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  1. AB on a decline anyway but this is a huge blow to Sony. I doubt they will make COD exclusive because that will damage the brand and will make room for another big multiplat fps to take its place. Hopefully this pushes Sony to make Spartacus better because we haven't had any big ps5 news to really get excited for yet, just rumors.
  2. Last time I streamed on PS Now it was actually really good. It was laggy on PS4 but on PS5 I didn't notice lag. Played Sly Cooper and was on WiFi.
  3. I would wait, it's quite a long game and the load times take a while. The menu also loads up slow when you bring it up in game. It has a lot to gain performance wise on ps5.
  4. Strikers is a good game. Definitely don't waste your time grinding metatron for the bond trophy though, ng+ dire shadow snake king is faster.
  5. 10 is the best intro to the series but the plat is hard because of minigames. 7 or 12 is easier to plat and are also good for newcomers, personally I like 12 the best and it's not too bad of a start point if you look past the story that gets rushed towards the end. Another good thing about 12 is you don't have to deal with annoying minigame trophies.
  6. Kinda disappointing, better deals can be found in other places for the games I want.
  7. Nioh is the best one there.
  8. Worth getting a ps5 just for this. Imagine the 4k ray traced mayo jar reflections.
  9. This site is pretty good, makes looking through sales a lot easier. Only thing I noticed is the game trailers are too small, any way to make them bigger?
  10. 110 sounds about right for me too. We'll never know because the playtime stops at 100 on saves. Definitely could have been more efficient but not get it down to 80 hours, too much things to grind lol.
  11. SMT3 Nocturne plat with 177 achievers. Pretty crazy to me, I thought SMT was a big name in JRPGs. Guess people are waiting on a discount or something?
  12. Koi koi - straight up boring and is in every game. Batting - it sucks because it makes me anxious about missing and starting all over. Outrun - the point requirement was annoying in 0.
  13. Wanted to try amalur so it's already a good month without the rest.
  14. That's great news! Wanted to try this out but the technical issues were a big concern. Hoping this vampire game doesn't suck 😉
  15. The annoying trophies is the reason I'm not playing this, already got the plat on the original nier so I did my time lol.