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  1. I just got it, it was a bit delayed so freaked out lol
  2. Did anyone get a confirmation email? I went through checkout and it put me back in the queue when I clicked order details
  3. I got the email from Sony for the Friday preorder, supposedly there's enough for the people that got the email link according to the FAQ. Lasts until the 19th
  4. Gave up the plat on vita due to the racing, I just don't have the patience for that. I guess ps tv and a dual shock 3 could make it easier.
  5. As long as it plays well I'll still play it. Not like we'll be seeing their faces the majority of the game anyway.
  6. Devil May Cry series and I'm not even good at it 😝 it's just fun to play every now and then
  7. Crash Team Racing finally hit $20
  8. Doom 2016 Nioh Demons Souls (excited for the remaster!) Bloodborne Bloodstained ROTN The Witcher 3 Final Fantasy 12 Yakuza Kiwami 2 Strider Danganronpa 2 Jak 1 Infamous 1 (this seriously could use a remaster)
  9. Good luck with the BMX ring minigame...
  10. Jak, sly, God of war, ratchet and clank trilogies.
  11. I have Folklore which is pretty rare now I guess since it was a early ps3 game. I wish I could find El Shaddai around here, it looked like a interesting game.
  12. It's not perfect but it's fine for the most part. I've done the leap of faith by accident in origins too while getting to a sync point, had to reclimb the tower. Only happened once in the whole playthrough.
  13. I gotta be honest, if stormy acent wasn't available I wouldn't be able to plat because of the high road. The level itself is doable just hard to do it fast enough.
  14. You have to go fast and go through tight indoor spaces so being able to even take 1 more hit is helpful, I've had times where the extra health got me by some races. Sure you could practice until you don't get hit but there's some luck involved and it can get frustrating.
  15. 3DS is a nice change of pace with a great library. I think you just need a break from trophy hunting, maybe once the PS5 rolls around and gets a decent library you'll be more motivated to jump back in. Anyway for me the switch isn't really a great option because of drifting issues and lack of games that appeal to me (I'm more of a N64/SNES fan which is why I liked the 3DS).