best, and the analog controls are strange and ineffective.Zombies are pretty varied- you have your normal Walker, then your hyper speed Infected, the hard hitting Thug, the blind charging Ram, the puke spewing Floater, and finally, the ninja-like Butcher. Throughout the game, special zombies are bitches to kill and you'll need to find their weak points and remember their attack patterns to kill them. Rams, Thugs, and Butchers can kick your ass in seconds. The Walkers are mindless, and take no skill to beat. This adds some degree of challenge to the game, but this is lost at points. Suiciders are extremely overpowered, and why they are so prevalent in the tightly enclosed sewers is baffling. The only effect way to kill them is to run close enough to them so that they begin to detonate, then sprint away and hope you make it out in time. Infected become a nuisance later in the game as well, since they'll run in packs of about five, and their sprinting charge-punch can take a fourth of your health instantly. Then, you'll end up backed into a corner trying to beat them back and exhausting stamina doing so. Weapons: ​The biggest nuisance in the game are the weapons, or more specifically, the weakness of them. Weapons degrade quickly while they are being used- which sucks. Once a weapon is completely degraded, it does less damage than a punch and can only be repaired by dropping major cash on it- and you'll lose 5-10% of your cash with each death. With this system, it's quite possible to end up with no weapons and no money. And then you're fucked. You can upgrade weapons to improve their effectiveness and durability, but that's even more expensive. Though, modifying a weapon can have some serious benefits, because waving an electric katana is pretty empowering. Guns are introduced about 5 hours into the game- and their worthless. They can only really damage the human enemies, and do virtually no damage to zombies, not even if you get a headshot. Guns don't degrade, thankfully, but can still be upgraded and modified. Physics: This is the low light of my experience with Dead Island- the physics suck. Vehicles get stuck in places where they appear to have wide clearance, rendering them completely immobile. This is catastrophic to questing. Sometimes the items stowed in the vehicle gets stuck, which mean the player will have to go back to the quest location, get another of the items, and carry it by hand to the destination, battling the undead all the way. Platforming was, for some dumbass reason, included in the game. Players are occasionally tasked with climbing buildings and doing things on top of them. Jumping is practically broken, and a spill from one of these roofs is almost an instant kill. If you survive the fall, you'll have to deal with the zombies that will have surrounded you. Thugs and other zombies can knock you down, and even off buildings as well. Once, I climbed a ladder to escape the horde, and readied a molotov to finish them. Before I could move, I was magically teleported to the bottom of the ladder and killed. Story: The main characters are pretty varied, and each have a good backstory. The game revolves around the far off objective of escaping the island and helping a mysterious Colonel, but I quickly ignored these to get caught in the quests for the survivors. It seems like the quests are more about helping the stranded than actually escaping, but this isn't bad. No matter the size of your party, you are referred to as a group and all the characters appear in the cut scenes.This is a sorry excuse for team building. Some cut scenes place the characters in situations that they weren't put in by the player, which is just plain annoying. There is a little mystery shrouding the game's end, but not enough for me to be excited for a sequel. Online: The online is a saving grace for Dead Island. Though you can only play with other at or below your progress in the story, it's fun to blaze through the undead with a party, and it vastly decreases the difficulty of the game. With that said, it's better to play with a continuous party, though that's pretty difficult. Verdict: Dead Island was a good concept that couldn't deliver on it's promises- marred by bad mechanics and story. 6/10.
