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  1. :platinum: #273 Goat Simulator (PS3) 😅

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    2. DamagingRob
    3. Honor_Hand


      @PooPooBlast lol 😂 I will have that in mind 😅

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      Congrats! Getting trophies like a boss.

  2. :platinum: #272 Shadow of the Tomb Raider 😍

    All 483 Lara Croft trophies are mine now. 😊

  3. Yay! New level up! 😊 (Level 54) 🎊💥🎉

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      So starting at digital ass is more important than "us"? Good to know.

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      Congratz! :yay:

    4. BigBossImBeamer
  4. I wouldn't call this method safe. It is risky as long as Sony has made no official statement on this matter. Theoretically they could ban your account at any time for using this method.
  5. Hey Mister Profile Lurker; wünsch dir trotz einen gewittrigen Freitag a Wonderful calm day!

    Machiko rabbit 3 sticker #10525093

    1. BigBossImBeamer


      Hey Meowski, vielen Dank I wish you the same! 😊

  6. Why the new account? o.O

    1. PlatynowyKot


       I didn't like few things about @bezdomnekoty nick name was one of them but the list was long i'm a weirdo haha :awesome:

  7. :platinum: #270 LittleBigPlanet 😊

  8. Hello,

    I am also a big Rayman legends fan, that is why I am trying to get a hold of a chinese version of the game.

    How did you get yours and was it a physical copy ?

    Thanks in advance.



  9. So currenty I'm bored at work just checking stuff on the internet and found a custom board on psntl named " Assassin's Creed Trophies" and saw your name at number 1.

    So I just checked your profile (a-z sorted) and saw your AC list and goddamn man. Just wanted to say you're awesome that's insane 😂:yay:



    1. Spawn


      Nice, I thought I was a big AC fan but I'm not following that.

    2. BigBossImBeamer



      Thank you, I really appreciate that. Obviously AC is one of my favorite franchises but unlike others I really love every single game. I remember you recently finished the Ezio Collection. I was the one who replied to your status update with Ezio's death letter. 😅

    3. Deluziion90


      Yeah I know haha! I just didnt notice you absolutely destroyed every single game including stacks of it. I've got mad respect for that and just wanted to let you know ^^


      Currently I'm way to busy with games but Black Flag and upcoming Oddysey will be added for sure on my profile 😁

  10. I wonder why he hasn't already been banned by Sony.
  11. @ars @Sergen I totally understand your point of view and maybe RDR would get flagged as well if the guide wasn't published on this site, but there's still a huge difference. Legitimating CoD/GTA would mean to legitimate using CFW on purpose, even if only in specific cases. Legitimating RDR and the shady Vita trick wouldn't.
  12. I agree with you, RDR and the Vita trick are grey areas. I don't like both of them, but I can't argue against it by logical reasons. I wouldn't use the Vita trick just because I don't want to expose myself to the risk of getting a ban from Sony. It is right that the RDR servers once got hacked, but now they became a "official" part of the game by not removing it by Rockstar. You can exploit it with no active hacking. I would never do this, but I can't blame someone who does, especially after the decision was made that this is okay by the cheating rules.
  13. Nobody is saying you shouldn't play specific games. "We" only say be aware of that issue. Also it's possible not to sync the hacked trophies. That those trophies are irrelevant for the leaderboards is no argument. How many games have to be out there that it gets relevant? This is why @MMDE said: "That's shortsighted." Why do you even support the idea of a white list? If the white list gets implemented those trophies still wouldn't count for the leaderboards. You just couldn't get flagged for them. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally for a white list, because you do nothing wrong if you join a public lobby and you shouldn't have to check games before you play them. But it's not okay to say it's okay to hack those specific trophies and this is exactly what you're are doing. RDR and the shady Vita trick are completely different things. No active hacking is involved.
  14. :platinum: #269 Borderlands 🙃

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      Well played, mate :yay:

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      Congrats vault hunter!

    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

  15. Not even if it's intended? So any cheater who does not cheat himself is no cheater? You're right. Joining a public lobby isn't hacking. But hacked trophies are hacked trophies. They must never be part of the leaderboard. That's exactly what the white list is for. But you're asking for legitimating illegitimate trophies.