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  1. Come on, you're just confusing a joke with an intentional abasement. If you can't handle these kind of jokes you really shouldn't play Wolfenstein.
  2. Calm down, it's just a joke after all. A funny joke in my opinion and I always play games on the easiest difficult first. If you want a game that is politically correct maybe you shouldn't play games with nazis in it.
  3. Spoken like a true jealous person. No wonder you don't have the trophy. Everything you say implies that there is no way of enjoying this trophy. But believe it or not, there are players who like these kind of challenges most especially high skilled gamers. You're just ignorant and arrogant to me. Everything you've said could have said someone who signed that sad petition...
  4. I'm not talking about the guys who signed the petition. I'm talking about the trophy hunters who are avoiding hard games they'd actually like to play and those trophy hunters who are only looking for easy plats like the previous Wolfenstein. It's a fact that more trophy hunters would play the game if it would be easy. But you're probably right anyway. Trophy Hunters are just a small section of the whole gaming community. But it's a shame though that for some players trophies are more important than the game itself.
  5. I definitely wouldn't like it, but I totally could understand if they change the requirements for that trophy. MachineGames and Bethesda are companies with the intention of making money after all. It's a shame that so many so called trophy hunters are avoiding that masterpiece because of that trophy. A perfect completion rate with no hard games in it has no value to me. Hopefully they won't change it, it really would be humiliating for those couple of guys who already have proven that this trophy is possible.
  6. But how the mods can verify it (if the timestamps seems correct)? I think is very difficult to stop it. I guess you're right. There is probably no way to prove it by timestamps. Only the trophy sellers would be able to prove this. But why would they do this? They would ruin their business by doing that.
  7. I still can't believe that there is a petition for changing the requirements of a hardcore game mode from something that is hardcore to something that is not hardcore. I think the psychological term for that behavior is cognitive dissonance. There is a game mode you can't beat and you also think that you are a good player. Because your brain can't handle that conflict you have two options. Option 1: Admit that you are not good enough for that game mode. Option 2: Blame the game for being impossible. Most people choose automatically option 2 the path of least resistance without being aware of it... There will always be things in life we can't get. The sooner we learn this the better. I mean... A petition for lowering a game difficult? Seriously? What's next? A petition for dating Scarlett Johansson?
  8. To everyone who is crying around by signing that ridiculous and pathetic petition. You should see that trophy as a tribute to all those people who didn't have that soft attitude and were strong enough to defeat that fascism you face in this game.
  9. Not happy with the product? Actually they are not happy with their skill.
  10. I don't like wilful glitching either. But it's the developers fault not the players. Everyone has a different opinion about what is cheating and what's not. Because of that there are rules on websites like this. I don't like it, but glitching IS okay and using save data that is not your own IS NOT okay. So there is a big difference between those two things you've mentoined, at least on this website.
  11. I don't like glitching. But it's NOT cheating because it can happen by accident. Every trophy hunter can use glitches if s/he likes to, so no one has an avantage through glitching. Buying trophies is ruining the leaderboards. It IS cheating, it's similar to using save data that is not your own. You can see it on their profile here on this site. There is a blue H next to the users account name if trophies are hidden on that profile. Of course you can't see which trophies are hidden only how much.
  12. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this. But websites like this could ban trophy buying players from the leaderboards if there is proof. Actually the leaderboard is the only thing that those players harm.
  13. Though off topic, what happened here? How did one player do this? Regarding the topic, I don't see the point in buying or selling trophies; I think it's silly. In saying that, someone who refuses to boost may look at everyone on this website and think 'what a pack of cheaters... they didn't earn it themselves.' It's a matter of opinion as to where you draw the line I suppose There is one player on the leaderboards who is buying a massive amount of trophies or at least that account has so many players involved that you can hardly call it a team. (Only on PSNTL that player already has been flagged for inaccurate data, probably because of Hakoom's actions.) If someone is thinking the members of this website are cheaters because he refuses to boost he's just wrong. You can't call boosting cheating for logical reasons. Or is it cheating if you take advantage of a player who is afk? But if you are buying trophies you let a totally stranger earn trophies for you. This is cheating by definition. If it wasn't leaderboards wouldn't make any sense.
  14. I don't have a specific example, I had some kind of luck depending trophies in mind you only boost for time reasons and not because you're not skilled enough. Or some trophies you have to boost because the multiplayer is dead. I'm totally fine with playing in teams or getting help from a friend as long as you are good enough to earn it by yourself. If you don't have enough skill for a trophy you don't deserve it, imo. And as I mentioned in one of my posts before buying trophies is not okay because of the time advantage. If you are buying trophies you don't get any time advantage from and you also have enough skill that you could earn them by yourself, that's okay with me. But why would you do that?
  15. Don't you think there is a huge difference between boosting annoying online trophies and buying trophies you don't have enough skill for?