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  1. Yeah I didnt even think about nintendo in the scheme of things. And I would say advertisement in word of mouth does help with the identity that xbox has. I also think it comes from exclusives, PS usually gets more mature exclusives as well as having a bigger Japanesse market (meaning more JRPG's/Story Driven Games)
  2. I ask this question because statistics show that the average gamer on xbox in comparison to PS users is a lot younger. On top of this most users play fps/sport titles.
  3. $8 for Batman Arkham Origins Its like $69 in Australia PSN
  4. Recently Square Enix revealed the Cover Art for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMiX and honestly, it looks as great as the first HD collection if not better (in my opinion​) What're your thoughts? Cover Art - Thanks to Kingdom Hearts Union ) UPDATE: Square also released a LIMITED 1.5 & 2.5 Edition For Japan (heres hoping it gets a western release!)
  5. Awesome thanks everyone, I havent played the Persona series before but ive heard a lot of positive things about it and will give it a go!
  6. Hey everyone! So im looking at buying a Vita in the next month or so and am wondering what everyone thinks should be my first buys for the console?
  7. So out of the 500 or so different types, you only have to catch 250 different ones? For example, Mitey is different to gold Mitey?
  8. Yeah fair enough!
  9. Yeah I've found some familiars are taking so long to capture, the whole percentage/luck based capture system is horrible imo
  10. Hey everyone, Im working on the Ni No Kuni Platinum and am just wondering there's something I should be wary of moving forward (already post-game)
  11. Q1. Ratchet & Clank Q2. Luigi Q3. Fire Q4. Sora Q5. Ezio
  12. Final Fantasy: Crisis Core If you have not heard of, or haven't played this game, go pick it up. Honestly one of the best scripted, well made games I've ever played. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
  13. You can never have enough KH fans!
  14. Thanks Man!
  15. So many great people! Feeling very welcomed as of now! Thanks guys!!