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  1. I had the same feeling, when I got the plat in 2013 and now I've done it on the Vita, too and still feels great ^^ it is a short game, but it's fun to play and the side quests were really enjoyable. The Oswald AI's stupidity is getting on the nerves sometimes and Gus saying "good job!" every 5 minutes was irritating for me, but overally I had a great time, even though both times my game glitched at the end of my 100% playthrough and I had to start over If you liked it, try Doki Doki Universe. A really fun indie game
  2. Yep! I never sell my consoles I have a Slim model and changed the drive from 250GB to 320GB, when my 250GB died. Nevertheless, I'm more proud of my 16 year old PS2 still working perfectly fine
  3. Hi, everyone. I own this plat since 2013 and just platinumed the Vita version. During both of my platinum journeys, I've experienced a heck ton of glitches, some were even game breaking. So, I'd like to give you all heads-up towards the ones I've encountered: - Black Bag glitch - I could see the Black Bag in the shop, but couldn't buy it. I kept pressing X to confirm purchase and nothing happened, my blank pins weren't even taken. Got stuck at 175/176 pins :/ It happened on PS3 and got me so mad... I think there are 2 ways to prevent it: 1st - DON'T buy things rapidly, do it slowly. 2nd - if you ever see the described issue happening, DON'T back out of the shop, as the game will then autosave. Just close the game. - The Wild Frontier Pin - the pin is obtained by defeating 4 blots attacking Rigger Greene in Disney Gulch. I didn't know he was there, so I've befriended the Blots and went on, without talking to Rigger. Then when I've backed out of the location, this pin glitched :/ I had to start over. So, remember to never leave the Disney Gulch if you deal with the Blots and not talk to Rigger. There is one way to unglitch this apparently, as the quest "Clothes Make a Splatter" is kind of glitched. You can actually do both sides of the quest, so if you've gotten all the other pins and are stuck at 175/176 because of this one. Try starting the other path of this quest and you should get a pin at the end. The thing is, you've already bought if from the black bag, so the game registeres the same pin twice and kind of unglitches it. I had to restart the game, because I've finished the Clarabelle path and angered Ian, when I went back to Blot Alley for Teddy Bear pieces I've missed lol. But there is a solution if that ever happens. - Hidden Heroes glitch - I had this quest glitch on me, too. I had photographed 7 Oswalds and Gus didn't say anything, nor did the quest go forward. I went to Seth and he told me he needs more photos, despite my quest menu saying 7/7. Thankfully the solution is really simple. Just photograph any Oswald/Mickey (whatever's glitched for you) and it should unglitch right away. - Out of Toon glitch (?) - I'm pretty sure that was a glitch. At one point during the quest you have to paint absolutely everything in Bog Easy and it can be a pain sometimes. Anyways, I was pretty sure I've painted everything and still nothing. So what I did was thin and repaint the ropes at the beginning. It fixed the issue. Try it, if you're struggling - D.E.C. #5 can be played backwards - not really a game rendering a glitch, but you abusing them but anyways, this D.E.C. may seem impossible to play backwards, but you can reach the high trumpets by using both TV and Anvil as platforms. I hope I can help anyone, as I nearly had mental breakdown when the last pins glitched for me lol
  4. Ugh, not again 🙄
  5. Very pleasant game. Not as good as LEGO Batman 3, which I consider to be the best from the Vita titles. Anyways, it follows the same formula as LEGO Batman 3, meaning only 5 challenges per level. And as one user above said, it's definately better than Nindroids. I found Nindroids good, but this was way more enjoyable to 100% for me. Highly recommend it, also I've managed to get it very cheap
  6. Nope. No way to do so. It's an issue, but you can abuse the flying characters to get it done faster. Doesn't always work, because of invisible walls, though.
  7. Personally, I dislike the new GoW style. It's so boring, so slow paced. I hate it
  8. To be honest, I don't trust AAA developers and don't buy any games at full price. The only exception is KH, because it's my no. 1 loved franchise. However I wouldn't call KH AAA, despite it being full price
  9. Not really. The amount of banned profiles is inconsistent. There seems to be quite a lot people who got it recently all the way to August. If they're going to do something like it, then just ban everyone in the "latest achievers" in descending order
  10. Call it as you'd like, I didn't ask for any of this, so that ain't my fault. Also, I got the equivalent amount of RP needed to level up to rank 100 later just to make myself feel, I got it legit. I don't care for any of this. I just needed a feeling of legit accomplishment for myself. You guys here are horribly inquisitive with checking other people's trophies to verify their legitness. Also, as always people seem to totally miss my point. My point was the admins claiming they banned me because I was in a hacker's Discord server in 2021 and looked for assistance there, while having the game finished to 100% in 2018. Anyways, I didn't ask for help, just got a bounty by an accident and I felt like doing the trophy legit. But I probably would ask for help, because it's much more important for me to have a 100% profile, than be on one site's leaderboards. You may find getting RLTW post 2017 illegitimate, but then if it was stated clear it can't be earned legit, why not just ban everyone from the leaderboards who got the trophy post April 2017 straight away?
  11. Yeah, I got flagged for being on the server in 2021, while I got the 100% in 2018 LMFAO. I was just looking for a hacker to help my friend get it before they shut down the servers. I won't hide the game either. I got the platinum trophy legit, it was time consuming and I put a lot of effort into it. I don't care about the leaderboards. They are filled with region stacks anyways.
  12. This is pointless, as the site allows you to litetally cheat using glitches, exploits or even make your own server in Saints Row: The Third. If there was a way to get from lvl 1 to 100 in seconds, without the use of hackers, they'd be ok, even though you don't earn the trophy the intended way. That doesn't make sense
  13. So, we've replaced the boot lit in my car along with my friend. We are awful at repairing cars and of course all the cables were different colors from my previous boot lit. So we did it in city centre on a parking till very late night and still didn't finish. We had to go and just connected all the cables, so all the lights work properly and they did, except the stop ones. The final result of our replacement was connecting the stop lights to the car's electric lock, so my boot lit opened every time I pressed the brakes lmfao. I drove like that to work for a week. The other weekend, we made it work properly but the reverse lights only worked with the open boot lit, so we figured, I'll just open it, if I get pulled over by police, when they realize it's not working. And finally the last weekend, we made it work, but my lock refuses to work for the boot lit to this day. Professional job
  14. Nope. As long as you use in-game glitches and exploits available without modding your console/save file editing, etc, you're good
  15. Could anyone drop me the items required to summon and beat the Empress of Light along with the Zenith sword? I would be really grateful PSN: Sebulba2000