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  1. This game looks like another Terminator Salvation or Megamind in case of difficulty and trophy ranks, well it's a good news for trophy hunters anyways
  2. Honestly, I understand the frustration, as it annoys me too. However this update was pretty easy, compared to some other ones like the Pillagers update. I finished this in 30 mins The biome trophy is pretty easy, you can just cheat your diamond set with the creative glitch and run around the nether until you find piglins. Throw the gold on them, to get the trophy, then switch to peaceful and find the other biomes. Cheat the new armor and wear it, as for Bullseye, you can shoot the target from any distance lol.
  3. Hey everyone, just wanted to make this topic to share the best method for the orbs post-patch. So, when you fly using the debug mode (R2+L2), the game won't restart the mission and the orb won't disappear, even if you select "restart mission" from the menu. So what I suggest you to do is just go to the fly mode when the orb mission starts and then restart. The timer will disappear, but the orb won't. Just fly to it and you can be as slow as you like, when you're done, press X and the mission will restart. Hope this helps.
  4. So, as we know, Years 1-4 had some problems with coop like trophies not unlocking or even glitched collectibles. I would like to plat this game in coop soon, but I'd like to know if there are any problems because of playing in coop? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, anyone else had this issue? I just can't unlock the Master Trader trophy, what am I doing wrong? - I am doing this in a tutorial world imported to the Bedrock Edition - I am selling materials for emeralds (34 emeralds per run and did this a lot over 30 times) - I am not using the quick trading on the left. I'm just placing items in the spots with the triangle button - I don't use any in-game cheats or Creative Mode - I kept making copies of a world, then realoading and deleteing the ones, where I already did the run NOTE: I unlocked Inception in the same Tutorial World, so trophies not unlocking there on Bedrock is NOT the case Please help! Thanks
  6. It's really simple. You can mess up a lot of missions and watch the cutscenes, as long as you use a taxi, every time you can. Trust me, it's really easy. I finished the game in about 17h that way. Oh and don't go out with friends, answer their calls, then cancel plans, that way, they won't stop liking you. It's really easy, overally, the single player is a pretty simple, but somewhat time consuming task, mainly the stunts and pigeons.
  7. When it comes to King of the Hill, the more players are there, the faster you'll be done, as you can give yourselfes more respect points. As for ranked matches, if both the consoles are connected via Ethernet cable, you'll find your dummy account almost instantly.
  8. Awesome! I think it's always best to go for online first, as you never know what can happen
  9. Okay, so I did the multiplayer stuff with my friend and we were both on 2 PS3s, it was a joke, compared to Uncharted 3's DLC. I've finished the story, I had 17hrs of play time and I messed up some missions pretty hard, why do people say speedrun trophy is really hard and forces you to skip cutscenes (I didn't)? Now onto the optional stuff, I didn't really get to the pidgeons and stunt jumps, I'm hanging out with friends and doing other misc trophies, while they can't go out. I also do the winning at pool and bowling turkey type ones on like my first try. The pidgeons shouldn't be worse compared to Blast Shards in inFamous 1, as there were a lot more there, I did the stunt jumps in GTA V and it wasn't that bad, so it shouldn't be a problem either. Now tell me, how is this any hard? Because this plat seems stupidly easy and even quick for me, I think I'll be done with the story mode in like 2 more days and today was my first day doing the optional stuff. EDIT: Besides hanging out the friends, I also did quite a lot of side missions today, hence why I think I'm gonna be done quick
  10. I'm not proud because I boosted the game. I was just wondering where were these 10/10 plat ratings coming from. This is an easy game with grindy online and 1 difficult co-op mission. There's nothing here like being in top leaderboards or something. I've done much harder things like Overseer from Uncharted 3 MP, so it's surprising for me to find GTA 4 that easy, while I was unsure in challenging myself with GTA 4, seeing what people write on the Internet. But having obtained the plat, I rate it 4/10 in terms of difficulty.
