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  1. Game is great, I just finished it. Really good graphics, story got better towards the end when it all came together. Easy plat and free, no complaints here.
  2. This fight sucked because you can end up in a bad position from the start and they don't leave you much time before they get close but I did the Zeromus big bang method and it worked, had Fran use Zeromus big bang did 200k to all then I immediately had Vaan use Zodiark for final eclipse which left 1 judge standing so he was easily taken out with melee attacks. Hope this helps someone.
  3. Overwatch is easy if you find a group to boost it.
  4. I recommend FFX just know that there's some really annoying minigames involved for the plat, I'm playing FFXII at the moment and I'd actually recommend FFXII for a easier plat.
  5. I HATED PUYO IN Y6, the mahjong and everything else is standard yakuza plat requirements. I can't believe this is gonna make or break the plat for me honestly.
  6. Right? Before it was like 1 to 2 weeks to update the passes and give out rewards. Now its like months before they decide to update them but they do give out rewards a lot faster now.
  7. Disappointing for sure, I was only really looking forward to Castlevana IV which I can just play on SNES classic anyway.
  8. I hope they show the gold saucer and cait sith in next months showing or maybe tease crossdressed cloud lol.
  9. Hyped for MediEvil! I'm glad its releasing in October, gives me a chance to get caught up with some other games.
  10. You get to choose after beating the final boss but you need to do the steps required for each of those 3 endings so you get the items needed for the choice at the end. Make a backup save after defeating the final boss so you can go back for other endings.
  11. Great news! it's a really good game. Hope there's a sequel like one of the endings hinted at.
  12. I wouldn't make rarity worth more because it wouldn't make sense for getting plats on obscure but easy titles being worth more than more common but time consuming games. All plats should be equal and every game needs a plat, I'd really like if DLC wasn't a factor in the % of trophies earned, like maybe if you got all the base trophies and then the DLC it could go over 100%.
  13. red dead 2 silent hill 2 devil may cry 4 kh chain of memories ps3 metal gear rising catherine ninja gaiden sigma I'm not gonna list the dead multiplayer games because there's quite a few of those lol but anyway I pass on multiple playthroughs or really difficult trophy lists unless I'm really into the game.
  14. Uhhh I don't know how I feel about the 4 endings, I heard dying a lot will lock you in to a worse ending, guess we'll see. If true though this could be a ultra rare plat.