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  1. I can confirm both. Just bought it via PC, but I had to add it to the cart via PS4. It's also possible to buy Misaki's/Leifang's DLC via free to play version.
  2. The ram shackles have nothing to do with it. They are not necessary, but they reload your armor. (There's a cap at 0/25/50/75 and of course 100) I don't know why, but I figured out that they don't spawn behind you if you take cover behind that pipe. But it's possible that a few still come from behind. (But only the guys who spawned before you took the position. BUT BE AWARE OF THAT THEY CAN THROW GRENADES! They always land to your right, so you have to move for a second and go right back to your position.) As soon as one came from the front and then one from the left without one coming from behind, it is safe and you don't have to look back anymore. It's very easy to get the ram shackles. At the Bienville Street district there are only 4 standard enemies, you can even stealth. After that you can exit the district without finishing it. (But don't accidentally go to the main menu. 😄) The side mission is very easy too. All you have to do is ram some boxes out of the way. Unlike the battlewalker mission, you can't even die.
  3. Before you reattach fergus' arm go back to Bienville Street district and collect the Ram Shackles. Exit district and do the quest for upgrading the contraption. This makes the whole last level much safer and there's no risk at all to collect the Ram Shackles. Here's the video: (Can't remember when I failed the last time with this strat. With this strat you can react to any random situations, so you can't be surprised, especially when you look in the same directions as I do to prevent shots in the back.) When no one is spawning for 30 seconds then you're alone with the two bosses.
  4. If you like I can make a video how I handle the final part now. 🙂 (Only bossfight or the robodog part right before as well? I have pretty save strats for both. 🙃)
  5. Glad I could help. 🙂 Nice video you did! Was interesting to see. 🙃 Funny thing is my video seems to me pretty bad by now, because I have improved the strategies and my skills in this game since then very much. 😅
  6. The current patch as I stated in my video. 😉 (1.07) Just to prevent confusion it's 1.08 in the German version. Every glitch still works. I can definitely confirm that.
  7. Making up for all the missed greetings from me? xD

    1. BigBossImBeamer


      Yeah, there are hundreds of notifications that I have to work through. 😅

  8. Looking at all your completed Grand Theft Auto games I see San Andreas (PS3) completed in 1 day, 22 hours (rounding it off to two days). Much respect to your completion time. Don't know how you did it, but if you can, just let me know. My favorite in the series and I'm playing it at the moment. I still have to play IV and hopefully have a milestone in store for it. Also love that "GTA in my DNA" rank of yours that you used to have. Huge fan of the series too. :) 

    1. BigBossImBeamer


      Thank you! 😊

      Before I started with the PS3 version, I had played the PS4 version. So I had everything fresh in my mind. (Also the PS3 version is slightly easier than the PS4 version due to the controls.) In addition, long time ago I had brought the PC version twice to 100%. So I knew pretty much about the game. 😇

      I did only what was absolutely necessary for the platinum. Everything else I have omitted. You can skip a lot of things. And maybe the most important thing I didn't try to be fast. It's much more relaxing without any pressure. 🙂

      You liked my "GTA in my DNA" slogan? You know what? I'll change it back. 🙃

  9. Interesting idea, that might work. But I definitely won't change my PSN-ID. Someone who wants to change their PSN-ID anyway and also is affected by this glitch should give it a try. It's worth the shot.
  10. Maybe you have to many friends in your friend list. I had to delete over 100 friends to see the tetri bots. With 55 friends and above I wasn't able to see any. @Maxmaestre This is why I didn't add you. 😅
  11. Schreib mal den genauen Grund für den Flag und am besten auf englisch. So kann dir am besten geholfen werden.
  12. @Hell_AleX92 Das ist ja kein vorsätzliches Cheaten, aber trotzdem gegen die Regeln, da in diesem Fall dein eigener Speicherstand nicht von fremden zu unterscheiden ist. Was meinst du mit cleanes Profil? Du hättest doch die Trophäen trotzdem vorher synchronisieren können.
  13. Of course it's okay to use your own save file. But it's not okay to create impossible timestamps with your own save file by not syncing the earned trophies before.
  14. I also received it yesterday. Funny thing is I also received a avatar code some time ago for platting Horizon Zero Dawn. I never started the game. I don't even own it. 😄