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  1. Harbaugh has turned every program he was associated with (San Diego, Stanford, Niners, and Michigan) and turned an organization with a culture of losing into an instant winner. He is often aggressive and abrasive and demands a lot of the people around him. As I said in a previous post (long ago) he is an ASS KICKER who demands performance and not an ass kisser and back slapper. In regards to Eli Manning......good for him and New York fans for getting a curtain call. Can't see anyone picking him up as a starter, though. Immobile quarterbacks with a weak arm are not in much demand.
  2. Why not? San Francisco has a defense and running game that travels well........and Seattle has a knack for winning close games. The four seed (Philly or Dallas) will be an underdog against either team......and then it shapes up for SF vs. SEA in what is sure to be a close game. Winner of that one might go on the road to NO or GB or even MIN but a win there is not unreasonable. BTW SF is a three point underdog at NO this weekend. The only time SF has struggled is against mobile QBs like Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson. They beat GB in a blowout.....they beat LA Rams in a blowout........and I just don't see NO getting anything done offensively against SF and I'm expecting another blowout.
  3. That missed extra point looms large. Can Cousins break the mold?
  4. This 49er fan wishes you all the luck in the world. But my money is on Seattle. Cousins is 0-7 on Monday Night. The Seahawks are 17-2 at home in primetime games since 2010. The Vikings might be the superior team except in two areas: coaching and quarterback play. They have to win this game to stay in the hunt for the division championship; should they lose tonight but still beat Green Bay down the road they likely do not win the division due to tiebreaker (divisional record). (Side note: the Seahawks apparently have the flu bug running through the team).
  5. I'm thinking that will be either San Francisco or Seattle...........and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they both end up in the NFC Championship Game. Yup.......lots of great matchups each weekend from here on out.
  6. In addition, mobile quarterbacks such as Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray tend to be more effective against the Niners' defensive line than stationary targets like Goff and Rodgers. I really don't think the Saints will be competitive.....they've given up a boatload of points against such softies as Atlanta and Carolina. Along those lines, should SF be fortunate enough to go to the Super Bowl, they would much prefer New England as an opponent over Baltimore.
  7. Upcoming game against Baltimore in Baltimore will be SF's most challenging of the year so far. Another chance for a great MVP mobile QB that can compete against a soon-to-be legendary DL. Super Bowl preview?
  9. They are.........................but not great.
  10. I thought it was a good call. NFL thought that Philly wasn't as competitive or alluring as Green Bay. Best game of the week was Carolina vs. New Orleans, but who would have predicted that? IMHO two best teams in NFC are Seattle and San Francisco. The only way to compete against SF and their incredible defensive line is to have a mobile quarterback like Kyler Murray or MVP Russell Wilson.
  11. Funny how the Dallas kicker missed his attempt just as you posted this. Field goal percentage has steadily increased over the years, and for the last five years field goal percentage has been around 85%. This year it is holding at about 85%. I don't have stats for this........but it does seem that when the game is on the line, that percentage goes down dramatically. It seems every week someone is missing a game winning or game tying FG at the end of a game.
  12. Tom Brady has popped up on the Patriot's injury report as questionable against the 'Boys with a right elbow injury.
  13. Both teams showed their mettle tonight. Best game of the year.
  14. I hear you. Regardless, there are no losers in tonight's game. Still expecting Wilson to pull it out.
  15. Just another Russell Wilson game. Run around, keep your team close, then make a play to win the game at the end. I can just hear Howard Cosell saying, "What a ballgame! The back and forth. The ebb and flow!"