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  1. :platinum: #292 LittleBigPlanet 2 🌎🙂

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      Congrats :) Need to hop on that one too 😅

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      Congrats, and a Sacky New Year :yay:

  2. Right, but how likely is it to rank up to rank 10 without collecting a ot of Lums to avoid the 1,000,000 Lums trophy? You probably have to get all diamond cups first try.
  3. I was talking about the 4 days 12 hours guy on PS4. His trophy order seems very unlikely, but possible. His flag got approved by now, but maybe unjustified. There is no Lums transfer. When I started the Chinese version, only the online cups I won on the non Chinese PS4 version got transferred, nothing else. Getting 100,000 Lums and 1,000,000 Lums at the same time is highly suspicious. It's not possible and looks like save file editing if I don't overlook something. Edit: It seems the trophy pops when you enter the hero gallery, so it's totally possible. ^^ The Chinese version transfer only works between PS4 AFAIK. This is why I thought we were only talking about PS4 now, so I'm sorry for my rude question. PS3 versions with skipped online parts are definitely hacked. But it doesn't matter in this case since he hasn't played the Chinese version anyway. His list looks suspicious too. Especially getting rank 11 so fast. But getting bronze/silver and gold cup before rank 11 only means he was blocking diamond cups for 1,5 days. There are 2 daily challenges. But if he really got so many diamond cups, shouldn't it be possible to see it at the PS3 ingame online stats by checking his online ID?
  4. Even if this works on PS4 he collected the 1,000,000 Lums before he got the 30 creatures trophy. The longest trophy to get is collecting 1,000,000 Lums. In theory you could prepare that trophy and do that trophy first. And indeed it was one of his first trophies. @Belphega2208 Don't you read your own thread? You can totally ignore the online part if he played the Chinese version first, which is possible, because of his hidden trophies. His Rayman Legends trophy list does look suspicious and highly unlikely, but not impossible. Nonetheless it seems the flag got approved. Technically, it's only completing the offline campaign with a little clean up, which is totally doable within 4 days.
  5. It's about the PS4 version. Does this method work on PS4 as well?
  6. I checked the trophy list from that guy. Seems definitely possible if he played the Chinese version first, which is not unlikely since he is from Hong Kong. The only thing I'm curious about is how he got 1,000,000 Lums so fast, but maybe there is a trick I don't know or he prepared it. Strange thing is without that 1,000,000 Lums trophy 4 days is pretty slow if you dominate that game...
  7. This is correct. But you don't start with rank 11. You start with rank 11 minus all ranks you ranked up offline. Only the online stats are carried over. so you have to earn all offline trophies again. And you even have to earn at least one bronze, silver and gold online cup again.
  8. If you play the Chinese version first you don't have to play the online mode again on PS4. So the longest trophy to get is "only" collecting 1,000,000 lums.
  9. I played the EU version and the Chinese version and I can confirm that the online stats are carried over.
  10. :platinum: #291 Dead Island - Definitive Edition 🔫☠️🔨

  11. In having a dispute, you're just as lazy as in cheating. Not even different "reasons" to make it more entertaining. 😄 Don't waste our time. At least you didn't lie this time...
  12. :platinum: #290 Dead Island JP 🇯🇵💀🔞

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      @FireFoxie It's not about how many trophies you have. It's about how much fun you have while you earn them. 😉

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  13. Okay, looks legit to me. I'm only familiar with the debug menu of the ps4 version. 😅 Your flag should get lifted. 😉
  14. How did you get "Collect 50 Precursor Orbs" and "Collect 300 Precursor Orbs" so close to each other with debug mode? AFAIK it's not possible. There is a glitch you can use, but it takes longer than 6 seconds.