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  1. Good ranked matches. I love the 5 minutes and 30 seconds combo in the vid and my iPrep combos as well.



  2. So many... memories...



  3. Like an army... falling... one by one, by one...



  4. Two of my favorite soundtracks.




  5. Mem boshka de Shmi Skywalker...

  6. What an accomplishment. This player not only clears the Hoenn Battle Frontier getting all gold symbols, which is undeniably the biggest challenge in the Pokemon series, but he does it on a speedrun and takes the World Record playing almost 18 hours straight. I still remember myself playing the Pokemon Emerald end-game.



  7. It has been done. # SOULCALIBURVI online ranked competitive mode. Number 1 Spanish player with Raphael. Number 22 in the world. It was something I needed to do, I have been maining him since SC II . I spent around 50-100 hours defining my fighting style due to how hard is to win with him. It is a character with a 90% of the moveset based on vertical hits in a 3D fighting game, he does the least damaging combos of all cast and can be countered while entering on Preparation stance, but winning with him feels so fair. No other character can be compared with the Master of the Rapier in style. Dante, Nero, Vergil, Raiden, Bayonetta etc are all begineers.



  8. Master of the Rapier. Climbing to B rank on Ranked with him on Soul Calibur 6. If he just dealt more damage on combos and the timing on them wasn't a madness I would annihilate with him. TOP 50 in the world for now. 



  9. No character is more stylish than Raphael Sorel from SOULCALIBUR series.


    Raphael Sorel on SOULCALIBUR VI is more than great.


    Dante, Nero, Vergil, Raiden, Bayonetta etc are begineers or like Raphael would say: Pathetic. 

    1. Terra


      Raphael was one of the first characters I played as when I started the series (Soul Calibur II was my first). I used his style consistently in Soul Calibur V and IV. When I get to VI it will probably be the same way.

  10. Collector edition in 3, 2, 1...



  11. Yesterday I talked about my B5 rank quest in Soul Calibur VI ranked matches, but I forgot to add this masterpiece track. Memories.



  12. What really means to be a gamer... I found an answer almost 2 weeks ago.


    October 19, 2018. Soul Calibur VI was released. My all time favorite fighting game. No hard games to platinum would have given the answer to me as you are playing with AI and constant adaptation is not required.


    With a lot of effort, I climbed out the ranks to get my ultimate goal. B5 rank on Soul Calibur VI ranked matches. #31 on the character leaderboard, #30 on the European leaderboard and #1 Spanish Nightmare, an objective that took exactly 6 months to complete. Gaining points by winning and losing them by being defeated, trying to learn and applicate in online matches a safe and an effective playstyle, as well as adaptating myself to my opponents and trying to find general patterns due to every match is different than the others.



    Thank you so much Project Soul, for bringing Soul Calibur VI in the best possible way. 

    1. Spaz


      You remind me when I used to play World of Warcraft and Runescape.





    Nightmare and Raphael are the best fighting game characters ever.



    I guess... it is time to platinum the game right? .

  14. Amy is a very complex character to use and to play properly with in SOULCALIBUR VI. (Competitively talking, no single player) . 


    Female characters are completely broken / they are pure fan-service in most fighting games. Amy is one of the exceptions. First female character I ever use in a fighting game. 



  15. The so bittersweet feeling when you accomplish a feat that you will never forget (reaching C3 Rank playing Ranked matches in SOULCALIBUR VI and being #1 Spanish Nightmare and #60 worldwide) and the next week on 1.30 update they make easier to rank up by implementing an infinite rematch feature on Ranked mode.


    As a positive thing, I think I can get more points (I was completely stuck in the previous matchmaking system) . For now I surpassed 28000 Ranked points. Let's see how far my desire for victory takes me.