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  1. SOULCALIBUR VI [Character Creation: Complete] . Now I have my own character in both of my mains playstyles. They are Maxi and Raphael. Personal opinion of the tittle in the below post.





  2. SOULCALIBUR VI is GREAT. Recovers all the good things from the past ones including their combos making the gameplay amazing. The new adds on it add a new level of strategy on matches and I have experience no lag playing online. The story is epic as well due to the timeline is set back again in the past. I paid 70€ for the game and they totally deserve it.


    One more thing, the character creation mode is rated 10/10 for me, after 5 hours making it, I have my character with all types of details. Time to go online with him. Objective: 10.000-20.000 Ranked points.



    1. er_campanario


      @thepeaguy , I invited my own guest, not only Geralt was allowed to be there. 

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      I was thinking of maybe getting this game for Christmas. Though, right now, GoW and Nier Automata are my must-haves. Though, this may be in my top 5. Glad to see people are liking it. It is encouraging me to buy it as I loved Soul Cal 2, 3, and 4.

      Especially 3. If they would ever release it on PS4 as a classic, it'd be an instant buy for me.

    3. er_campanario
  3. The memories... FUC* Fortnite, FUC* CoD, FUC* Battlefield, FUC* PUBG and FUC* hero shooters, when it comes to shooter multiplayer online, there will never be something like Resistance: Fall of Man. It was all you, no advantages, perks or specializations and not dead in 3 shots, so camping was useless there. Just your hands and good aim to the head and body to win. I still remember all my time practicing my aim on 1vs1's. A level 1 had the same options as a level 60 player, no signal of lag in matches and a quit statistic to see if a player was rage-quitting all the time he/she couldn't win. If I just were been able to play it again after server closure... This video summarizes everything. 



    1. er_campanario


      ... And no killstreaks

  4. Yay, another Star Ocean IV trophy holder. :D

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. thepeaguy


      I just didn't want to do the 30,000 kills trophies, so I used the Hori pad method. Lol.

      I also wanted to play other games, which is why it took me 3 years to do.

    3. er_campanario


      I did it non-stop and was great. 6 months is the time it took time. Really busy with studies back to the time. 

    4. thepeaguy


      I would never be able to do that, not while I was studying, so well done.

  5. Do not change your ID and put something like: TheLastOfUs, Blood_Borne etc. Metroid Prime is great, one of the best Sci-Fi games ever.
  6. A Soul Calibur II remaster came short after Soul Calibur V release date. I wonder if they are going to remaster Soul Calibur III when Soul Calibur VI gets released. I would buy it right away. 

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    2. KaiserMaglorix


      @kidson2004 I’m with you on that one, I remember playing the story mode for CAC a lot! But sadly I think the third game is considered the worse one in the community, so I’d dont think it would happen sadly =/ 

    3. kidson2004


      Don’t see how it was the worst one. IMHO SoulCalibur 5 is the worst of them all!! 

    4. er_campanario


      Soul Calibur V is the worst. From story to characters. II and III are great.

  7. Star Ocean is great for me in a level that I can not explain. Best JRPG games out there. From the combat system to the story. It had passed a long time since I experienced something as good as Star Ocean 5. I want to reverse back time and play the entire franchise again, a franchise I would never be tired of discovering in an infinite loop.


    Reviews about SO5 are so meanless and useless, everything I read has no fundamentals and shows the lack of understanding that the journalist have when reviewing certain tittles. If one web that is renowned puts a negative rate, the rest will do the same. It happened a lot of times, Remember Me is a great example. 



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. mecharobot


      I enjoyed doing the PAs, though I don't there was a trophy for that. However I think SO2 or SO1 (remastered) still had the best PAs. VP2 tracks are god tier, though Sakuraba is somehwat of an acquired taste amoung JRPG composers with all the weird rock elements:


    3. thepeaguy


      I think it was down to bias towards the Japanese gaming industry.

    4. thepeaguy


      *Western bias

  8. Soul Calibur VI is great. I played the beta and I completed my personal objective of getting 5000+ Ranked points. Here I show the best match I had against a 9000+ RP Nightmare. What a parry at the end. 



  9. Here I bring my biggest record on Dark Souls 3 playing on PVP with my team. We defeated 21 invaders in a row on Aldrich zone leading to Anor Londo with a Dried Finger in order to play together and let multitudinary invasions to occur. We used the environment to make a lot of invaders to fall off. It was great.


    Partners: lacasitos and jordi2580.



    Dark Souls franchise ended. Time to do Star Ocean 5.

  10. I feel great after completing one of my personal goals in Dark Souls 3. Due to I love the multiplayer options available on FromSoftware games, I wanted to do the biggest PVP zone with all possible handicaps. Playing with two of my friends and using a Dried Finger to have more probability to get an invasion from multiple players all together. If you use the item, you will have 3 invasors in your world. What we did is on this video. 


    Partners: lacasitos, jordi2580.




  11. As I did with Dark Souls, Dark Souls II and Bloodborne before here I bring a playlist of some PVP encounters on Dark Souls III. Playing all of this tittles in every way possible (single player, co-operative and invading / PVP) is amazing. Here I give my PVP playlist playing on all covenants. Way more fun than farming in offline mode.


    No magic, miracles or pyromancies were used. Just my weapon to give fair matches.



    1. SaltyCat


      If only I could be assed to playthrough it once more for the last spell I missed-

    2. er_campanario


      Go for it @SaltyCatRemi. Once you have Aldrich covenant spell, the rest is very simple. 

    3. SaltyCat


      I had all but the onion knights and have to finish ng+ I believe 5 now and can't be bothered, its boring at this point.

  12. After 6 months I am still defending my World Record in Under Night In Birth Exe-Late:[st] , szymixgamer got #2 position beating goldxtrial by a low margin, let's see how much time I can defend my position, because one thing is clear, by no means I will be able to improve my time.



    1. SaltyCat


      I'm still confused on the R Mika first place, how they actually did it.

      *I mean just Mika

    2. er_campanario


      I saw you are #2 . That's an amazing personal achievement @SaltyCatRemi . I am not sure about how it was done, I didn't use Mika too much. She does not have my type of gameplay in fighting games. 

  13. Fight Night Champion has the most awesome story in a fighting game. The tittle shot is a perfect recreation of Rumble in the Jungle, in which my favorite boxer ever, George Foreman, was defeated in 1974. 


    George Foreman is the real GOAT out there. 

  14. Currently playing Dark Souls 3. Gameplay, lore and art is magnificent, but if you know how to play this franchise and you make a good build from the beginning. If you are also a patience kind of player (the best weapon the franchise have is to make you lose your nerve) the franchise is a walk in the park. Especially Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 3. The zones are not connected as in Dark Souls 1 that I consider my favorite one on this field. 


    Dark Souls 2 is by far the most challenging one, due to making good builds is harder, the actions you do deplete your stamina bar after doing three-five of them and the enemies come in waves in the majority of the cases.


    - Favorite artistic enviroments, story, rewards (illusory rings) and customizations: Dark Souls 2.

    - Favorite gameplay: Dark Souls 3.

    - Favorite map-connection: Dark Souls 1. 

  15. The last two personal objectives in Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin are done. I completed the entire Mad Warrior set by getting the Berserker Blade and I completed a cooperative speedrun of the game in less than 4 hours with no glitches. Drangleic was great.