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  1. Hey Ezio Auditore da Fir, how's your friend Leonardo da Vin? :D:P

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    2. Galactic Hyper Balls
    3. PooPooBlast


      Oh c'mon man it was all in good fun. :P. Wouldn't have been as funny had I typed what the meme said :P


    4. Ezio Auditore
  2. :platinum: #263 LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4)

    This was definitely much more stressful than the PS3 version due to the bugs and glitches... 😑

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    2. BigBossImBeamer


      Thank you all! 😊


      I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. 😉

    3. marvelboy10
    4. ShonenCat
  3. I just earned my last PS3 online trophy. :yay:


    What a relief! :)

    I was able to finish every PS3 game (at least the online part) that were important to me. 🎊🎶🎉
    (except for Midnight Club: Los Angeles😒)

  4. I entered the German Top 200 Country Rank! :awesome:

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    2. BigBossImBeamer


      @PooPooBlast @VixenAbyss 

      You sound like natives! 😄


      Yap, in the US, I would just enter the top 300 😅


      Thank you! 😊


    3. PermaFox


      I'm working on getting into the top 100,000 in the U.S. :awesome:

    4. Aze


      Glückwunsch! Nicht schlecht, Herr Specht Frau Huhn 🐔


      Keinen Specht gefunden... 

      keinen Hahn gefunden... 

      das Huhn muss es richten. 

  5. :platinum: #260 Borderlands JP

    (I have to admit I really like Claptrap😅)

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Ooh okay. Sure thing. But don't let me hold you back from your plans :)


      And one more thing, isnt the game region-locked? I have the NA version while you have the JP version. 


      Edit: just remembered that I actually won't be able to play it by next week because I'm making God of war plat my 6000th trophy and I already have the number lined up so I can't pop an extra trophy. I definitely can't finish the game by next week unfortunately. 


      But once again I appreciate the offer and maybe we'll play something else one day! Have a good day! :)

    3. BigBossImBeamer



      I thought you bought the JP version.
      😅 There is no such trophy in the NA version. In the NA version you only have to join a lobby from another player. 🙂

    4. PooPooBlast


      Ooh haha xD


      Okay awesome and thank you again :). Now I don't have to bother you anymore :P

  6. Yes, you can't get flagged for using the degub menu. But you still could cheat that game and create timestamps which are impossible with that debug menu...
  7. Do the timestamps fit for the debug menu anyway?
  8. Of course it can be flagged if you cheated.
  9. Is it possible to change my vote? I would like to change my vote from "NOT to White List" to "To White List". I really changed my mind on that matter.
  10. Many thanks amigo, back at ya! ^-^ I notice you interest Artificial Intelligence and Physics, both epic. Are you a physicist?

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    2. VixenAbyss


      Of course 'Artificial' Intelligence is life lel, if the number of calucations are met for sapient arrival it does not matter. I salute Japan for giving the wage to machine workers. A more small amount but something. When they eventually take over the world Japan will be safe and I will move there ^_^ 

      I don't know? Holographic could easily adapt to string theories yes. It states that everything has is and will exist together in one precise script. Relativity cannot be merged to Quantum theory in it's current state IMO. Many try but is folley, is Mickey Mouse lol.

    3. BigBossImBeamer



      I totally agree with you on that A. I. part. I was just curious about your answer. 
      🙂 (You definitely gotta play Detroit: Become Human btw😉)

      I have to admit that I don't really know much about this holographic theory. 😅 But it is very interesting indeed. Also my English isn't very well. That's why it's hard for me to write about such complicated things in English. I am lucky that many of the important physicists were Germans or Austrians at least in the field of quantum mechanics. One of them even made it to Breaking Bad. 😄 (Never understood why😆)

    4. VixenAbyss


      If I buy the PS4 yes! That game looks magnificent. You are lucky to be German. So many great scientists throughout history and so many papers I cannot read! 😔 Do not worry it is hard for me to write about some things too. But we do our best no? I appreciate the effort! For now I continue a search for summer games to play haha. So many collections out there ^_^ 

  11. <-< wish you a nice Friday mister profile lurker ;)

    1. BigBossImBeamer


      Thank you. 😊 Have a nice weekend!

    2. Koromaru


      Bitteschön ^,~

  12. Your phrase sounds funny to a German. 😄 However the time investment isn't that huge compared with some RPGs. Including practice I'd say about 50 hours, 100 max, depending on skill.
  13. If it were true, it would be easy to reveal that hidden menu. 😄
  14. Both of you follow a wrong logic. You only look on the result and presume the same intention as cheaters. But you cannot punish someone for using a in-game feature even a hidden one after it was made public. And because of that using it has to be legit. And when it's legit it's got to be okay if someone decides to earn the trophies that way.