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  1. Any random guesses on what it will be? I'll guess Terminator Resistance or Yooka Laylee.
  2. I assume Elden Ring is PS5 too?
  3. Nice! Guess I should buy it now lol
  4. Fist of the North star lost paradise is pretty easy for a UR, just the rhythm minigame is difficult, if you can finish that minigame the plat is basically yours
  5. I can't wait to see what they do with Zack and what happens with the Cloud in that timeline.
  6. Why can't Assassins Creed Odyssey or Origins gold editions hit the $20 price point...like come on it's so close!
  7. I'd go XV, XII, X, then VII, VIII, IX, then IV, V, VI Work your way backwards lol
  8. Sound Shapes - Death mode was too luck dependent, still have no idea how I managed this one. Terminator Salvation - Mostly easy once you figure out how to play but there was some annoying sections with cheap deaths. Jak X Combat Racing - The AI in this game is the prime example of rubber banding and you can get screwed over at the end of races sometimes. Bloodborne - High percentage plat rate for a game that wasn't exactly a walk in the park. Cursed dungeon with Amygdala is tough. Eat Lead - Too many cheap deaths even on normal mode put me off on doing the hard mode. Resident Evil 5 - Difficult to do solo, Sheva's AI isn't that great. Uncharted Series - I'm probably just really bad at these but even crushing feels too frustrating to even bother.
  9. Shenmue 1 and 2 Final Fantasy VIII Most are already mentioned, sound shapes being the biggest and easiest gain to silvers.
  10. Waiting on a deep discount or even until it ends up on plus. At least the gameplay looks decent, animations are amazing and the environments feel more realistic like with the grass swaying in the wind (huge change from the static environments of the first game). I'm kind of a sucker for AAA high production values...
  11. This boss sucked, almost had him the first try but didn't have enough dps for that 1 shot attack he does. 2nd try finished him off with catastrophe and ray of judgement. I was using ifrit for the summon right away and catastrophe to deal with the drones as fast as possible, the fight went by rather quick the 2nd time basically playing like a cover shooter with Barret and having Aerith spam ray of judgement and prayer since her mp was low from the last boss. Haste is pretty useful in this fight to keep ATB bars full.
  12. I figured 2 lightning elementals would be the best since it's weak to it and nothing in that lineup is resistant to lightning, as a added bonus leviathan is also weak to lightning. Aerith had magnify barrier up the whole bahamut fight so the damage was all halved anyway.
  13. That's the definition of a trophy whore. If a majority of the games you plat come from games you enjoy then you're a trophy hunter imo.
  14. 50th Drakengard 3 100th Kingdom Hearts 3 maybe I should go for another 3 on 150th