  9. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2011/12/28/get-a-free-downloadable-copy-of-twisted-metal-black-in-the-upcoming-twisted-metal.aspx
  10. http://www.gameinfor...-s-edition.aspx At long last, a female Commander Shepard will grace the cover of a Mass Effect game. The kicker? You can vote on her new look on Facebook- http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2011/07/24/bioware-lets-fans-choose-female-shepard-39-s-new-look.aspx
  11. This is the Brotherhood of Steelsammy. You see that amazing edited picture at the top? Why did I choose that? Because a Steel beam is the only thing protecting those idiots from a horrible death. Back to business. This is my personal checklist of trophies and other assorted things of greatness. I'm a trophy hunter, but at night I dress up like a penguin and fight crime. Below are my exploits- Hit List- The Platinums- Assassin's Creed II Difficulty: 6/10 Assassin's Creed 2 is an amazing game. It really does take a lot of skill to platinum, and it does take tremendous time and effort to obtain all the Feathers and to get the kill trophies. Heavy Rain Difficulty: 5/10 Heavy Rain is one of the few games in the genre of Interactive Movie. It's beautiful, suspenseful, and one of the greatest games of the decade. It takes a lot of time to platinum, but it's worth every second of this game. Here is my Heavy Rain Guide. WARNING: This guide is rated JO. Jesus Only. If you are not Jesus, and you use this guide, your head may explode. Guaranteed. My Heavy Rain Guide Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires Difficulty: 4/10 My first platinum. A traditional hack-n-slash game with little strategy and another long platinum. The Godfather II Difficulty: 4/10 I really liked this game! The story taken straight from the immortal Mario Puzo, and gameplay was like Grand Theft Auto combined with Civilization. Fallout: New Vegas Difficulty: 7.5/10 Probably my hardest platinum. This game requires 4 playthroughs, and if you don't use your save files wisely, this game could take 100 hours to platinum. Hannah Montana: The Movie Difficulty: 3.5/10 Honestly, there are worse games out there. Much worse. Not too hard, except for Perfect Aim, which sucked. But, at the end of the day, I still have large balls, and a bigger platinum list. Terminator Salvation Difficulty: 2/10 You know, I'd like to tell you this game isn't bad, but it is. It sucks, but it is still a 5 hour maximum platinum with 12 gold trophies. Uncharted 2 Difficulty: 6/10 One of the best games you will ever play. Crushing mode is really difficult, and for Steel Fist Expert, you will have to delete all your patch data, otherwise, it's impossible. This is one of my proudest platinums. Playstation 3 Games- 3D Dot Game Heroes An un-amusing mash-up off olden days RPGs. Army Of Two: The 40th Day A fun game, hated by critics, with Nolan North as Salem. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood A true Assassin's Creed that is really fun. Multiplayer sucks though. Batman: Arkham Asylum Superhero games have been notoriously bad, and I'm not feeling Rocksteady's Batman rendition. Battlefield: Bad Company A decent FPS. Terrible graphics and bad storyline. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 A huge improvement on the original. Still Call Of Duty's little cousin. Bioshock A compelling horror game that gets confusing. Bioshock 2 A change of developers couldn't stop Bioshock from being cool. Borderlands Mindless, ridiculous weaponry and endless loot? Bet your ass I love it! Bulletstorm Epic Game's latest epic game! Arcade like FPS done right. Call of Duty: Black Ops Treyarch's best game yet. A cool COD set in the Cold War. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Though it doesn't live up to it's original, MW2 is still an awesome game. Call of Duty: World at War Didn't really like it, I'm tired of WWII. Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Not sure if it's lost some of it's luster, but I sure don't like it. Crysis 2 In a competitive shooter market, I have no idea why Crysis is still around. Dante's Inferno Though it's nothing like the Poem by the great Dante, it's still a fun game. Wish I could go 10 minutes in this game without seeing a pair of boobs. Darksiders A familiar game about the apocalypse that could not keep me entertained. Dead Island An extremely flawed masterpiece, it's either hell or paradise on Banoi. Dead Rising An interesting game with a focus on over the top action. Chainsaws + Paddle = Win. Dead Space The horror story of the decade (well, that decade) Dead Space 2 More Dead Space to scare