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  1. My bad, it's 75%, still, super cheap
  2. Hey, everyone, if anyone hasn't picked this game yet, it's 75% off on PSN (at least for the EU, not sure about NA) to 01/20 ^^ EDIT: Yeah, it's 75%, not 90% still super cheap
  3. So requiring the minimum is good now? Trophy hunters are getting so lazy
  4. Maybe I'm a little masochistic, but to fully complete the game you'd have to get All Excellent on every song, on each difficulty. While, I can understand, they didn't want to require that much, I still find the plat terribly easy.
  5. Dang it, I cleaned my backlog in 2017/18, now it's just one game and two that I currently play lol
  6. Yep, I played it on Proud and can confirm. But then, we got the hardest Critical in the series. Agreed, I'd say, the Pro Codes trophy really required a lot of time (basically doing another playthrough) and you literally had to master the fights. Felt great. Nope, it doesn't require you to perfect these songs, ever heard of the Excellent Bar or All Excellent score? Nope, it's just requires you to make 50 no-fail/Full Chain runs on each difficulty. Read the feats on the internet, they could have added much more and it's disappointing, that you're not mastering the game at all, when getting the plat. Oh, and I'm actually disappointed, they removed the "No Continue" trophies Of course I did, I'm a huge KH fan, it was a nice step back from the easy cakewalks that were KH3 and DDD's plats I actually found the unstacking trophies cheap and annoying, but I get your point. It felt, you put more dedication because of that. Nevertheless, I got the plat/100% in CoM on both versions + GBA and hated it everytime, because the only fun post-game content is opening this few treasure rooms lol. Other than that - it's just grinding cards and LVL 99s. At least, it felt like you're doing something, unlike Re:CoM where you just mindlessly grinded levels and cards. I mean, I get your point, but at least this grind felt a little rewarding.
  7. Difficulty trophies stacked in 2.5, 1.5+2.5 and 0.2 Really? I actually found BBS pretty easy and not grindy to platinum, and I did everything on Critical. The worst thing was doing the Mysterious Figure as Terra, that was just cheap. Yeah, you can say, you have to 100% the Reports 3 times, but there are much less worlds here than in KH2 for example and it feels like 100%ing the KH2's Jiminy's Journal. At least for me lol Haha yeah, why not put it as "DLC" pack though? They did it with Uncharted collection on PS4. Wellp, I prefer to master the game and get the accomplishment feeling. I love doing these ultra rare plats like LBPs, GTAs or Terraria
  8. So, I've been watching this unfold since DDD. The KH games' trophy lists kept becoming easier and easier and I understand removing the unfair stuff, like beating the game 6 times (I'm looking at you, Re: CoM on PS3), but I can't stand it, when most of the game's optional tasks (the so called Feats here) aren't required for the platinum trophy. I remember a lot of stuff wasn't needed in DDD, either, like the infamous max affinity levels trophy and the game itself had the easiest plat in the KH history. Same goes to KH3, which didn't even have a difficulty related trophy, or anything. In other words, I'm disappointed as a KH fan, that the plats are getting easier and easier and don't require you to master the game.
  9. Honestly, I understand the frustration, as it annoys me too. However this update was pretty easy, compared to some other ones like the Pillagers update. I finished this in 30 mins The biome trophy is pretty easy, you can just cheat your diamond set with the creative glitch and run around the nether until you find piglins. Throw the gold on them, to get the trophy, then switch to peaceful and find the other biomes. Cheat the new armor and wear it, as for Bullseye, you can shoot the target from any distance lol.
  10. It's really simple. You can mess up a lot of missions and watch the cutscenes, as long as you use a taxi, every time you can. Trust me, it's really easy. I finished the game in about 17h that way. Oh and don't go out with friends, answer their calls, then cancel plans, that way, they won't stop liking you. It's really easy, overally, the single player is a pretty simple, but somewhat time consuming task, mainly the stunts and pigeons.
  11. When it comes to King of the Hill, the more players are there, the faster you'll be done, as you can give yourselfes more respect points. As for ranked matches, if both the consoles are connected via Ethernet cable, you'll find your dummy account almost instantly.
  12. Awesome! I think it's always best to go for online first, as you never know what can happen
  13. I'm not proud because I boosted the game. I was just wondering where were these 10/10 plat ratings coming from. This is an easy game with grindy online and 1 difficult co-op mission. There's nothing here like being in top leaderboards or something. I've done much harder things like Overseer from Uncharted 3 MP, so it's surprising for me to find GTA 4 that easy, while I was unsure in challenging myself with GTA 4, seeing what people write on the Internet. But having obtained the plat, I rate it 4/10 in terms of difficulty.
  14. Yeah, because I went on to play Kingdom Hearts III ReMind. It would take much less otherwise, my single player save file was 40h and multiplayer playtime was I assume 20h (I do not count idling with Hapiness Island glitch)
  15. You should research that type of stuff Sorry man, but that's just the truth, they had a lot of time to do that and there's no denying these trophies were super easy and quick