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  1. You get to choose after beating the final boss but you need to do the steps required for each of those 3 endings so you get the items needed for the choice at the end. Make a backup save after defeating the final boss so you can go back for other endings.
  2. Great news! it's a really good game. Hope there's a sequel like one of the endings hinted at.
  3. I wouldn't make rarity worth more because it wouldn't make sense for getting plats on obscure but easy titles being worth more than more common but time consuming games. All plats should be equal and every game needs a plat, I'd really like if DLC wasn't a factor in the % of trophies earned, like maybe if you got all the base trophies and then the DLC it could go over 100%.
  4. red dead 2 silent hill 2 devil may cry 4 kh chain of memories ps3 metal gear rising catherine ninja gaiden sigma I'm not gonna list the dead multiplayer games because there's quite a few of those lol but anyway I pass on multiple playthroughs or really difficult trophy lists unless I'm really into the game.
  5. Uhhh I don't know how I feel about the 4 endings, I heard dying a lot will lock you in to a worse ending, guess we'll see. If true though this could be a ultra rare plat.
  6. Danganronpa V3, even though I liked the game the post game content was a bit much. There's a block puzzle minigame that really sucks and of course theres a trophy for S rank on it but the worst grind is having to go through the board game with every single Danganronpa character in all 3 games, it's kinda cool to see the characters interact with each other but it just felt like it took forever.
  7. If its that bad then play something else, usually you can go back to the harder games. Missable trophies are the most stressful next to online, the thought of having to waste time for a whole new playthrough just for a single trophy is the worst (like those no kill playthroughs ughhhh). Maybe consider going for easier UR trophies?
  8. Actually not a bad month, might actually give this COD a go because there's no online trophies. The Witness seems like a good game for plus too. We haven't been getting that great of PS3/Vita titles so I don't really miss it that much to be honest but I do wish they would throw in a extra PS4 game or lower the price of plus.
  9. If the replay system wasn't as bad I would actually go for the plat. Hearing the dialogue multiple times would drive me insane, congrats to those that made it through!
  10. Look up a substory guide so you can see which are available in each chapter then just do them as you go through the main story. I'd save the minigames for the end because you'll have to do some for Haruka's requests anyway so might as well do them then.
  11. 45 hidden, just because I didn't like those games in my list. I don't mind low percentage games showing if I liked them or will probably get to them soon.
  12. Weird choice for a crossover. Does anyone even bother with stealth in this game?
  13. Well at least the PS3 picks are good...already own ZOE though. Amplitude looks interesting, might give it a try at some point. Not a bad month but not great either.
  14. There's too many series that I still need to go through on PS3 that never made its way to PS4 like Metal Gear Solid, Ratchet and Clank, Prince of Persia, Hitman, God of War, and Tales. I really want to get to No More Heroes and 3D Dot Game Heroes as well. At the very least I plan on cleaning up the easy plats I have in my backlog.