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  1. Unless 'murica is more liberal than I thought, address information counterfeiting IS illegal =D I'm sure it is. But I can hardly imagine that if some European guy is lying to a Japanese company it's a crime in the US. 😅
  2. It's totally legal, because you're not breaking any law in any country. But Sony can ban your account if you are lying about your address information.
  3. Congrats! But even as a 100% hardcore hunter I won't even consider to try it that way just as a matter of principle. I'm glad to hear you earned your well-deserved platinum, though.
  4. I liked The Crew too, it's a good game beside that glitch. And of course I won't play The Crew 2 either, but I will go one step further. I won't play any game by Ubisoft with online save data anymore unless they fix that glitch.
  5. That's the right attitude!
  6. I have exactly the same problem. I had a very long e-mail conversation with the support. They always said they are working on it. So I waited patiently, but after one year of waiting I wanted to see some results. I wrote that I won't play any Team 17 game ever again and let the trophy hunters community know that they don't care about loyal fans if they don't help me. Then they shifted the responsibility to Sony. I was a huge Worms fan, but because of this I boycott the Worms series now. I'm afraid everyone who is affected by that glitch won't be able to obtain the platinum trophy.
  7. No, but I didn't ask for this even as a 100% trophy hunter. I bought almost every car and I don't wanna lose my progress just because Ubisoft isn't able to fix their games. Actually I'm a huge Ubisoft fan, but I've let them know that I won't play any online game by Ubisoft ever again if they don't fix this bug. In my opinion every player should keep it that way otherwise they will keep on with releasing broken games.
  8. They said the same thing to me. They must be thinking we're stupid. This glitch should be well-known to the support. But I sent them 2 screenshots, so I could prove it's the game's fault, not Sony's. Then they offered me 600,000 crew credits...
  9. I think so. This wrote someone earlier in this thread:
  10. You cannot restart the game. Such an option was never intended. The only thing you can do is begging Ubisoft for reseting your account. But they don't like to do that and that won't prevent you from the glitch. You only will have a very time-consuming extra attempt for that trophy.
  11. I got stuck at 98% too. Doing every mission twice won't work. Support couldn't help, they offered me 600,000 crew credits instead. I know I could ask them to reset my account, but I don't want to. It's not my fault. I can understand why they won't fix the game if the problem is too complex and not reproducible. But I can't understand why they don't fix that stupid trophy. That's all we're asking for. Just a little patch that is triggering the trophy by checking the stats. Nothing more, this can't be too hard. I'm a huge Ubisoft fan, but I won't play The Division or Steep until they fix that trophy bug and of course I won't play The Crew 2 either.