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  1. This person is not an average gamer, he is a hero. What he did is one of the best accomplishments you can do on PS. He got Star Ocean 4 platinum 4 times, fulfilling a situation I have thought time ago: Will it be someone with all Star Ocean 4 platinum versions available? .



    satomaru_atoz , you only needed 4 platinums to have a perfect profile for me. You are a gaming hero. Be very proud of your achievement!!! . 

  2. Zero Time Dilemma is simply genius. If just Saw movies were that genuine...


    All VN should be like this one. With direct interaction with the player trying to escape rooms and to make decisions on it's cinematics. Sci-Fi fan boy? . Well, yeah. But it is simply magnificent. 

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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      And people skip it 458501131178606624.png?v=1


      Glad to see someone appreciating this incredible game.

      You should have played the previous installments first, though :hmm: 

    3. er_campanario


      It was magnificent. This is how VN's should be. 

      Thank you @AlchemistWer @Satoshi Ookami

    4. Satoshi Ookami
  3. Dark Souls Remastered 100%. I have played it completely online this time and it was simply a BLAST. Resisting invasions, cooperating with others and invading worlds. Those who had played it offline wasted their time so much, so I did on the PS3 version playing in that way. I ranked up every possible covenant as well.


    Here I leave a playlist of my journey and the best PVP situations. Remember mage users, my tank build completely nullify every of you. My own build was made in a manner that I can even completely break a Havel user poise. 


    What a very good moments I have had.




    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    2. er_campanario


      Much appreciated @Fidel

  4. I just made a 100% walkthrough playing in Cooperative of the Artorias DLC available for free on Dark Souls Remastered. We resisted countless invasions and we could complete our quest. If anyone is interested, here I provide the playlist. We collected very useful things across it as well as a great set if you are building a tank character. 



  5. What a funny invasion in Dark Souls. Someone invaded me with a mage build... in a dead end space, since climbing the ledge on the left to the next area was too risky while fighting, he had no other option that fight there.



  6. Capcom should be proud with the Tekken staff and what they did with Akuma on Tekken 7. Cleared Shin Akuma on 10 star-difficulty. I got the Master of the Iron Fist tittle. The battle was completely epic and absolutely brutal. Tried it around 300 times.




  7. I've been thinking about what would be the hardest trophy ever if done completely legit since the trophies feature came out.


    Without a doubt I can say:


    Fight Night Champion


    - Squat Thrusting: Obtain boxer level 60 in OWC. 



  8. Iron Tager challenges guide on BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, the hardest challenge is done by showing inputs as well due to this challenge is pure timing. I am going to update the thread as well. 



  9. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle - Hakumen combo challenges:




  10. Hello there, since I really like the new Arc System project, I decided to make a guide clearing the challenges of my favorite character in BlazBlue series. This is a DLC purchase, so if you want to clear this character you need to buy it separately. Even though my main is a DLC purchase this time, I didn't mind to get it, due to Arc System politics with BBTAG were great by releasing the game for only 39,99€ in order to compensate for all of the characers DLC's packs. For everyone attempting this, I hope this assist guide can help, as I specifically did Challenge 6 with and without inputs to give as many references as possible, due to the Jump Cancels must be timed perfectly in a certain moment of the 2nd hit of EX Renku. EDIT: I made an Iron Tager combo challenges guide as well, hope it can assist everyone attempting this as well. Challenge 5 is pure timing, so I did it by showing inputs to help with it: Happy gaming.
  11. This is simply ridiculous. After I got promoted to Brawler rank on Tekken 7 I wanted to keep playing on ranked to increase more my rank. Just 1 lost match and I got demoted to Grandmaster again. It was unbelieveable and I got super pissed. I needed to defeat again 5 grandmasters in a row to get again a promotion chance on my 6th match. I could recover my Brawler rank :) . Not playing Ranked anymore, just player matches now. 




    Aside of this, I am really having a good time with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Not focusing too much on the trophies for now as I want to climb some ranks there and then I am going to get my 100%. The only problem is that you need to wait a lot until you get a match due to is not a tittle that everybody experience. 

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    2. er_campanario


      @Tearraven . Add me on PSN and we can play for fun sometimes.


      @Galactic Hyper Balls In this case, Brawler is an intermediate-high level rank in my opinion, but it is not an elite rank. In my opinion, from Vanquisher to Tekken God Prime are the elite ones. In fact, there are only 3 people in the world in Tekken God Prime rank on PS4. 

    3. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      didn't know the ranking sytem

    4. er_campanario


      Don't worry. Thanks for your support. 

  12. Tekken 7. My final goal is completed. After several matches that were really intense I got Brawler rank and I am on the Green Ranks segment, a place where only the 17,1% of total players are. Really proud about this. 


    Aside of this, I got 100% on Killing Floor 2.





    1. SaltyCatRemi



    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    3. er_campanario


      @SaltyCatRemi I tried it, with horrific results. 1 lose and I got demoted from Brawler. Simply ridiculous. 

  13. Hyped with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Let's see how the rank system and rank matches are built. 

  14. And here we go ^^. Grandmaster rank achieved on Tekken 7 online. Very proud about this personal goal. Time to get the platinum trophy. A last personal task is to get Brawler, which is the next rank after Grandmaster (5% of player database are brawlers) but the opponents on Grandmaster ranks don't let you breathe. 




  15. A good performance playing Ranked online in Tekken 7. Expert rank for now. A lot of rivals defeated. Brawler rank is really close. I need to get used with some of the timings and distances while doing my moves as spacing is key to win in this game due to you lose huge amounts of life with a very few hits.