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  1. Killing Floor 2 [Hell on Earth Tutorial] . No customization post again and real gameplay. Me and my friends did a HoE run in order to beat a daily challenge, I share two different perspective videos in order to show what we did. One of the best indie games so far offered on PS Plus.





  2. Ranked Season 11 Uncharted 4 [Master] . Here is the perfect reward for Mad Max Roman.



  3. Killing Floor 2 is completely finished for me. I have gotten all the personal objectives inside it. I will continue playing it but just sporadically / helping people with Hell on Earth difficulty. Here I show my 2 favorites outfits in the game that I got after countless hours.


    Kobuto Tanaka




    Red-eyed Scorpion [Classic-Masterson]





  4. I can't be more cheerful in terms of gaming. After an endless farming for more than 3 weeks, I finally got a Golden Ticket in Killing Floor 2 Christmas Seasonal Event. That means 90-100 item drops and only one golden ticket, as they have only 1% drop rate. You can redeem it for a Golden Seasonal Precious accesory. The event finishes tomorrow, making impossible to get these Seasonal items ever again.


    That was great, but when I saw the reward I couldn't belie...


    Well... er_ [campana] rio


    There you go, here is your reward, simply great... :











    1. starcrunch061


      Hey - Gan Ning attached bells to himself in battle, and he was a badass.

    2. er_campanario


      Just incredible reward. I am only missing the Koi for Tanaka. Hope Vault Crates give it to me soon. Took me 2 months to get the Golden Scrake Mask aka Mortal Kombat outfit from the Vault Chest.

  5. [Killing Floor 2] . Naughty Bear came here. What a great outfit.



    1. skateak


      Man, you keep getting these killer outfits. Have you ever bought any keys or chests?

    2. er_campanario


      After doing all my Christmas boughts, in my wallet remained 5 € , so I opened two chests and I obtained the Kobuto mask and the Bear mask. I couldn't have gotten better items, is like a reward to have played this tittle that much. The rest of the accessories for the outfits that I posted here can be obtained in the Vault or by completing Weekly Challenges and as you know Vault Chests do not require a key.


      Also, when you open a Vault Chest, if you don't like what you got you can recycle the item. You only need 2x Vault materials to craft a Vault item by previously recycled them (precious one gives you 2 materials, normal ones gives you 1 material) 

      I saw you need Hell on Earth trophy. Me and my team play from 6pm to 10pm GMT+1 . If that schedule fits you, I can help you with it. 

  6. Mortal Kombat outfit in Killing Floor 2. This is great.



  7. Predator is going to the Wildlands.



  8. I GOT THIS VERSION OF KOBUTO MASK IN KILLING FLOOR 2. The white kanjis on the red background...


    Thank you. Always forever.



    1. skateak


      Wow. That is badass. I need to start playing it again. What server region do you plan on? I am a dedicated Field Medic. Is the Krampus event still going on? 

    2. er_campanario


      In my opinion there is no better cosmetic in the game. I don't even want a Golden Krampus Ticket now. I play in Europe and EEUU servers. The Krampus event is still going on, I think it will be there until January 15-30, Tripwire offers 2 extra weeks in the events most of the times.


      If you want, you can add me and I can help you getting the Krampus collectibles and we can play for fun as well. Apart from being a trophy hunter and experiencing a lot of tittles, I also like to play my favorite games until I get everything in them (internal feats) . Two examples are Injustice 2 and Killing Floor 2.

  9. Great



    1. skateak


      Interesting choice of tones. I can dig it. I always wondered what goes into the thought process of creating video game music specifically without traditional instruments.

    2. skateak



      As the song goes on, more and more common instruments come in. It is actually a pretty complex now that I have listened to it 3-4 times.

    3. er_campanario


      It can't be more relaxing while reading...

  10. Have a good Christmas Eve, Christmas and new year everyone.


    [Injustice 2] After almost one year of work my Guild almost got the Gold Status. A NetherRealm developer was happy to fight against my Captains in order to get the NetherRealm background and icon as a reward for our dedication. It was great because I got this reward long time ago and my Captains had the chance to earn it. A Christmas present? Maybe...


    Developers have the same background and icon but in Gold, as a way to celebrate that the tittle went Gold and was ready to be launched and as a way to identify themselves in a match. 


    Next step: Aquaman Legendary Gear and experience more tittles.



  11. XBLAZE tittles probably will give the details about the events that created BlazBlue world. 


    After finishing BlazBlue franchise, I really want to get this info.


    Cool worlds you made BB Team. 

  12. BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend 100% . With this, all the BlazBlue franchise is on 100%. Very happy, but also sad.


    Goodbye Six Heroes...

    1. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    2. MetalGarurumon
  13. Since the majority of the references are wrong, I am going to show you the correct inputs for this combo (fighting number notation) . At 50% Heat Gauge activate Macto Maledictis: [214214D] 421D [Lux Macto needs to hit the opponent, Timing Part] , 236D, 214D, [Timing part] 22D, 623D, [Air] 236D, [Air]214D. BB universe is fantastic. Visual reference:
  14. They see us... they run.... Uncharted 4 Ranked King of the Hill.



  15. Uncharted 4 Multiplayer : Got the Master Cap on Ranked. The customizations of my main characters are complete. Such an amazing accessories.