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  1. Hello from not Vienna to Berlin ;)

  2. PSN level up! 🙂

    I'm level 56 now! 🙃

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    2. Silently


      Cool congrats I'm almost lvl 17 with just a few trophies hehe.. ^_^v maybe after I got the plat on dmc1 hopefully..

    3. jatator


      Congratulations :3

    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

  3. :platinum: #284 Tumblestone 🙃

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    2. BigBossImBeamer


      Thank you, everyone, especially @LightningCharm for coming back. 🙂


      That's hard to say. The enjoyment was definitely higher than the difficulty. I always find it difficult to assess difficulty, especially when I enjoy the game. 🙃

    3. LightningCharm


      @BigBossImBeamer - Sure man, any time.  It's well deserved!

    4. LukeIte


      Congrats On your #284th :platinum: Man.

  4. I just earned my 500th ultra rare trophy. 🙉

  5. Good point. I admit my argument was pretty bad. Deleting your profile and using your own save file is actually also supported by Sony. ^^ Maybe you're right and it would be better if it wasn't allowed. This would make some disputes much easier and clearer...
  6. MMDE probally just said that "too clever" thing to avoid that some save file downloader could use this multiple console thing as an standard excuse. To play on two different consoles the same game at the same time just feels wrong to me. But I don't know on what basis we can forbit it, especially since it is officially supported by Sony and anyone can do it without much effort.
  7. @ProfBambam55 There is one thing I forgot to mention. The "too clever" rule of course only applies if our timestamps would follow coincidentally common cheating patterns AND if we can't answer questions that we should be able to answer credibly without any problems. One of those two options alone wouldn't be enough to stay flagged.
  8. If we really did it the way you said, it would be no proplem for us to answer simple questions like "what courtroom strat did you use on mein leben" or "did you play the physical or digital version". But if we had cheated this game completely, we couldn't answer this simple questions and would avoid them or give contradictory information.
  9. I would say it's not against the rules and a flag should get lifted. But we would be "too clever" if we would just claiming it without any evidence. I think it depends on the credibility of our statements. If we really did this way, we could easily provide evidence to support our claim. Just claiming it without any evidence would fall under that "too clever" rule and our flag wouldn't get lifted.
  10. MMDE and grimydawg already said that it is allowed. ^^ It should stay allowed, but it shouldn't be used by anyone. 😄 And if somebody does it anyway, he should sync the trophies right away. 🙃 Though it's pretty off topic.^^ Don't do it or get paid in advance. 😉
  11. But the thing is it's already allowed. 😅 It feels wrong to me as well and I will never do it. Neither for myself nor for my purchasers.
  12. You said my example was basically share play. So this is why I used the word. But actually it's "offline share play". I could play Wolfenstein on 10 consoles (with 10 people of course) at the same time on one account. And everytime I sync a console I change timestamps. Every timestamp editor could have a console he hasn't synced yet. So this is why I said, just because there is a possible method to create unlikely timestamps (and even overwrite timestamps) without cheating, it shouldn't be a reason to get a flag lifted in general like @Sir_Bee said.
  13. If you can't distinguish share play from timestamps editing, no one could get flagged for timestamp editing. I made my example because of this post: I have evidence of a method to get trophies legit in almost every "timestamp out of order" scenario. You could explain a lot of weird timestamps by complex share play. Therefore this alone shouldn't be enough reason to get a flag lifted.
  14. But how is it possible to distinguish this from timestamps editing?
  15. Of course I earned the Deja Vu trophy I have to play through the game first to unlock the Mein leben difficult. After syncing, his Deja Vu got overwritten by my Deja Vu trophy. But as I said it didn't get over written on this site. On PSNP his Deja Vu timestamp remained. So on PSNP it looks like he earned Mein leben before he earned Deja Vu, technically without cheating.