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  1. The Last of War is not even worth 1 buck.
  2. Last status regarding Injustice 2. With the release of the Legendary Edition, some of the NetherRealm developer cards are slightly different. In order to identify them, I am going to post pictures of the two types of cards. Also, I am going to post the rewards I missed from my previous post.


    Injustice 2: Standard Edition Developer Card:




    Injustice 2: Legendary Edition Developer Card:




    Versus Ranked Sets background rewards:




    Hope it helps those that want to collect everything this great tittle has to offer.


    Good gaming everyone.

  3. 1 year of hard work to get 200 trophies and the golden status in our Guild in Injustice 2 (getting the Mortal Kombat and NetherRealm logos on it) and to remain on the Top 100 every week wasn't enough. We needed to go far ^___^ . We are officially retired from Guilds with 202 trophies. Since I also got every possible reward for the Hero Card playing online I am going to share the images just in case someone here is interested in them after getting the platinum trophy and I am going to provide information about NetherRealm developer cards look like in order to get the NetherRealm background and icon for your hero card. I'll really miss this great masterpiece from now on. Now that I did all this tittle has to offer, gaming for fun on it is all that remains.




    Versus Ranked Sets rewards:




    Player Matches / KOTH rewards:




    NetherRealm developer card:




    Good gaming everyone.

  4. WE DID IT!!! . We promoted our guild to Gold Status and we got the Mortal Kombat and NetherRealm logos in Injustice 2. This means that we are now recognised as one of the most dedicated and one of the best guilds in the world. In order to get the Gold Status your guild needs to have 200 Guild Trophies.


    I created it out of nowhere and after a lot of fights, laughs and team effort some of the best Spanish players in the world got interested in the Guild and started joining and we were on the Top 100 world guilds most of the time. After 1 year of hard work we got our final objective and was great.


    Agh... I feel like I just platinumed Attacking Zegeta 2. What a great goal we just fulfilled. Now I REALLY completed this tittle at 100%. Time for a break on it.



    1. Galactic Nordic Nuts

      Galactic Nordic Nuts

      hard work indeed, well done

  5. [Injustice 2] These are legendary level combos. If I ever face this Raiden online and I have chances to win, I would let him to be the winner.





  6. STAR OCEAN 5 is on my library. The wardens of the stars are coming...

    1. AlchemistWer


      Jojojo, good luck with your journey! I would like to play SO5, but right noe it's impossible. 😅 Do you plan to play SO 3?

    2. BakkerJ


      Good choice! Great game!

    3. Fidel


      Hey! There can be only one warden! ..Eh, I guess I can share this giant galaxy. :P Have fun.

  7. It is somewhat strange that my favorite accomplishments I did on PS4 on my favorite games are not tied up with trophy hunting, but at the same time, on the current times, single player games without any kind of reward that can be seen on your profile makes them a waste of time to play around 90% of the cases. I have a goal almost fulfilled and is great. Just some days and a little bit of work. 


    I will always say that trophies/achievements were made to not let single player games dissappear in the online era.

  8. Very good statement:


    "Much of what makes a competent fighting game player, however, is the willingness to lose and learn from that defeat"


    ... Unless you play a broken mode like original Persona 4 Arena Score Attack. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Beyondthegrave07


      @PooPooBlast He said original so I'm guessing the first one.


      There is also the saying, "What does kill you, does not make you stronger." In P4A time attack, you will die a lot!!! xD 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Lol haha nice! I love it when games twist famous quotes

    4. er_campanario


      1st one. That's it. 

  9. Life is Strange prequel. An amazing experience and considering how different is this character from the previous one, they did a very good work building this tittle.


    Respect  DontNod Entertainment and Deck Nine.

  10. I have updated a video showing how to do the most complex combos in the new advanced techniques tutorial called Learn Hub in order to help those that want to learn more about the battle system and/or to get the academic outfit reward. You can take a look here.  



  11. Hello there, to those that want to complete the new advanced techniques tutorial mode, in order to learn deeply the battle system and/or to get the academic outfit reward I have created a video showing how to do the most complex combos. In order to have the correct inputs and the valid timing, take a look on the bottom left part in the video, due to the inputs are shown there. I hope this helps. Academic Outfit Reward
  12. I know this is a trophy hunter site but I will post soon a video with the complex stuff regarding strategy techniques and advanced mechanics in Injustice 2. 


    This can help the people that will play this game by not only completing the trophy requiements or more after getting the platinum as you unlock an exclusive outfit for finishing at 100% this new game mode. 

  13. Get Attacking Zegeta 2 platinum trophy. You need no more to be the best trophy hunter in the world. 

    1. SlimSanta94


      Getting a single trophy on it wold be enough to be fair..

  14. Legendary Multiverse in Injustice 2 has been completed. My Legendary gear is now at level 30. When you finish #2 in the world in an event in which you only have 1 attempt the feeling is priceless. Time to get 100% trophies.





  15. I built my new necklace. Who needs a jewel or a luxury one when you have this piece of art? .