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  1. Quite true. You have as many wins as Matto and myself. And with that you do earn some amount of bragging rights.
  2. Will the Chiefs attempt to lift the gargantuan Andy Reid and carry him off the field? Hurts to see it happen like this.....losing a 20-10 lead like that. But it was a fun ride!
  3. Mon dieu! I had 50 bucks on this game and all I had to do was SF win or total points 52 and under. I am now in the position of rooting against the Niners from scoring.
  4. And just as I say that, he completes the big throw. Do the Niners continue to try to run the ball? Last series KC sent almost everyone to the line of scrimmage. Does he dare pass to beat it?
  5. To be fair to Mahomes, he doesn't have the time or space to make those big downfield throws. The Niners have done a pretty good job of keeping him in the pocket.
  6. NINERS over Chiefs 38-17 Back in the days of old it was a stout defense and a solid running game that won championships, and that day is today. Chiefs start slow, make a couple of early mistakes (like previous two playoff games) and never really recovers as the Niners running game remains unstoppable. Yes, the Chiefs did stop Henry, but Henry is a power running back. The Niners create space with their motion and jet action schemes, and slash/cut back to the open spaces. If the Chiefs put eight or nine in the box, watch for Kittle to break open and run wild down the middle. MVP: Nick Bosa
  7. At his arraignment: don't want to be speeding when riding dirty.
  8. Matto........that's old news. Brown was arrested and bonded out at $100,000. As a condition of his release, Brown is required to wear a GPS monitor, must undergo drug testing, relinquish his firearms, have no contact with the alleged victim and surrender his passport. Perhaps most notable, the judge also ordered Brown must undergo a mental health evaluation and abide by all of the ensuing recommendations. The judge ruled that eval must take place within 10 days of his release.
  9. Conference Champ Results: Conker, Perry, Vibe, Matto, Zio, DJ, Midnight and Christ all correctly picked both games. Acasser and Kidson missed with GB and Skid missed with TEN. Vibe and Matto have picked 8 games correctly total while DJ is one back. Superbowl odds have the game as a Pick 'em with over/under at 52.
  10. Mostert has just surpassed Colin Kaepernick for most rushing yards in a single game in franchise history. Kap had set the mark against......the Green Bay Packers. Mostert currently has 196 yards on 19 carries and 4 TDs.
  11. .......and the rout is ON!
  12. Niners over Packers Chiefs over Titans
  13. I am in complete agreement. In addition, drafting and developing and paying for a traditional O-Line is kinda wasted when you have a unique talent like Wilson. Having undersized but athletically talented o lineman makes better sense for a guy who likes to scramble. Seattle will always be competitive as long as they have Wilson. It was the defense that was underwhelming this year; signing Clowney would be a great first step to improving the team. The Niners rebuild began with developing a savage, top quality d-line. Pretty successful, that.
  14. Weekend Results Wins Total Vibe 3 6 Matto 3 6 DJ 3 5 Avatar 3 4 Conker 3 4 Eldain 2 4 Zio 2 4 Skid 2 4 Acasser 1 3
  15. Here comes your typical "making it interesting in the 2nd half" Seahawks performance. Green Bay better keep scoring because we are being treated to some Wilson magic now.