the shit out of you! Deus Ex: Human Revolution One of the most vibrant worlds and compelling RPG's ever. Too bad about the boss fights Dragon Age II A massive improvement on the epic original, fast paced action and amazing story. Dragon Age: Origins This is a pretty good RPG. Still drooling over the Blood Dragon! Dynasty Warriors 7 Time changes many things, but not Dynasty Warriors Fallout 3 As good a game as you will ever see in your lifetime. Open world post-apokalyptica. Sweet. Far Cry 2 Waypoints, anyone? No? Fight Night Champion An all too short boxing drama. Had me singing 'Mama Said Knock You Out' for a few days. Final Fantasy 13 A Final Fantasy. Not a good one. God of War The beginning of Krato's epic quest. Pretty solid for a remake. God of War II The continuation of Krato's fight for vengeance. Hope to platinum this if Boss Batch 3 would stop glitching. God of War III The end of Krato's journey, the best action game ever made. Period. God Of War: Chains Of Olympus Ready At Dawn crafted a true God Of War, just in a smaller package. God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta The best game ever made on PSP, now on PS3. Pretty epic. Grand Theft Auto IV Rockstar's juggernaut is still awesome. This game is everything you want from an open world crime game, and then some. Gran Turismo 5 Sony's top dog racer, jury's out on this one. Homefront A story-strong FPS with dated mechanics. inFamous A superhero story with a dark side. inFamous 2 A superhero epic! Can't get enough of this game. James Bond 007: Blood Stone A rough approximation of Bond's greatness. I fear that GoldenEye lightning won't strike twice. Jurassic: The Hunted More fun than you would expect to find in a B title. Just Cause 2 An over the top, open world game that barely makes sense. I didn't notice though. I was busy grappling onto planes. Killzone 2 A futuristic shooter that needs more story. Great multiplayer. Killzone 3 Killzone stakes it's claim in the FPS discussion, and does so with beautiful graphics and an over-the-top game. The Best Noir game I've ever played, and innovatory fun. Last Rebellion A shit-tastic piece of shit. Worst. Game. Ever. LittleBigPlanet So cute it hurts. The adventures of SackBoy and the rest of his cotton-fiber friends. LittleBigPlanet 2 The best game on the PS3 since Uncharted 2. Madden NFL 10 A very fun Madden. Probably the best I've played. Madden NFL 11 A very easy platinum, if it weren't for the Madden Moments. Madden NFL 12 Much like Chad Ochocinco, Tiburon drops the ball. Mafia II A crime game that derives straight from Mario Puzo's works. Still fun. Mass Effect 2 I hope to beat this game again, but this time, on the PS3. Medal Of Honor A mediocre shooter. Nice graphics, but the ability to play as the Taliban caused a media shit-storm. Medal of Honor: Frontline An old remake, which is much better than the new Medal Of Honor. Mercenaries II: World In Flames Poor man's Just Cause 2. Mirror's Edge An overly difficult and poorly designed puzzle/combat game. MLB 10: The Show The best sports serious I have ever played. Go Yankees! MLB 11: The Show The best sports game on the PS3. Once again, Go Yankees! Mortal Kombat <- <- Front Punch Grab. Repeat. And yes, it's damn fun! Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Why the fuck did I play this? NBA: 2K10 A pretty good basketball game that my friend played on my PS3. I never touched it. NBA: 2K11 Tried out this 2K title....and wan't impressed. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit A racing game. That's about all I remember. Portal 2 I wanna call this Valve's best game...but that would be a bold statement, wouldn't it? Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands A good movie rehash, but still not like the old Prince games. Red Dead Redemption,The GTA of the old west. An amazing game. Red Faction: Guerrilla A forgettable open-world on Mars. Resistance 2 An interesting FPS set in a fake past. Levels are way too long though. Resistance 3 A ridiculously fun FPS concluding the story of Joesph Capelli (maybe). Singularity I wanna call it the best sci-fi shooter I've played on PS3...so I will. Skate II A bad rental choice. I'm not a skater, so it's understandable. The Sly Collection Never played them on original release, but they aren't bad. S.O.C.O.M. 4: U.S. Navy Seals Tactically kick-ass with the Navy Seals. The Saboteur A nice open world in France...which gave me a good excuse to fake some European accents. The Sims 3 The most addictive drug on the market. Simtocaine. Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 More like S.U.C.X. 2 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Best game on the PS3. Nuff Said. