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  1. So, we've replaced the boot lit in my car along with my friend. We are awful at repairing cars and of course all the cables were different colors from my previous boot lit. So we did it in city centre on a parking till very late night and still didn't finish. We had to go and just connected all the cables, so all the lights work properly and they did, except the stop ones. The final result of our replacement was connecting the stop lights to the car's electric lock, so my boot lit opened every time I pressed the brakes lmfao. I drove like that to work for a week. The other weekend, we made it work properly but the reverse lights only worked with the open boot lit, so we figured, I'll just open it, if I get pulled over by police, when they realize it's not working. And finally the last weekend, we made it work, but my lock refuses to work for the boot lit to this day. Professional job
  2. Nope. As long as you use in-game glitches and exploits available without modding your console/save file editing, etc, you're good
  3. Could anyone drop me the items required to summon and beat the Empress of Light along with the Zenith sword? I would be really grateful PSN: Sebulba2000
  4. Is it fixed? I saw quite a few people get it EDIT: Yes they did!
  5. Please add PS3/Vita support
  6. What do you have to do for this trophy? Open a specific chest?
  7. That is, considering the Fae Flyet will be achievable. Also, I will have to get the PS+ just to obtain a few trophies. It sucks
  8. Good thing they replied, I hope they will do something with it :/ it sucks, because even if you avoid unobtainable games, you are screwed now
  9. I've seen threads on Reddit with people saying this trophy is impossible to get, claiming they have beaten the boss multiple times. It has 0 achievers and while I know this update is still fresh, it's weird, that absolutely no one has got it. Did they really patch an unobtainable trophy through DLC? That would suck. It literally ruined my profile, as I am extra careful with unobtainables. I hope they'll fix it. I remember this game being buggy with its trophies, but at the end I could unlock everything, this one seems to be 100% glitched for everyone. PSN says 0,1%, but it also counts the hackers, so...
  10. Oh God, why? It's like Minecraft, I've finished it and then they kept adding trophies, constantly breaking my 100% completion. That nightmare ended only after they stopped supporting PS3/Vita and then ran out of possible trophies on PS4. And now, I was just 4 trophies away from a fully 100% profile... Also, I didn't really like Terraria, so me having to come back to it feels like a chore... Meh
  11. Nope. Every game should have a solid gameplay to justify a story and atmosphere, that someone would not care about
  12. The Vita version is way better. Can't say the PS4 version is bad, it's just, this game feels right at home on Vita, while on PS4, it feels like a regular 3d collect-a-ton platformer
  13. Actually GTA IV was way faster to finish for me, than GTA V. Give it a shot, AWP is not that troublesome these days with more stable internet connection. You can buy/borrow a 2nd PS3 for Wanted to get it done in 1 day and get the coop trophies with some practise.
  14. Uncharted 2 and 3's DLC trophies. RNG on online and grinding bilions of wins is never fun, especially with the shutdown on the horizon lol
  15. Are they seriously going to pull a Run Like the Wind on us again? Ugh...