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  1. What really means to be a gamer... I found an answer almost 2 weeks ago.


    October 19, 2018. Soul Calibur VI was released. My all time favorite fighting game. No hard games to platinum would have given the answer to me as you are playing with AI and constant adaptation is not required.


    With a lot of effort, I climbed out the ranks to get my ultimate goal. B5 rank on Soul Calibur VI ranked matches. #31 on the character leaderboard, #30 on the European leaderboard and #1 Spanish Nightmare, an objective that took exactly 6 months to complete. Gaining points by winning and losing them by being defeated, trying to learn and applicate in online matches a safe and an effective playstyle, as well as adaptating myself to my opponents and trying to find general patterns due to every match is different than the others.



    Thank you so much Project Soul, for bringing Soul Calibur VI in the best possible way. 

    1. Spaz


      You remind me when I used to play World of Warcraft and Runescape.