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  1. It took me 2 weeks to do it from scratch, so still very doable at this point, can probably be done even faster
  2. Something happened to some Vita servers. Ratchet and Clank Q Force has the same issues, but only on the Vita, it's fine on PS3...
  3. Thanks for the answers everyone. I've edited my post to point out two things. All I'd actually like to know is should I bother getting 100% now or just never start the PS3 version? I'd play the PS4, too anyways haha.
  4. I've finished UC3 recently and I'll probably be done with UC2 this week... But then there's this game, I have it and never, ever actually started it. Should I bother doing the online trophies? How long they take? Are they doable? I can dedicate a lot of time, but prefer not to, because I want to spend more time with my girlfriend and my friends instea of playing all these games before they shut them down lol EDIT: Nothing will be endangered, when I chose to dedicate this game. I still spent a lot of time with my loved ones, but I'd like to finally take a break from all this boosting and maybe even a bit of gaming lol. Another thing I'd like to point out is the fact, I'm a completionist and won't leave any game incomplete or even worse, with unobtainable trophies. I'm a 100% guy, I'm not happy with just the plat.
  5. Thanks Do you have any tips for Epic Quest maybe? I can also share a tip for El Dorado: the skull trophy. You do, in fact have to do it with only 1 ball, unless you lose your ball by tilt, then the skulls won't get converted to points, so it may be useful, if you're in the "lose your ball zone", you can just spam nudging then. I hope it helps at least a little, good luck ^^
  6. Thank you, but I already got it the same day, haha I'm still mad at this game though. Oh and I kept lighting these letter anyway for ballsaves BTW.
  7. Well, this game's difficulty is insane and I kinda both love it and hate it. But 2 of the tables are just cheap and they do not provide a good challenge. I already had 2 close attempts of the silver trophy in the SFII table and I failed them on the final boss, I've lost a ball on it and realized I have to start all over again, despite having more balls (did it all with ball 1 the first and I think the second time). Well, this drives me crazy, because it's cheaply and poorly made... Not to mention, I've lost countless of times because ball saver decided to drain my ball... Yeah, luck-based garbage if you ask me :/ Can't wait to finally never touch this game or any Pinball game again. Oh and also, I've never tried the silver on Mars yet, but I heard it's just like here with the final mission.
  8. Why it's good? It's not adding countless pointless trophies for Minecraft, but adding a great replay value for KH3.
  9. Yep, no trophies
  10. I'm kind of surprised how common the plat is, considering the flying levels (as well as the flying trophies), the gears (I couldn't find these without a guide) and Tree Tops. Wow, I guess people really seem to love this game as much as I do, hence so many people got the plat 😅
  11. Oh crap, so sorry to scare you, haha
  12. 4J studios are packing their development kits for the PS3, Vita, Wii U and X360, so they won't be making anything more for these consoles. That means there won't be any updates, or new trophies.
  13. Oh, thanks a ton everyone! I hope they never add more trophies, lol
  14. So, I was trying and trying to tame an ocelot and I get hearts, but it never turns into a cat... Yeah, I'm trying to do the new trophy for collecting the cat's gift.
  15. Oh my God ;_; Meh, I'm tired of this. At least the DLC is free