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  1. I love the Noir suit since Dimensions, and the blending with the environment in nighttime and rainy weather is very nice, but i miss the glowing eyes The suit is all black/brown and the white eyes would have made the suit more chromatic balanced (i don't know if it's more comic accurate this way, btw)... Do you have any doubts about this or other alternative suits?
  2. Yea, i can see your point: slow transition has a more realistic approach as a pro, but less variety as a con...
  3. Ok, i really enjoyed this game (except that half life dungeon, screw that) but i have a little rant: the main game locations are, IMHO, quite anonymous and boring. I mean, yar'ghul, yarnham and old town are pretty much the same, with little variation and the very same color palette (the persistent nighttime/red light doesn't help). The whole chatedral ward is huuuge (maybe too much) but it's mostly the same statues over and over again, and i don't like churches. The frontier is the mandatory horror dark forest. I really enjoyed the two nightmares and cainhurst, even if it's another castle, the snow and the opulence of that place adds charme. It's a real shame that the best places are the most hide (and secondary) ones, like the nightmares and the last two chalice dungeons. I found the Lorian/sandy one really nice and i think it's a shame that there aren't main location with that effect. Same with the Isz/alien/infected one: really cool glowing plants. Last, but not the least, i found the locations less connected than the areas in Dark souls 3, where you can go straight from the little village to the SPOILERY snow place without interruptions. You can do it here too (more or less), but i don't know, i don't FEEL the connections like, for example, the frontier is behind a huge door in the middle of the city and is barely visible... Still a great game, tho. Opinions?