  11. Yeah, because I went on to play Kingdom Hearts III ReMind. It would take much less otherwise, my single player save file was 40h and multiplayer playtime was I assume 20h (I do not count idling with Hapiness Island glitch)
  12. You should research that type of stuff Sorry man, but that's just the truth, they had a lot of time to do that and there's no denying these trophies were super easy and quick
  13. Ok, so I just got the trophy and 100%ed the DLC. I can say it wasn't as hard as I expected. So what I did and I think is the best method was: 1. I played on Beginner NG+ with Ultima Weapon 2. I opened every treasure chest and took a photo of every lucky emblem 3. When I set my equipment, I always choose the things with most defense and strength, the resistance and magic didn't really matter if I had to choose between it and strength/defense 4. I got every useful bonus (Defense Boost, etc) from every minigame 5. I finished EVERY main story boss with ALL the codes on - this is the best method, I know it's hard, but you'll thank yourself in the data battles, trust me. 6. I leveled myself up to LVL 99 7. I cooked every meal and then used it in combat, as it really helps 8. I fully upgraded my Ultima Weapon 9. Be sure to fight Dark Inferno, too. He gives you points as well. I did him with only Default Stats off, however it is tough, so you might as well turn Zero Defense off. 10. In the DLC, only the Armored Xehanort matters, so you can turn off all the codes except No Cure, then die intentionally on the final fight and again, Default Stats and Zero Defense off. 11. In the Data Battles I did Luxord with all the codes, as nothing will really help except Zero Defense and he is still very doable 12. As for the other Data Battles, your strategy should be turning Default Stats, Zero Defense, MP Slip and No Links off. Buy a lot of Hi-Ethers and Mega-Ethers, then just try fighting the guys and try to spam with Ariel in their DM, or when you need to heal. 13. I got my trophy while defeating Xion (didn't even have to fight Xehanort and keep in mind you can always try doing Yozora if you're missing points) Good luck! It's not that hard
  14. All the online trophies are hard with randoms... DUH. But those games aren't considered hard.
  15. It is technically not missable, unless you're feeling like doing the whole DLC + Final Boss and Dark Inferno with almost all codes all the time
  16. After beating Yozora, press square to load your save file and go to the main story. You can now do the merits
  17. Yeah, most of the time you just don't know what the fck is going on and they have very little frames, when they are vulnerable. Also, these stupid DMs, when they have 1HP are infuriating. Yep, I'm looking at you Young Xehanort and Marluxia 🙄
  18. The ones for Code merits, I don't know if a regular NG will count, haven't checked. But yeah, you do need to play through this again
  19. I just beat the DLC on Proud Mode, so here's my experience: ReMind Episode is as easy as the regular story, heck, I actually found it super easy on LVL 99 with Ultima Weapon. You will experience an incredible difficulty spike on Limit Cut and Secret Episode. The bosses there are awfully hard and somewhat unfair, because it's hard to attack them and even dodge their attacks, you won't even know what's going on at first lol. It's doable, like everything when practised enough, so don't worry, remember to use Cousine, as it really helps, good luck Now onto the merits ^^
  20. Jesus, I didn't mean to be an ass. I just found the plat difficulty to be a little overrated 🙄 Also, I think you've got a point too, that's why maybe we should all agree it's hard to judge online trophies, as these can almost always be easily boosted/done with pro-players, so the difficulty depends. But overally, we are talking about the multiplayer here, but I meant to tak about single player here actually, I just feld GTA IV was a joke, compared to U3's DLC Yep, because out of 12 tables, there are only 4 left
  21. Same, doing this legit is probably nightmare
  22. Yeah, but that doesn't make the game hard, just because someone found an easier way. It was there all along, everything without a good strategy is hard. Besides, the coop missions, it was only time consuming (in the case of Wanted and AWP), not hard. Damn it guys, this is NOT 10/10, I did harder things in 4/10 or 5/10 rated games. Looking forward to get some challenge finally. However keep in mind I was talking about the platinum trophy only in this topic about being easy, as I mentioned, I haven't played the DLC yet. I heard about this mission 100%ing and honestly I'm not worried anymore, when my friend told me you can replay missions multiple times, doing on objective at a time. Nothing can be worse than Zen Pinball (which I nearly 100%ed), that's a thing I keep repeating myself Yeah, they were tough, but not 10/10 tough with all the methods available in 2020 We got help, the 3rd person grenaded himself before the spawn in Deal Breaker, we did NOOSE and BDB2 by ourselfes though EXACTLY Yes, now there is an idle glitch for Wanted and a glitch for BDB2. The other two missions just have better strategies now
  23. I'm not any good at this game. Actually it is my first time playing it. I didn't have much issue with Deal Breaker, 1/2 ppl need to grenade themselfes when more than 2 players, so there will be only 1 spawn. Not that bad, NOOSE is quick and BDB can be glitched. Not nearly as bad as Overseer in Uncharted 3. I've done way worse online crap. Everything is hard with randoms. EVERYTHING. At that point you can use cheats to lose police. Sure
  24. I see a lot of people saying that actually. AWP won't glitch as long, as you're careful about a few aspects. The coop missions are not that bad, I did it in like 2 days and I'm a noob. I always do the online stuff first, as potential server shutdown may happen I'm sorry to hear that However, it shouldn't glitch if you're careful about people quiting and money raising. By these 2 factors, you can tell if the win registered or not. That is exactly what I suspected. These early trophy games are very overrated in terms of platinum difficulty, while they are just time consuming. Yep. Unless the game doesn't have 1-2 trophies, that just require you to login, etc like Saints Row or Ratchet and Clank All 4 One, it is very hard to do most of the online games without boosting and they are not even that high rated. For example, Terraria, this is pretty hard, not only grindy, but challenging without boosting, The Last of Us' DLC (3-0 kills), LittleBigPlanet games or Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (RIP)
  25. Following that logic, every online game is incredibly hard