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune The game that began Sony's best franchise. Vanquish Which asshole at Platinum Game's made this? I'll shoot-boost his ass in a heartbeat. Wanted: Weapons Of Fate Quite possibly one of the worst games on the PS3. No clue what was going on. The writing was humorous though. Where The Wild Things Are One of my favorite books as a kid. Not too bad a game. White Knight Chronicles A forgettable RPG. Not worth a bargain bin price. Playstation Network Games- Assault Heroes An ADD inducing shooter. Braid A game about an alcoholic that can fuck with time. Comet Crash Once again...why the fuck did I play this? .detuned Why the fuck did I play this? Oh, that's right... 100% Trophy Completion Fl0w Felt like the Wii with the motion controls even worse. Not good. Flower thatgamecompany fixes their motion control in high fashion and eco-friendliness. Gunstar Heroes Is this what Sega considers a major release? Oh wait...maybe they do. Lead And Gold: Gangs Of The West This can't be called poor man's Red Dead....how about poor man's Damnation? Linger In Shadows What the fuck is this game? 100% Trophy Completion Sonic: The Hedgehog Has Sega really run out of ideas? Surely not.. Sonic: The Hedgehog 2 Maybe Sega HAS fired it's entire creative team. Stacking Double Fine has always been unusual, but this is unusually good. Other Stuff- Like what you've seen and want more of Sammy's epicness? Video Game Caption Game, hosted by yours truly. God Of War: Chains Of Olympus and God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta trophy tips that I wrote, in majority.
  12. So.....I'm bored and have nothing I want to play, spare Dead Space 2. I've finished the game today, fully upgraded my RIG, Stasis, Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Contact Beam, and Detonator. Now, I'm going to try to finish the game on it's toughest difficulties- Zealot, and Hardcore. I'd appreciate any tips you can give. Also, which should I tackle first? I know that Hardcore grants the Handcannon upon completion, which is an instant fuck-shit-up weapon.
  13. After scrolling through the Metacritic section devoted to Mass Effect 3, something really intrigued me. Namely, why Mass Effect 3 was getting trolled in the User Review section. http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-360/mass-effect-3/user-reviews?page=0 The critic average is a 94/100, yet the user score is 47/100. Why? I have no idea. Now, it doesn't take much looking to see that these reviews are highly uneducated. They complain about stories 'reaching the same end no matter what', being 'too mainstream', day-one DLC, and the occasional gay-hate speech. A handful complain about legitimate issues, the rest are just....well, shit. Here's a few of the memorably stupid ones- So, I raise the question- what sad, deprived kind of human has the time to write a hate-speech for a game they've never played, or to NOT being playing Mass Effect 3? In related news, SteelSammy is sad because Amazon fucked me over, gotta wait until tomorrow to play. Though, just by playing the DEMO I can tell you this hate is uneducated.
  14. http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/726593/mass-effect-3-dlc-leviathan-delves-into-origins-of-the-reapers/
  15. http://www.g4tv.com/...g-in-late-2013/
  16. Someone tell Nintendo it isn't April 1st.
  17. I don't quite know why this is relevant. It will obviously be geared toward a younger audience, and just like the other series, be impossible to watch in a serious tone.
  18. It doesn't matter in the slightest way.
  19. 1) Confirm if family and friends are still alive 2A) If a suitable number are, proceed to rally them and find defensible terrain 3A) Build a suitable base with proper supplies 4A) Find a carpenter's hammer 5A) Use the carpenter hammer to kill zombies, like my childhood hero, Tyreece of The Walking Dead. 2B) If none are alive, kill myself.
  20. Me and my friends do a lot of matches of fighting games. One of my favorites is Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, and I have a friend that has literally never lost to any of us. He's played the six others' countless times, and we can not beat him. One time I got incredibly close, he beat me by exactly one hit with Zero. I was fucking livid.
  21. BaseBall-Dude-3.4
  22. I'd work for Irrational Games as a writer.
  23. Never liked it. Just a poor gimmick.
  24. I'd have to say Uncharted 2 is one of my favorite games ever, so it can have my vote.
  25. Cowboy Bebop. From what I've seen I like it.